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Sitemap of LeoKrut
Crystal growth.
Dislocation induced crystal growth
Types of molecular structures on the crystal surface.
Nucleation from own melt.
Phenomenology of crystal growth.
Estimation of crystal surface energy.
A model of thermally activated reaction of crystal growth.
Thermodynamic potential of crystal growth.
Two-dimensional nuclei growth mechanism.
Numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Conclusion and future elaboration.
Numerical experiment and fitting formulas.
The fast algorithm for the numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Formulation of the project for numerical experiment on crystallization.
Physical background of the model for numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Timeline of the project for numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Data analysis.
Calculator of basic statistics of one variable.
A basic data analysis of the one variable.
LeoDataAnalysis - software for statistical data analysis.
Calculator interface for extrapolation and interpolation.
Chart presentation user interface of LeoDataAnalysis
Data editing in LeoDataAnalysis.
Data structure organization inside LeoDataAnalysis.
Import data from outside sorce
Chart area decoration user interface on LeoDataAnalysis.
Results user interface of LeoDataAnalysis.
Statistics user interface in LeoDataAnalysis
Data view user interface in LeoDataAnalysis.
Software for numerical simulation of crystal growth by Monte Carlo method.
An interface for data enter in software of numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Presentation of results of numerical simulation of crystal growth.
Setting parameters and run an experiment in software for numerical simulation of the crystal growth.
Virtual image of growing crystal surface during numerical simulation.
LeoPicture - digital photo software.
LeoPicture as colorimeter and color statistics analyser.
Common image operations in LeoPicture.
Main file operations in LeoPicture software
Color editing and drawing operations in LeoPicture.
Area selection in image.
Rotate, zoom, size, and deform image with LeoPicture
Software for encryption-decryption Unicode text.
User interface and functionalities of LeoConfidential.
Search and download from internet.
Interface of LeoFetch
NetCDF editing software.
NetCDF software interface.
Description of NetCDF format.
XML syntactic compatible with NetCDF format.
Scientific calculator.
The money pumping machine on the base of random and predictable market.
Formula for the correct price of stock price.
The prudent approach to deal with unemployment.
I am the perpetual dreamer.
Autobiographical Accounts.
My Two Options.
Mika Brzezinski. Between grass and ass.
Hermetic priesthood of cult for massaged news of MSNBC.
The adjustment bureau for white noise.
American hustle movie makes me feel defrauded.
Difference between good and evil is glamour.
Marginally timeless tragedy of broken dreams, at Wall Street now.
Doctor Shaw from Prometheus outsmarted and killed angry God.
Salt movie. Crazy Russians versus retarded Americans.
No trust to government version about World Trade Center 911 collapse.
What Solar Powered Tables Will Wirelessly Charge up?...Your Units!
History as hard science in the contemporary Sci-Fi.
Best keeping secret about online business is that it is waste of time and money.
Is a developing of shareware a new psycho syndrome?
The city I would most like to live in.

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