Two cruises to Bahamas.

by Leonid Sakharov

We had two trips to Bahamas with NCL ships. We were at Nassau with its Paradise Island with Atlantic tourist complex, Elizabeth Stair, Fort Fincastle. At Grand Bahamas had a taxi ride to the beach area and spent day at Great Stirrup Island that is the property of the cruise line.
Atlantis tourist complex at Paradise Island Nassau, Bahamas. $
Atlantis hotel and casino complex at Paradise Island Nassau, Bahamas. View from the bridge. $
The bridge to Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. $
The public beach near Atlantis at Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas. $
Water slide attraction at Atlantis. $
Beach belonged to Atlantis hotel and Casino is usually strictly private with fine sand. This day the weather was so bad that nobody enforced the rule. $
There are different levels of privacy at Paradise. This is the end of Atlantis and start of area for habitants of Paradise. $
People in Bahamas are as everybody else fight for better life for them. Usual. $
Elisabeth stair in Nassau the must to see attraction. Thhe stair is named in honor of Queen Victoria but located at Elisabeth Avenue. It creates completely inconsequential confusion because everybody around will know what you are looking for. $
Elisabeth stair in Nassau the must to see attraction. Thhe stair is named in honor of Upper part of Queen Stair in Nassau, Bahamas. $
There is market place in front Queen Stair. There is early morning and sales is not start yet. $
Queen Stair from top to bottom. $
Fort Fincastle is for tourists who was able to climb Queen Stair to the most top. Other words it is for almost everybody to see. $
Guns of Fort Fincastle are big and impressive. $
Looking for the best pose. Just kidding there is no threat neither to Paradise Island not Cruise ships. The gun is big but decades was never discharged. $
Fort Fincastle guns protected the port from pirates. $
The Great Stirrup Island is the property of Cruise Line. The view is from the ship. $
The beach at Great Stirrup Island, Bahamas. $
The Great Stirrup Island has nice beach inside lagoon area naturally protected from ocean waves. $
The cruise ship behind me. $
International Arport of Great Stirrup Island. Looks like a joke but who knows. Maybe it is indeed international. $
This is how natural side of Stirrup Island looks like. $
Palms are everywhere in Bahamas. $
These palm forest at Grand Bahamas Island was devastated by storm. But it will be back soon. $
Hotels area at the beach at Grand Bahamas. $
This time the beach at Grand Bahamas was practically empty. It was cold then. $
Grand Bahamas street. Waiting the taxi to return to cruise ship. $
Typical market stands at Grand Bahamas. $
Our cruise ship leaving Grand Bahamas. $
Fuel terminal for ships near Grand Bahamas port. $
Sunset after leaving Bahamas. $

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