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The primary business of LeoKrut is promotion of Dr. Leonid Sakharov life time work that includes but not limited to:

- experimental and theoretical research of crystal growth phenomena; high temperature superconductivity, theoretical strength of materials, plasma coating;

- algorithms and software development for data analysis, crystal growth modeling, image enchantment;

- essays about political and life issues and futurology.


Following software products of LeoKrut are available for commercial use:

LeoDataAnalysisLink to LeoDataAnalysis.

Data visualization, statistical analysis and modeling software. Scientific and educational software application LeoDataAnalysis is targeted for the broadest range of customers from students till scientists and data analysts.
It has very mild limits on the size of data to operate.
LeoPictureLink to LeoPicture.
Digital photo images editor.
General features: Open and save image files in most used formats. Enhance, correct colors, paint in, zoom and deform image. Select and modify part of image. Copy/paste image or selected area. Print and print preview images. Use as chroma-meter for quality control and learn physics of color.
Link to LeoMonteCrystal.

A numerical scientific and educational software simulator of the surface reaction during crystal growth. Artistic visualization in real time of the process including an option of stereo presentation. Illustrative tool for teaching students a concept of transformation of two dimensional nuclei mechanism of layer by layer growth into continuous one with decreasing of surface energy.
Link to LeoFetch.
The scientific and educational software application for the robotic internet search and download files. It can use any internet page as a starting point and find all links that it contains.
Link to LeoNetCDF.
Scientific and educational software application for the reading, altering and saving NetCDF format files.
NetCDF is common used multiplatform binary file format for presentation and sharing experimental data.
Link to LeoCalculator page.
LeoCalculator is an application for performing calculation of mathematical expressions these could include not only basic operations but also functions and brackets. LeoCalculator also permits to use of predefined variables.
Copyrighted materials presented in LeoKrut like original pictures, videos or articles can be subject of negotiation for copyright transferring limited or complete.
In some cases important know-how part of materials are left outside of free public access and can be bought separately for private use or with full transfer of intellectual property rights.
Link to LeoConfidential page.
LeoConfidential performs encryption-decryption of text in Unicode encoding that means it work for most languages on the planet earth. The algorithm of encoding is our state of art propitiatory development. The general principal of algorithm is to randomly melt needle of the message into random haystack of numbers.

Data analysis.

Data analysis is the bridge from observation to conclusion. It is the process of making sense of reality as one becomes aware of it. In life a subject always perceive signals via his detectors like eyes, ears, skin, nose and tongue. A brain of human being continuously analyzes enormous flow of data in routine subconscious manner when only very small portion is on the level that can be verbally described and formally mathematically processed at the modern level of science.
The area of science called artificial intellect, AI, is doing enormous progress in modeling behavior of alive being that is manifesting itself in technological achievements like in self-driving cars, automatic voice callers, personalized web-advertisement, automatic diagnose system such as IBM Watson and robots of all kind. The advanced data analysis is integral part of AI.
Data analysis uses to solve life problems these could be formulated in terms of mathematics. The same is more and more applicable now to the science in general that has experienced evolution from collection and classification of anecdote like observations to mathematically formulated fundamental laws of nature.
Without pretending to cover all areas of data analysis even on its most basic there will be articles describing some problems in life that can be solved by methods of data analysis and shown how to do it with the held of LeoDataAnalysis.

Crystal growth.

A crystallization phenomena manifests itself in a long list of natural and technological processes. Crystals are solid materials with atoms located in regular position defined by long distance symmetry. The structure of crystals gives each of them special and often unique properties essential for material culture of civilization. The rate of transformation of atomic structure motive of matter from liquid or gas state into crystals plays important role in series of industrial productions of variety construction and other industrial materials as well for research of earth minerals formation in geology and in space bodies in cosmology.

There is expanding industry for production of bulk single crystals for subsequent usage in electronics or for gems in jewelry. An optimization of the technology presumes increasing productivity that is equivalent in this case to finding a maximum rate of crystal growth securing in the same time a quality of the crystal that means keeping concentration of defects on atomic and higher scales on acceptable level. In ranking by influence on the product output the kinetics of crystal growth stays comparable very close here to the thermo- and mass- transportation phenomena.

The knowledge of how much lower temperature on the border of the crystal could be set during its growth without deviating from layer-by-layer mechanism of growth that provides the best possible quality of the crystal. For mass produced construction materials like metals and alloys, fine ceramic, Portland and high-alumina cements and for many other materials in industry the crystalline content of the product is strongly depend on time-temperature conditions of treatment of the raw mixture materials. Taking into account that different crystalline phases can have mismatched rates of their spreading out (crystal growth rates could be and mostly are different for them at the same temperature), the knowledge how atomic structure of crystals influences kinetic of crystallization could help in choosing strategy for experiment planning in development of the best quality products. There is necessity to avoid crystals formation during  production of materials with amorphous atomic structures like commonly used glasses or more exotic materials like fast frozen amorphous metals.

The knowledge of growth rate of crystals in initial melts as a function of temperature can provide guideline to defining minimum cooling rate that is nevertheless fast enough to avoid formation of the crystals in glass forming melts. Formation of thin films on monocrystal substrates in vacuum by physical or vapor deposition demands knowing the rate of crystal growth at given temperature. To obtain crystalline film the velocity of material deposition should be at least slower compare to the crystal growth rate. A petrography analysis of samples in geology or found in meteorite rocks permits to obtain their crystalline content. Additional information about relative growth rate of these different crystalline phases helps to deceiver a history of physical conditions of their places of origin.


The cataloged and browsable collection of articles, essays, intellectual property products, travel reports and other materials of such nature are collected under one roof.

Reader are encouraged to discuss content of the materials leaving comments to published pages.

Recent articles:

State park at Rockport, MA shore.
Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Massachusetts is located at Cape Ann that is most east point of Massachusetts north off Boston. There are several great attractions there. The quarry at the center of park and near the shore line is sort of startling rock formation. The stone shore offers magical view of ocean waves coming on and retiring from large stones. View point at the high of rock gives ability to observe whole landscape around: open Atlantic Ocean, granite stone shore and nearby Massachusetts sea line.
Music chair game and firework in winners honor.
At Friday Sep. 14, 2018 dull routine life flow under my balcony was interrupted by crowd of youth who under couching started to play a variant of music chair game. Coincidentally or not it was Arlington, MA town day firework later on. So winner pair had the Prize in form of firework in honor of the win.
Special relativity is byproduct of the saving of computing resources in our virtual reality.
The reason for presence of such phenomena as Special Relativity is discussed from point of view a choice Architect of software representing our Virtual Reality should make. The implementation of the concept of independent coordinate systems in Virtual Reality has to save computational resources by limiting number of observers with space bubbles around them needed for fine calculation of reality.
End of summer photo session at Walden Pond.
This photo session was during one of the last days of summer when I ride there on bicycle to escape oppressive heat. The photo occasions that day was special remarkable with showing chipmunk, hawk at close proximity and other nice scenes.
Underwater pyramids of Walden Pond.
One of the strangest attributes of Walden Pond is existence of underwater stone pyramids. The presence of stone pyramid by itself should surprise nobody Ė farmers clear place for agriculture. But at Walden Pond there is no and cannot be any arable land as it seems. At least now when forest is near shore line. One explanation is that water level years ago was about twenty feet below.
Scenes at Walden Pond.
Here are pictures of Walden Pond made by me featuring variety of scenes of life here. Animals feel safe but for fish it is illusion. Lifeguard keeping eye on us. We appreciate them. And everybody in harmony wants to relax and collect energy for new working week.
John McCain player of dark side.
John McCain is no doubt the player. His life is an example of unfair rewards for multiple failures. How it could be that a person acted against morality, humanity, and logic is celebrated by media and elected multiple times in high office? The answer is that life game is rigged to wealthy customers in soul world we can only fantasize about. The puppeteer behind John McCain bought an extraordinary life to adventure. It was contradictory life I would not swap to mine no way and no how.
Henry David Thoreau landmarks at Walden Pond.
Walden Pond is nice place by itself. There is no need to inflate its beauty with legends. Actually the main problem of Walden Pond is limited parking space. Story of Henry David Thoreau who lived there for some years is quite vague as most cultural influential myths. Why did moved into cabin in woods about one and half mile from parents home?
Monarch butterfly release at Fresh Pond, Cambridge MA.
It was 5th time when Monarch butterfly cultivated at Fresh pond were released in nature. Crowd in several dozen habitants of environmental sensitive Cambridge of Great Commonweals of Massachusetts outnumber about two dozen Monarch butterflies. They were delivered in two cages with plates of watermelon (important practical info). One by one Monarchs were executed out with finger of state trooper. Strange somewhere else phase but not for revolutionary Massachusetts.
Walden Pond is for all seasons.
Here are pictures of Walden Pond made by me at various years and seasons. One can see that it looks different year to year. Level of water is changing several feet during decade. About twenty years ago there was scene when completely covered by water meadows dried down so much that big tortilla had to escape into bid water. It surprised bunch of tourists.

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