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Until recently the perception was that scientific knowledge has to be implemented in mathematical form. Now, just as the pen became the routine tool, so does the computer. It demands an even stronger version of definition of knowledge. The scientific knowledge becomes useful only when represented by a software application.

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Crystallization is the passion and soon will be addition of main achievement that are universal formulas of kinetic of the crystal growth.
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There are software products of LeoKrut:

LeoStatisticLink to LeoStatistic page.

Data visualization, statistical analysis and modeling software. Scientific and educational software application LeoStatistic is targeted for the broadest range of customers from students till scientists and data analysts.
It has very mild limits on the size of data to operate.
LeoPictureLink to LeoPicture page.
Digital photo images editor.
General features: Open and save image files in most used formats. Enhance, correct colors, paint in, zoom and deform image. Select and modify part of image. Copy/paste image or selected area. Print and print preview images. Use as chromameter for quality control and learn physics of color.
LeoCrystalLink to LeoCrystal page.

A numerical scientific and educational software simulator of the surface reaction during crystal growth. Artistic visualization in real time of the process including an option of stereo presentation. Illustrative tool for teaching students a concept of transformation of two dimensional nuclei mechanism of layer by layer growth into continuous one with decreasing of surface energy.
LeoFetchLink to LeoFetch page. The scientific and educational software application for the robotic internet search and download files. It can use any internet page as a starting point and find all links that it contains.
LeoNetCDFLink to LeoNetCDF page. Scientific and educational software application for the reading, altering and saving NetCDF format files.
NetCDF is common used multiplatform binary file format for presentation and sharing experimental data.
Link to LeoCalculator page.
LeoCalculator is an application for performing calculation of mathematical expressions these could include not only basic operations but also functions and brackets. LeoCalculator also permits to use of predefined variables.


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Images enhancement, painting in, deform, zoom, label, colorimeter. 
EximiousSoft Logo Designer
Create and design your own professional-looking logos or business graphics. 
Fake Webcam 7
Fake webcam 7 installs itself as a webcam on your PC and broadcasts a video. 
Spy Suite
Powerful and robust remote monitoring and administration software 
Comb Tail Betta Wallpaper
Comb Tail Betta Wallpaper 
Kawarimono Koi Wallpaper
Kawarimono Koi Wallpaper  
Free Ocean Sunfish Screensaver
Free Ocean Sunfish Screensaver 
Free Angel Shark Screensaver
Free Angel Shark Screensaver 
Software Data Recovery
Recover corrupt, deleted or lost Windows data with data recovery software. 
Enstella EDB to PST recovery software is easily convert exchange EDB file to PST 


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Clipping path, Clipping path service, Deep etch,
Clipping Hand is an offshore photo editing company. We provide image editing services at a very low cost.
The photo editing services consist of Photoshop Clipping Path, Masking, Image Manipulation...

Fascinating gift for your loved ones
Make an astonishing surprise to the person whom you love very much. Gifting Flowers is the most affectionate expression of love to the dear ones. Hence, Flower is a must in each and every occasions of...

Credit Repair Advice
Credit repair can be done. Learn how.


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Open knowledgebase about crystallization phenomena.


Categories: General      Growth      Nucleation     

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Estimation of surface energy.

A phenomenon of surface energy plays a central role in analyses of most aspects of phase transitions in general and crystallization specifically. If for liquid surface energy (tension) can be measured directly for crystals such measurements practically impossible to carry out with any level of re...
Formulas for numbers of molecules on the surface of a large nucleus.

Numerical simulation of nucleation phenomena during crystallization demands a definition several parameters of the clusters of crystalline molecules in initial amorphous phase. Among of such key parameters are a numbers of molecules on the surface of cluster these can be transformed from one phas...
Nucleation from own melt.

A phenomena of spontaneous appearance of crystal phase inside of liquid and then self sustained growth up to the point of complete transformation of liquid into crystal is the very commonly observed for producing ice in refrigerator and most paradoxical from point of clear demonstration of ...

Crystallization of melts in the system CaO-Al2O3


Egghead's forum

is an open to authors and public comments almanac of opinioned essays, fiction articles and stories mostly of paradoxical direction of thought.

Categories: Books      Business      Economics      Fantasy      Fashion      Hardware      Hitech      Life      Media      Movie      Mystery      Philosophy      Politics      Religion      Science      Society      Travel      Tv+shows     

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Send Fine Quality Rakhi to Dear Brother on the Special Day of Raksha Bandhan

Fests that any of us rejoice in The indian subcontinent have a new faith based together with interpersonal communication. That's why we are the united states together with maximum numbers of fairs in addition to fairs. No month near your vicinity will be left without any event or its party. On the thirty day period associated with August you will find there's special event of really like and also health care that is certainly such as Raksha Bandhan.

It can be almost certainly ...

Trump in Politland.
Politland is a habitat of politicians. Politicians are creatures who look like humans but obviously are not. Some of them are born by woman and evolve into monsters others and most of them are evil aliens from other planet deemed to destroy humanity. Maybe it is slight exaggeration. I am not sure. Maybe none of them ever was human. Whatever.

Politicians are occupied in creating laws for rest of us and patrolling our obedience. They trick us into accepting their mastership by invent...

Trump versus Spectre.
Art is reflection of reality. It is truism. There is nothing but reality. All fantasies are inspired by reality and fantasies are reality too as soon they exist. The fun part starts when fantasy stories are becoming more believable than informational flow from main stream media sources.

Action movies about spy supermen James Bond need to have a plot to explore. The Hero must have archenemy to show himself in most attractive light in contrast with forces at dark side of humanity. ...

russian branch


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Dr. Leonid Sakharov
Dr. Leonid Sakharov
Lead developer and co-founder.

Dr. Leonid Sakharov has more than 25 years of experience in scientific research and development of multidisciplinary technology processes.

Before the move into a business of production of scientific software applications Dr. Sakharov performed as a scientific programmer/algorithms developer one year in Admetric BioChem Inc. and five years earlier in Northeastern University. There were innovative research projects in the areas of improving of revealing compounds from mass spectrometer files and predictive analysis of time series.

Twenty years of researches in Russia Academy of Science in Saint Petersburg (Physical Technical Institute, Mechanical Engineering Institute, Institute of Silicate Chemistry) gave to Dr. Sakharov extraordinary expertise in areas of fine ceramic materials technology and deep theoretical understanding of fundamentals of these processes on nanoscale/molecular level.

Resume with list of publications.



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