Thank you for interest in LeoMonteCrystal.

LeoMonteCrystal is freeware software with limitations these can be imposed by us at any moment with or without advance notification.

The LeoMonteCrystal is offerd to install "as is". User agrees that developers of the product make their best efforts to provide software application with advertised features. Any case of malfunction, underperforming or erroneous behavior by the product is unintentional. User forfeits any legal action against developers and distributors of the product.
There is also an option to buy license that will remove any limitations for active period bought:
Term of licensePrice
One day$124.95 USD
One week$249.95 USD
One month$499.95 USD
One year$1999.95 USD
Indefinitely$7499.95 USD
Weekly subscription for 12 cycles$224.95 USD
Monthly subscription for 12 cycles$424.95 USD
Monthly subscription indefinitely$399.95 USD


Step by step instruction to install LeoMonteCrystal:

1. Download msi file: Download LeoMonteCrystal.msi your computer and run it.
Depend on setting of your Windows Operating System it is possible to get warning from your UAC (User Account Control) or other guardian application about running program from "unknown publisher" or other warning of the same sort. Do confirm your intention to run our application.

2. Do follow instructions at installation and setup the program.

3. At every start LeoMonteCrystal with freeware status will give options: to buy license, run with limitations like periodically open pages at our site or exit.

4. If decide to buy license do run program and choose to buy license you will be redirected to corresponding page. Do choose terms of license and agree with then click on button: "Buy a license" or "Subscribe" if choosing this option. You will be redirected to PayPal site for completing a purchase from your PayPal account or using major credit card as guest.

5. After receiving email notification from PayPal about completion of the purchase do run already installed LeoMonteCrystal again. After checking our records about the payment it will be licensed for purchased period starting from that moment.

6. When term of the license expires LeoMonteCrystal will return again to freeware with limitations status.

Relevant Q&A:

What if products of LeoKrut are not working at your computer properly?

There could be variety of reasons. We are working hard to ensure best possible performance.
One of the possible situations could relate to the UAC (User Account Control) and other security services of Windows Operating System at your computer.
The first step to troubleshoot malfunction of our software products is to check that files in the product location have all necessary permissions: open program location, select it, click right button of the mouse and select "Properties" at the pop-up menu. At the property dialog check and make sure that application has all available permissions. "Run as administrator" option could be necessary in some settings.
At freeware status one of the limitations could be displaying pages from internet. If no Internet connection the LeoMonteCrystal will close itself.
If nothing is working do contact your Windows Operating System vendor...

What kind of User Account Control interruptions are most troubling?

At Windows 10 there is sometime an appearance of dark blue windows like this:

with strong warning about running unrecognized app (as if Microsoft has legal authorities to monitor and certify all new software applications). Most troubling aspect of this  is absence of direct way to proceed... User must at first to click at "More info" link to reach other dialog box:

with button "Run anyway" that will resolve the issue.

What exact means freeware with limitations?

It has no hard definition. The only definite statement is that licensed status has no limitations. The goal of freeware with limitations software is to give user most full impression about functionality of LeoMonteCrystal and in the same time to create enough inconvenience to encourage a purchase of the license. Limitations could range from periodically stop amd redirect application to display some materials from web or we can cancel freeware option altogether at will.

Can license been transferred to other computer?

In most cases the answer is No. Maybe you could but it will be against our intention. It could be violation of copyright laws also, you know.

What term "indefinitely" means in relation related to the term of license?

If you have bought "indefinitely" license it means that we will make no special effort to limit time of license at the computer for the user bought it with specific Registration ID. If license will be lost by user we will not accept any obligation to renew it.
A monthly "indefinitely" subscription means that until cancelation of the subscription at PayPal site by user or LeoKrut it will be renewed automatically at the price established at the start of subscription.

Can user buy new license before term of previous one is expired?

Maybe but doing this user will be in a breach with standard operation procedure and the lost of already bought time is possible. The right behavior is to wait of license expiration and to buy license again. To avoid interruption of the service we recommend to subscribe or to choose a longer term license.

What to do if you make a purchase of the license and application does not register anyway?

Be sure that your computer is connected to the internet during first run after purchasing a license. If you already receive notification e-mail do please wait some reasonable time to be sure that we got notification as well. If after an hour or so of receiving purchase notification e-mail LeoMonteCrystal is not registered do contact us by e-mail with all relevant information and we will make all efforts to fix the problem or will refund your money. We are reserving a right to reject a claim of wrong application behavior if we reasonable suspect that it is part of efforts to hack our copyright protection system.

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