LeoNetCDF code C++ project for encoding decoding unicode text software by state of art method.

How to buy.

1) Read description of the LeoNetCDF code project below and check this:
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box indicating that you understand and agree with the scope and condition of the purchase.

2) Click on the Pay Now button and proceed to pay via PayPal service to LeoKrut $199.99 USD:
3) After receiving notification e-mail from PayPal with confirmation of the payment do expect in about one working day to receive e-mail from LeoKrut with enclosed zip file (or direct link to it) containing complete MS Visual Studio C++ project of LeoNetCDF with features matching the freeware executable: LeoNetCDF that can be downloaded and used for free without limitation. The test of LeoNetCDF executable is highly recommended before the purchase.

In unlikely case of the lost of our e-mail in your spam folder or delay of our response do not hesitate to contact us with inquiry about your purchase and we will take appropriate actions as soon as possible.

Scope of the purchase.

The primary aim for obtaining a complete code of LeoNetCDF project is for education purposes to learn technique for reading, editing and writing files in binary scientific format NetCdf.

There are following limitations of the purchase:

There are far from complete list of some valuable features in LeoNetCDF to make yourself familiar with:

Scope of sell.

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