Interface of LeoFetch

LeoFetch - the software application with an intuitive user-friendly interface and easy to learn without reading any manuals. Nevertheless the brief educational efforts to study the major features and ideology of LeoFetch could be helpful.

Internet fetching.
The setting of the automatic Internet browsing options can be achieved using a dialog box "Fetch Internet". Results of the search are presenting in the tree control results control located at the main window.
After clicking on the button "Run" the search of the Internet will begin with reading of initial web-page address that user have to print (paste) in the "WEB URL" edit control.
During the reading there are possibilities for the application to perform additional options:

The found web links could be used as initial addresses for new reading and searching new links. In the edit box "Browsing chain width:" user can set the limit the depth of these iterations. For value "0" - only initial file will be read. For "1" - initial file and links that it contains. For "2" - plus all links that contains files found for case "1" and etc.

The program has an option to filter files that are not belong to the root site of the initial web-page (default option). The time of browsing could be very long if it will be not limited with "Root site" option or with small number of links chains (in same cases even "2" could give a numerous amount of links. To prevent losing all collected data in case of malfunction of the system the program will periodically (10 minute interval) perform automatic saving of collected data in the "autosave_lf.lgs" file.

The program will not repeatedly read the same Internet. It will instead set a message "This link is was read before" on the corresponding web-link on the result tree control.

Local fetching.

LeoFetch software application can perform searching of web-links, e-mails and key words in one local file or in files of one local folder. It could be helpful for example in the situation when user will download large number of files and want to perform much faster search on the local computer for different combinations of key words:

Go to Menu/Fetch/Local machine. In appeared dialog box choose button "Browse" you will be forced to choose one file or one folder to perform search operations. Once done different combinations of searching could be performed for chosen file or files in the selected folder.


There are also several helpful tolls that are incorporated into the application:

Saving results.

The found results appear at first at the tree result control.

There are several possibilities to save found links and e-mails for later usage:

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