Supernatural in the virtual reality world.

by Leonid Sakharov

Supernatural phenomena are discussed from point of view of the concept that our reality is virtual software Game Park Earth.
The point of interest here is the question what is the relation between supernatural phenomena in our world and the theory that it is essentially computer simulation, working software. The absence of any sort of distorting of natural law proves nothing in sense resolving the validity the premise that we lives in virtual reality. It is the analogous situation with computer and typing software that has no incorporated tricks inside. In simple program like notepad one can make as many typos as he capable to. In MS Word depending on setting the program will correct grammar automatically or highlight mistakes or do nothing. If sophisticated software tuned up to act in most simple way without any interference with user it doesn’t mean that it cannot perform tricks, it just doesn’t do.

It is the fact that there are no miracles reproducible at will. The main premise that identical circumstances produce exact the same outcome is always true when we stay at solid ground of inseparable science and technology enterprises. When billions times dropped heavy object falling down in exact the same manner science assumes that it is the law of nature. In the history of science there were numerous cases when explanations had happened to be overruled but there was never ever situation when scientific discovery used in industry product had happened to be mistake. If all humankind uses electricity at the daily basis it is as good prove that science about electricity is correct as it can get. There could be new and better theories about nature of the electricity phenomena of in future, maybe although highly unlikely. It is virtually complete certain that fundamental experiments about existence of electricity will stand any check in future just because swathing on or off light in room everybody does such test millions times a day. The experiments about electricity are been repeating with the same results every day when we use it. Using something on the daily base is the ultimate scientific prove of its existence.

Miracles exist too. How to prove it? The word miracle can be found in the dictionary it means that there is something in human experience that needs to have special term to describe during communications. Miracle is the rare event that contradicts to expecting ending. It is something that cannot be produced at demand or to be sold for fixed price as a mass product. Stories about miracle are the other things. They are trade objects on the market and some like Bible are bestsellers.

If we are living inside virtual reality software the question is the rational reason for creators to incorporate inside such software a possibility of the miracles? If the answer is positive yes, what kind of miracles and how they would be implemented?

Karma or series of improbable events. Some people are luckier than others. There is nothing unnatural in this observation. If probability to win jackpot is approximately one to whole population of the country somebody will hit the very improbable luck. It is even easier to see in swap lottery – one winning ticket will be no matter what. The supernatural situation has happen when somebody has been winning on the regular base week by week. It is possible too by the way. There are nothing against physics laws to observe extraordinary lucky in lottery person. In the literature it is often used twist of the plot to have person who is winning at the most critical moment sort of for sure because he is lucky.

There are number of reports when people survived the free fall without parachute from plane at thousand feet high. Such escapade demands very strong luck. It can be explained by natural courses. But if the world the software developed and controlled by higher power special luck for anybody can be stealthily incorporated inside the algorithm. This is how.

The virtual software running as our existence has to be able to remember any time situation, rewind back to any given moment even to the significant time in past and repeat events any necessary times again and again until by the series true random events the desirable outcome will be actualized. It seems to be overkill to apply this luck shopping procedure for whole theme park Earth to secure winning scratch lottery ticket for chosen person with modest gentlemen luck. In principle it is possible to do locally identifying relatively isolated from surrounding area and repeat events only inside it keeping other virtual world at hold. Then when desirable result is achieved at the selected place do gluing discrepancies at the border adjusted by chosen luck area and other just natural world.

Interesting that special relativity theory demands constant adjustments of independent inertial systems. So it looks like adjustments of areas in virtual reality even with different time flow as it is needed naturally for any two independent inertial systems. It is luring to say that it is not a big deal, it is really tricky but definitely is in a reach.

The bottom line here is that deliberately constructing miracle in a form of selecting scenario when the chain of possible but in the same time improbable events leads to very unlikely but apparently naturally developed outcome.

There are two famous examples in history of WWII for such events. First is the attack of Japan on Perl Harbor instead on Soviet Union that was already at the brink of complete defeat by Hitler Germany in 1941. It was so critical strategic blunder of global proportions that can be characterized only as a miracle. Second was the timing of nuclear explosions above two cities in Japan. It was just days before very end of World Wide War. Horror of nuclear holocaust had bought time to be fully appreciated by human society. The peace seeking groups became mature enough to infiltrate into culture and practical politics before small group of professionals decide to lunch full scale nuclear attack. Just try to play out in your mind what if nuclear bomb would be ready to application several months after capitulation of Japan? Nuclear weapon would stay the top secret up to developing large enough arsenal in USA and USSR. And then in one most unfortunate day the game will start and over before midnight.

Premonition, insight, déjà vu. Effects of unexplainable apparent knowledge about some facts in future are common topics in art. The logical explanation for super mental phenomena is the model that our existence is running software program in witch the person lives in two worlds in the same time: the body located as software object in our “physical” world (that is shell software by itself) and the conscious belongs to higher world and these two worlds are contiguous. In such structure we cannot deny the possibility that the conscious of the actor could get some information from the world of the higher level where his conscious dwells.

The higher world contains whole information about history of lover one that is derivative of it. In the higher world there can be database for all failed roads of history of lower world these was rejected because catastrophic ending. That means that there could be knowledge of bad roads to alternative futures stored in the computer running our reality. Many events in such scenarios, especially at near future horizon, should be similar to the current one. So if conscious of the actor in our world can access by accident or design such information contained in higher world library it can produce effect of enlightenment. It is interesting to note that all premonitions must in such model have fatal ending for the world otherwise what for this specific alternation of the history were abandoned. All apocalypses prophesies are memories about what happened before in alternative realities and should not in our.

Feeling of repetition of the same event in your life as if it was already experienced before, so named déjà vu, can be explained that conscious in higher world by some reason has access to the parallel versions of our reality. The same explanation can be offered for prophets of the future; consistently successful market traders; situations when person in our world chooses every now and again right path from all available without possibility to calculate all available outcomes – just by intuition. Maybe mentalists indeed were there before. Or all of us were here prior to the current present but only few of us do trust to their vague feelings.

It can be also that such mental phenomena are self delusions. It is the open question for me. I had strong feeling of déjà vu at least one time in my life taking enter exam to university. Then in years after thinking about it I did figure out that I was in the hall of Chemical Department before in early childhood with my father. I did remember it but the memory was so inconsequential that in the moment when I took exam completely cannot invoke circumstances and had only feeling of recognition of the surrounding, déjà vu. Being there I did remember, when it was I did not. In stress situation it had produced the strong déjà vu experience.

There are rational explanations for most of prophesy cases without attracting the theory that person is in direct connection with information space of the higher world. It is frontier area of science that was explored for centuries in different forms from spiritualist gatherings with ouija, spirit board, in effort to connect with ghosts of dead. There are many reports about clandestine government programs to spy or to assassin at the long distance by just putting needles in the voodoo doll. If such effects did exist somewhere they are far less from to be proven compare to the electricity. Actually there are no scientific prove at all. Maybe, maybe not. Like to believe – have whole civil right.

At least from point of view potential developer of virtual reality game park effects like déjà vu should be avoided. But all programmers know that bags happen.

Superability, genius, charisma. People with extraordinary abilities are among us. At least most of us think so. When any doubts about existence of people with super brain infiltrate into mass culture historians can point out at titans of Renaissance like Leonardo da Vinci, to the genius of modern physics Einstein, masters of literature Alexandre Pushkin and Dumas (with conspiracy notion that they are the same spy-poet for Russian Empire) and other figures in the past commonly accepted as Great. Most of us were at performances of so named mentalists, illusionists and other performers do super ordinary tricks accompanied with explanation of rational behind them and without.

There can be two possibilities. First one is natural distribution of characteristics in human population. It is in short a champion effect. If thousands participate in the marathon race one will be the fastest. What adjective should be chosen for champion? Is him a person with extraordinary or supernaturally abilities? If after champion there was a group of other runners finishing not too far after him the characteristic extraordinary will be most appropriate (actually for all of them, not only for champion). If time of champion in open competition would be ten times better compare to runner up it inequitably points out at supernatural abilities. There is no evidence of supernaturalism in sport. It includes intellectual games like chess except probably the suspicious case of Bobby Fischer who beat both grandmasters Taimanov and Larsen by unbelievable 6-0 on a way to championship. Nevertheless it was possible inside scope of feasible, probably.

In some first-person and strategy virtual games developed in our reality there is incorporated magic. In the contrary in our life no magic is provable observed. Developers of computer games can testify that to introduce special abilities for player in computer game is big deal but possible and can worth of efforts attracting new customers. It is the strange contrast with observed reality where no breaks of science generally recorded. It looks like one of the fundamental principles of the Game Field Earth is the prohibition of observation direct evidences that the world is created by higher power and can be destroyed or modified at It will. Such rule has very simple rational – what for to play in rigged game?

People with supernatural abilities would be irrefutable evidence of artificiality of our existence. So paradoxically the fact of absence of magic can be considered as supporting argument for the theory of the virtual reality world. Really it is more precise to say that design of our virtual game field was done for sort of vacation players wanted to recuperate from crazier existences. Not everyone agree with the statement but many do. Born with silver spoon, suffered nothing, be playboys whole life. Maybe our world was design for them and rest of us is just extras to amuse Mister Hugh Hefner?

Dream. The existence of such phenomena as dream is mystery by itself. From pure natural selection prospective the necessity to regularly resting is sort off disadvantage in the surviving game. Even given that darkness of the night can be unfavorable period for hunting there is solution in nature in form of infrared vision to overcome this obstacle. But instead of providing for superb creature such instrument the creators make humans to be unconscious sleeping for third of their life span.

If reason of the dreaming is for recuperating energy only there is no reason to make the person unconscious during sleep time. Just quietly lie at bed would make a trick of resting. No physiology process would demand to stop conscious brain activity. Maybe there are some but I have not heard about single one.

In virtual reality concept when conscious of the player belongs to the higher world when the body to ours one the sleep time can be interpreted as a break time for the soul to return back into higher world to eat and socialize with other players. Such revealing existence of higher world activity is hidden according fundamental law of the game – existence of the game itself must be improvable so conscious at time of soul absence must be switched off.

Prophetic dreams when someone has not only the vision of the future event but also remember this revelation can be interpreted as malfunction of the system when subconscious information from higher world infiltrates via firewall separated conscious of the player in our physical world and subconscious that belong to higher one.

Hypnosis, sleepwalking, possession. There are phenomena when person is physically active but his conscious is submitting to some outside force or person. The explanation in terms of virtual reality game could be that in the higher world there are mechanisms to intercept connection of subconscious of individuality and subordinate it.

It is rare situations. I am not sure that in fact hypnosis actually exists. I was at performance of hypnosis artist couple times and had no feeling to be affected even in small grade.

Religious. It is absolute separate area of discussion deserved undivided attention. The one thing to mention here that there is easy interpretation of religious stories as creation and early stages of artificial reality log.

Apr. 21, 2019; 13:07 EST

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