Soul is a byproduct of the advanced stage virtual reality progress.

by Leonid Sakharov

The advance of technology in creating virtual reality experience for gaming industry unavoidable leads to the creation of the virtual world were player finally will be essentially part of software simulated the reality. This software replica of the player is indeed all features of the human soul as it is described in human culture.
It is easy to fantasize about hypothesis that our world is the virtual reality game. There is idea that our body is software object incorporated into software simulated Earth and all objects inanimate and alive alike around and the soul is the citizen of the Higher World in symbiotic connection. It is full invert analog to the situation in our world when person plays first person type virtual game. In virtual game developed in our world a human is analog of the soul of Higher World.

To stay at solid ground of logic and reasoning the theory of virtual reality must to show that there are no technological limitations for coupling our physical body with computer software creating unrecognizable from our material world experience. Is it possible to formulate technical project of creation full scale illusion of reality in virtual game. Can we create at the present level of scientific understanding and technological advance the device no matter how expensive it is that will unrecognizable simulate surrounding of the any given human?

The answer is we are almost there.

There is no need to argue that two main senses like sight and hearing are already can be tricked since invention of sound film. Virtual games at computers bring interactivity that is next step to be completely confused where you are inside virtual surrounding or sitting in chair. There are several directions to follow creating full illusion of reality constructed virtual world.

Theater scene with life actors. It is most expensive but in the same times most technologically achievable avenue for creation artificial reality. There are few movies incorporated this idea. The Truman Show 1998 movie presents implementation of this scheme is details. Main character is purposely confused from the birth that he is living in natural environment when in fact everything around including weather is the staged performance. Intuitively clear that theater of illusions is not quite true virtual reality, at least it is obviously no high-tech one. One can say that baby King who had never left palace is the citizen of constructed virtual reality. Nevertheless this example shows that even low level yesterday technology can create artificial surrounding for anybody. What it cannot to do is to create phenomena of soul when conscious of person is belong to Higher Word and physical body or its software object is in lower one.

Theater scene with robots. The deviation from previous scheme is not to attract human actors for mimicking reality. Everything around player will be material but not alive. If player would harm anybody in this world there will be no pain inflicted to no living thing. It means that there will be much less limitations for player how to act so much less possibility to test is the surrounding actually exists or constructed. In the theater like scene actor cannot to kill fellow actors and to check there anatomy. In robot populated world it is doable. Of course robots must be much better replicas than modern ones are. The scheme with robots is incomparable cheaper to the one involving human actors because in advanced technological society labor time is the most valuable entity. Nevertheless this scheme has no clear solution to the dualism body and soul.

The touching screen alike clothes. Human body is put into tank with salt water exact density as it free flowing with tubes for life support. All senses are fed with information about virtual world around producing by computer simulation: A development and production of such instrument is more or less close to the modern technological capabilities. It will be extraordinary expensive but affordable to the top thousand most rich individuals and department of defense. The obvious niche for mass consumption would be safe sexual adventures. As porn finance internet the same artificial bordello will be the main customer. What about soul and body here? Real body in tank paradoxically is associated with the soul and artificial personality in software surrounding with material world. It is the first step in progress of virtual reality when it is legitimate to speak about dual spiritual, motionless soul and active, sort off, body. It is confusing, I know. There must to be inherited limitations for duration of uninterrupted presence of the human body in such instrument for mimicking virtual reality. Taking aside the problem of muscle dystrophy? Maybe it could be handled by suit massage, the aging, mass falure of critical organs and death of the body are still unavoidable outcome of the life at present understanding of human biology. The scheme is durable but clumsy and aesthetically ugly.

Short cut cables to the brain. Instead creation optical image for human eye to see it is possible in theory to bypass this stage at all and simulate the signals transmitting from eye retina to the brain. Optic nerve contains around million nerve fibers. What if connect them instead of photoreceptor cells in human eye to the output video signals matrix from simulated computer. Modern technology of video sensors is still far away from characteristics optic nerve of human eye. All this is almost science fiction. But every invention was until in short or longer time was brought to the market. If connect every nerve with wire from computer simulating signals from virtual reality there will be no way for such brain to distinct between fantasy and reality. Telling thought experiment would be to make conflicting of outside wire and nerve closer and closer to the brain. There is no reason way such wire input to be just where nerves are entering brain. So we can image the stand alone brain in some biological liquid with blood like flow along it and platinum wires connecting our cognitive organ with computer that communicate with brain creating impression of physical world. In such system brain is our soul and outside reality will be computer software. There is very small information if any about how long isolated brain can function outside the body. Most possible much longer than together with body just because there will be less courses for death. Here we can logically come to the phenomenon of reincarnation. It will be enough for the situation of the death in virtual world to remove memories of previous virtual life and start it from beginning as other human being. Selective erasing memory is from scientific fiction but if free standing brain will be the actual fact a memory manipulation should be not a big obstacle.

Replacing organic brain with virtual one. The brain is the computer. If this statement is true it means that to have the biological hardware of the brain is immaterial for the cognitive process. As any computer can be described by logic of interaction between its elements these by themselves are defined not by construction but by reaction on the situation the same must related to the brain. At the previous step of virtual reality implementation we isolated the thought machine, brain, from human body and at the final step here will be separation of thinking process from specific hardware implementation. Freeing individuality from its material implementation in form of brain means essentially the immortality of the soul. If computer can be destroyed by hummer by the exact replica of the software installed in it can be periodically duplicated and restored in a case at other computer securing a resurrection.

The final step in advancing technology of virtual reality brings the situation that human personality and surrounding world will be pure information separated from material implementation. Essentially the soul and material world will have the same nature information. Is it true now? Material implementation of our existence is based on elementary particles these act by physical laws these on the micro level have no resemblance with our day by day experience. It looks like information about our physical world is implemented as software on some weird computer.

Here is full circle. Beginning from the task to advance virtual reality experience we reach the situation that is exact analog of our existence but we can trace its root to the material world. It is only logical to reverse engineering this logic back presuming that our world is virtual software and come to the conclusion it was constructed as described above.

The ultimate unanswered question will be what was the very first world that had created first virtual reality? There can be only two really distinct answers. First one is that our world is indeed the very first. It means that as for now there is no such thing as soul. Second possibility is that the start of intelligent existence was so long time ago that it is untraceable. The souls and world are essentially the same were forever and will be always. The only antagonist in such scenario is boredom.

Apr. 8, 2019; 10:54 EST

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