Is nuclear weapon the design mistake of our virtual world?

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

In design of virtual reality game mistakes can be made. If our reality is such game there is one apparent candidate for the mistake namely possibility to create nuclear bomb. Why creators of out world accompany it with instrument of total annihilation? Was this unintentional or maybe the part of the plan?
Every big enough construction contains mistakes. The definition of the big here is that it contains mistakes. Mistake is unintended behavior. Really only developer of the system can know what his purpose was when catastrophe hits his artifact. Who knows how air travel industry would look like now would from very start instead of inflammable hydrogen dirigibles use safe helium. Of course it would terrible slows down advance of commercial usage because higher cost of helium but there will be no traumatic experience with Graf Zeppelin that essentially put brakes on whole lighter-than-air aircrafts industry. Was this unconscious mistake or educated choice between economical advantage and risk of hitting disaster? The word mistake is obviously subjective and used here for lack of better term only.

No matter intentionally or not when seeds of obliteration was put into system they are dangerous as cancer for living being for its existence. If we observe history of civilization there will be found several such plants of possible suicide. Nuclear energy in general and atomic weapon in particularly is the exhibit one for existing of flaws in fine tuning physical constants of our reality.

It is obvious that would critical mass for atom bomb be not several kilograms but tons (thousand times more) or energy output correspondently less there would be no nuclear weapon developed. The same trick can do smaller concentration of Uran in Earth core that depends on location of supernovas around Sun, pure bad luck. Only very small deviations from current values of physical constants are enough to eliminate the root that leads to development of nuclear bomb.

Nuclear fusion is mandatory process for construction stars. There is no Universe without nuclear fusion. There will be no heavy chemical elements essentially only more or less dull nothing spreading all around without any observer there. It is common knowledge. What is not comprehended at the same level of conscious is that the opposite process of nuclear fission, splitting atom nucleus, is completely unnecessary for anything. Humanity lives many millenniums without splitting atom nucleus and it was happy enough existance. Nuclear power adds almost nothing to quality of life. One can argue that electricity produced by nuclear plants was consumed so it was helpful. It is true of course but was this critically important to solve any real crisis before humanity? I don’t think so. In fact a nuclear power in form atom bomb put all of as at the edge of instant extinction at any given moment just because of possible mistake of few persons or maybe even only one politician.

Even if to presume that for unlimited clean energy supply humanity in future would need power plants based on nuclear fusion (technology that after century intensive development maybe will be industrially used sometime in decades) even in this case the nuclear fission is useless extra. The point is that intelligence design of human civilization as place for virtual game would lose nothing without nuclear weapon. All what was needed to make nuclear weapon impossible to exist is small variation in peripheral physical constants these will lead to less than two with half on average neutrons freeing after splitting nucleolus of Uran. It would affect practically nothing in history of our civilization before WW2. And there would be no nuclear weapon after. Yes history would be dramatically differ but there would be no trauma of permanent thinking that stupid politician is able to kill everybody only because he is fanatic of some economic principle like any economics could exist after total end of life on Earth

How this erroneous invention of nuclear bomb could sneak into design of our virtual reality against intention of creators? It was too late in the game and unpredicted coincidences in specific values of physical constants these make atom bomb durable. Timeline between moment when Einstein equation shows equivalence between mass and energy and holocaust entire city of Hiroshima contains only four decades. Albert Einstein was able to see transformation theoretical formulas from inked paper into weapon able to kill every living thing at the surface of Earth including its creators and him personally. Erroneous case of suicide by means to be too cleaver it could be.

Time period from the point of no return when possibility of atom bomb creation was determined in University of Chicago at Dec. 2 1942 till first acts of super mass murder in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was only two and half years and only very few men knew what Manhattan project is for. Then there was logical story of political madness when egoistic impulses of every decision maker whose near horizon selfishness had much higher priority compare to impossible to comprehend for average brain real possibility of end of the world. The fact is nevertheless that our game field is still intact; that there was no global war since last nuclear one. This fact can have more then one explanation even in a model that it is virtual reality game field:
  1. An invention and then instant spread of nuclear weaponry to the point treating existence of our game field was completely unexpected for developers. It had happened the very first time for any virtual reality and was cooped at the fly to be contained at first and step by step eliminating as fatal thread for game continuation. That explanation is very unsettling because breaks modesty principle to accept an idea of uniqueness of our virtual reality. But it is probable enough to mention because everything sometimes happens the very first time.
  2. In our template model of virtual reality game there is implementation of self-destruction mechanism in form global nuclear war to end it for some reason with final spectacular firework like old casino demolished to free space for new one. The end of our reality could be triggered by lost of interest for souls to reincarnate here in our world because obvious over population and exhaustion of recourses. When players go away to other virtual games efforts to support our one will be too costly especially taking into account how complex and interconnected our reality developed into by hi-tech. Other reason to end this game could be revelation that we live in Matrix. If so reading this article by you brings apocalypse closer.
  3. It is also possibility that thread of nuclear annihilation is the ordinary crisis for ordinary game field that sometimes is overcome in part of game and sometimes not. The end of life here is not a big deal until there are myriads other game fields to play.
  4. Most possible to my mind is the option of numerous reboots. As “Civilization” game has option to remember the any given time step and if something goes wrong to be reloaded at any point in past to try another pass to overcome crisis situation. There were maybe thousands attempts to avoid exchange nuclear rockets strikes during Caribbean Crisis in 1962. Would JFK not won Presidency in 1960, somebody else was the first man in space instead charismatic Yuii Gagarin, invasion of contras in Gulf of Pigs had differ outcome with prolong fighting, Khrushchev would lose one of the numerous internal Communist Party coups or even some historical anecdote we even not remember in connection did not happen maybe there were no path around annihilation of humanity then. Every time when humanity destroyed itself creators of our reality stop the clock and restarted history from some point earlier in hope that unavoidable random variations of craps outcome sometime permits to overcome mountain range of nuclear annihilation destiny.

If to think deeper about these options at some moment one can come to the idea that all this options are not mutually exclusive. The idea with reboot is the most optimistic except the situation before each restart. Of course nobody remember the end of times but many should have full experience. Maybe the effect of deja wu is byproduct of such reboots?

Mar. 19, 2019; 10:03 EST

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