Simple explanation for Fermi paradox gives concept of virtual reality.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

The solution of Fermi Paradox is very sad and simple. There is no Universe around. What we see at sky is lifeless planetarium.
Fermi paradox based on the contradiction between apparent high probabilities for life to be common phenomena around universe and the fact that no even small trace of extraterrestrial civilization was observed. Considering billions of Sun like stars in our Galaxy, Milky Way, ordinary nature of our planet, Earth, instant by cosmic time scale progress of our civilization from almost animal like life into space exploration there must be intelligent life outside and much more advance one. There are miles shelves sci-fi books about contacts with extraterrestrial species. There is global program SETI devoted to search of signals from outside civilizations. There is only stunning silence and deafening weak noise of natural sources all around. Nobody else is around. Where are they?

Numerous explanations of the Fermi paradox presume that something wrong with advanced civilization. It will commit suicide of Global Nuclear War. It is sad, pessimistic but possible. Or our civilization is punished by ignorance for aggressive behavior of humans and stupidity of insects and viruses. It is reasonable too.

Idea that we lives in virtual reality software explains Fermi paradox as simple as finger snap. There is no Universe outside. What we see at sky is the screen of planetarium. TV set used as false window inside cave like habitat. There is only stars decorated curtain around our planet that is our game field. Why creators of our virtual reality cannot to do full scale universe? The answer is primitively simple – whole Universe as we think exists is too big for particle level numerical simulation. It can be presented inside some computer of the creator only in form of multilevel simulation.

The same scientific knowledge about Universe is structures on the levels: about structure of time-space metrics and its connection with gravitation phenomena, structure and interaction of elementary particles and atoms, processes inside stars and so on. We have no recourses to collect and operate information about every single particle in Universe. Not even close. As mnemonic rule one can take that for scrupulous simulation of the system in N particles one needs computational system that contains at least C*N particles where coefficient C unknown but obviously very big number. Considering that even for best modern computers including energy sources and intelligent user to comprehend results estimation value of C is many millions that easy can be underestimation.

Creators of our virtual reality have limited recourses as anybody else. Universe on the level of stars and planets in reasonable close to game field, Earth, can be constructed. But adding even one extra civilization that can communicate with other at long distance is imposable difficult task. There ought to be numerous complications for virtual reality with more then one civilization at the one planet. One of the such problems is dramatically increased precision for defining positions and impulse of stars and other objects if length base for telescopes would be many parsecs. Such level of detalization could be outside computation power of hardware for our virtual reality.

In this context history of space human space exploration brings surprising revelation. Instead of steady progress as it is in most (except nuclear power that will be discussed in separate article) industries it hits barrier and stagnates since Moon landing in 1969 – 1972. And stagnation is here wrong word. Correct one is regress. Fifty years was wasted as if intentionally. Supersonic flight across Atlantic Ocean is no more and nothing even in plans to replace Concorde. There was movie in 1979 with plot about attempt to sabotage Concorde. It had happen that supersonic travels was ended the same as Soviet Tu-144 by lack of public support. Why?

Why innovations in delivering humans and cargo at low Earth orbit only timidly developing by enthusiasts billionaires? It is quite obvious that the best delivering system to the orbit can be combination of supersonic plane with rocket busters that taking off and lands in one peace. Don’t criticize the idea just do explain why not even try. Why Rocketplane XP declared bankruptcy in 2010 and that was end of the story?

The virtual reality concept explains regress in space exploration very simple. This area of human activity can unmask nature of our existence sooner than later and because of it has to be controlled and slowed down as seemingly as possible. It is impossible to find direct sabotage in decision to develop Scuttle type program instead Rocketplane. Many mistakes, miscalculations, political interests all there circumstances can bring reasonable doubt in intervention of highest power, these are developers and keepers of our virtual game field.

Mar. 15, 2019; 10:26 EST

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