Perplexity awakening of second hand progressives.

by Leonid Sakharov

Theoretical mistakes in ideology can bring end of nation.

I like Chris Matthews as an intellectual, fast thinking, and broad educated person with waste inside experience in actual politics. His hardball show is relatively dynamic and informative. Enough with compliments de jour. Since summer of 2009 when it became painfully clear that newly elected democrat president will perform much worse compare to expectations the battle team of progressive anchors of night prime time in MSNBC begin to be uncomfortable nervous up to the point reaching state of madness.

Clinical reaction of Chris is most interesting as soon he is completely sincere in insisting that obvious evidences that the word is even more difficult than the complex and sophisticated detail model of reality fondly built in his mind. Sort of analogous of keeper of church library finally connected with internet. There is porn! Surprise! Symptomatic behavior of his associates by progressive attack unit in media vary from kamikaze flight for Rachel Maddow with heresy struggle wherever she can recognize it; deliberate blindness of Keith Olbermann who cannot accept to himself that he brought victory to pretender instead a presenter; hour long with commercial breaks loud hysterics of Ed Schultz. The reaction of social theoretician Matthews is much deeper. He wants to prove that opponents of progressive movement are bad people hence it is the reason why progressives are losers.

So primitive intellectual product from obviously so clever person as Chris Matthews can be explained on the same level complexity proclaiming him liar and prostitute, rounding all possible discussion. It is not as much fun as try to autopsy corps of progressive dogmas. A core believe of progressives is a picture of human history as a direct advance from slavery to free society with full respect of any possible deviations of any god creature from natural purpose its birth for. I mean if person not productive handicap drug user with no interest in reproduction the ideal of progressives will be full respect and love of society for this person no matter as useless he or she is. They called it a social security confusing with investment into pension for old productive members of society. Politically the calculation is that in democracy anybody has one vote and with growth of technology and productivity deficient minorities of all sorts can outnumber old fashion investors and entrepreneur alike.

Maybe owners of MSNBC do not aware about the theory and practice communist revolutionary movements. It is simple and effective up to the point of loosing incentive to work after society developing into giant bureaucracy of single corporation. Large group of population with similar unfortunate circumstances proclaimed unfair treated. Initially communists explore industrial labor naming them working class. Later on progressive movement use more broad net catching ethnic communities with similar color of skin, nontraditional habits like practicing minor religion, gays, Jews, illegal immigrants, gypsies and trial lawyers. Sorry. Trial lawyers here are the leaders. The idea is that people of repressed group are under-educated and in need of professional representation. The layers provide a leadership in behalf of the group for benefits to be in elite of society. Communists of Soviet Union had style of life similar to capitalists in USA. When the problem of transferring power to children in socialist society made too much trouble they changed social rules. The same politicians in USA promise to “fight” for middle class during election campaign and rise salary and pensions to members of congress after been elected. No real difference.

On the long run any existing society must to achieve a delicate balance between individual pursuit of happiness that is driven force of technological progress and redistribution of the wealth toward directly or indirectly dependent to provide social stability. One can use ratio of government spending toward GDP as are generalized presence socialism on the scale between 0 for Wild West and almost 1 for Stalin/Mao style communism (really 1 is next to impossible, just theoretical concept). The trick is that for given conditions of natural resources, demographic and advance of technology a stable level of socialism in society must to vary. Furthermore a level of socialism that provides competitiveness of given country can be defined only in historical retrospect. It means that anybody’s opinion about taxes is equally legitimate. Tea party members do not want to pay for welfare in any form, democrats want to bribe bunch of minorities to vote for them by taxing everybody with money who doesn’t donate for their election funds. Had happen that it is white middle class or what left of it.

And Chris Matthews appears surprised that this five fingers scheme provokes broad resistance. In “Rise of new right” he tried to paint natural reaction on fraud as extreme, out of mainstream, hate mob movement. Distrust of government today after all these bailout and stimulus stealing on nation credit card in mind of law obeying citizens has the same reasons as for identity theft. He proclaims that election of Barak Obama was done fair and square. Is it true? Did candidate Obama promise to meet with Iran leaders, did he promise to close of GITMO, did he promise open justice in court for accused terrorists? What he did instead? Nothing good, oh, God! Obama do not look stupid, Van der Sloot has appearance of normal person. First is career politician, second is accused murderer, both of them are chameleons.

Poor Chris all his life cherished a dream of peaceful transition of government and country in the hands of progressive f@*%g humanists from effective greedy freedom (for themselves) loving entrepreneurs. He hoped to get in the head of progressive movement a skilled chess master devoted to ideals of utopia, the place where everything for free and work is a fun of delicate exploration friendly nature. With Obama the President, super-majority in congress all dreams looked like in close reach, almost soon achievable. But utopia is nice place only for poets and anthropologists. Jack London explorers of Alaska embraced wild bear meat. Precious fat and stupid will not protect the number one position on the globe. Country must have not only sleazy politicians triangulating elections by focus groups, not only smart asses with financial pyramids, not only trial layers and victims of drugs and smoke, county need warriors and watch dogs, country needs politically incorrect spontaneous reaction on treat to productive part of populating.

Use to live with it Chris Matthews. It was nice try with Obama. You side is lost again and now for long if not forever. Your balls are smashed hard, old friend. It is all for you. Just go away. History will find it own way to disappoint us on the way to nowhere without you now. Most of conspiracies you debunked by HA! test will happen to be true but you will not permit yourself to believe obvious, too painful. What for you waste your live Chris, to provide mandatory health insurance those who don’t want it at all? Buy in peace.

Initially submitted at Jun. 17, 2010; 02:26

Step by small step to socialism idea is desperately naive always. Sometime it is very destructive like it was in 1917 in Russia. Sweet word liberty, equality, brotherhood lead to murder of millions for nothing good for nobody, even for revolutionary leaders. Small theoretical negligence in social analysis; professional rebels adopting mistakes; stupid crowd that cannot wait for natural improvement of life by technological achievements. That is the recipe for end of nation. And nobody is immune.

Dec. 4, 2017; 10:54 EST

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