Trump versus Spectre.

by Leonid Sakharov

The James Bond movie Spectre is used to highlight events of Trump presidential campaign of 2016.

Art is reflection of reality. It is truism. There is nothing but reality. All fantasies are inspired by reality and fantasies are reality too as soon they exist. The fun part starts when fantasy stories are becoming more believable than informational flow from main stream media sources.

Action movies about spy supermen James Bond need to have a plot to explore. The Hero must have archenemy to show himself in most attractive light in contrast with forces at dark side of humanity. It is tradition to choose a leader of international crime organization to be impersonation of Evil on our blue small planet. A script of the any action movie is made by the same template. Evil organization conspires to take over the world, almost succeed, but our hero by the chance had happen to be at right place and time, by weird caprice of Dr. Evil is given impossible opportunity to disrupt final realization of the plot accompanied with moralistic killing of all enemies and doing trophy girls with appropriate periodicity.

The reasons why you and me love James Bond movies has complex psycho-chemical evolutionary explanation. There are shelves of books how brain can be tricked responding at illusion of life treating situation to produce biochemical simulators to fight or love. Not this is a mystery of success of action movies. The real riddle is why public takes with acceptance an premise, obviously ridiculous by opinion of domesticated experts of all respectful cable news channels, of the existence a hydra like international network of corrupt politics, media personalities, business captains, secret service agencies, ordinary criminals and terrorists. I think people believe that such organization is indeed part of reality. In last 007 motion pictures this organization called Spectre.

There are too many instances of forks in history when out of the blue sky event changes outcome in favor of power but playing not fair games forces. There are more than few questionable and outright improbable official versions of historical events these are promoted by main stream media armed to the teeth by air time. Here is a limited list of examples when my estimation of probabilities for official version to be true and nothing but true is less than negligible:

  • Small dog barking alike stupid hen proclaiming herself as a most qualified person for position of The President of United States of America and Leader of Free World is taken seriously enough to be interviewed, discussed and voted for.

  • After several months non stop coverage of missing without a trace Boeing-777 at the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 main cable news experts sort of convinced that plane is crashed somewhere near Australia instead to be at intact in some Asia country hangar ready for use by terrorists . Why Australia? Some British amateur mathematicians convincingly said so and we should believe without independent verification. Plane is still not found.

  • At the presidential debates in 2012 CNN anchor Candy Crowley interfered with factually wrong judgment that changed outcome of election and was not fired with shame at the spot.

  • In 2007-2009 we were reported about economic disaster due housing crash. This tectonic shakedown of financial foundation of free market economy lead to historic election of the man with double race background, no executive experience and complete inability to speak in prose as President of United States of America. What was the cause of Great recession? The only rational explanation was given by officials is about human nature to be grid to the point of switching off the part of brain responsible for thinking. In housing market there were no extraordinary changes last years. The percent of unoccupied house units increase from 12 to 14.5 at the peak of housing boom (?!) and now back to 13. So what? Why crisis? There was negligible effect on ability of population to get shelter with abundance of reserves. Why crisis I am asking again. Games Spectre plays. How crisis was prevailing over? They double monetary base by emitting cash and putting it in pockets of greedy ones responsible for crisis to pacify. It is how they save economy whatever it means.

  • In short period of time, days apart, there were three looks like unrelated events. April 27 2011 Barack Hussein Obama presents non standard electronic file claiming that it contains photo image of his birth certificate bending at the wind of suspicions, blowing up to the hurricane level by Donald Trump, that his actual birth place was Kenya, place of origin his father, a communist Barack Hussein Obama. Actually in this document there were even juicier pick – the age of his mother was 18 and 8 months, indicating possibility of statutory rape. April 30, 2011 Barack Hussein Obama publicly mocked Donald Trump essentially portraying him as small person obsessed with small things at small TV-reality show. At May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden was reported dead by order of Barack Hussein Obama. Except mocking Trump at correspondent dinner there were no videos from independent sources confirming these three stories. Strange coincidences.

  • Dec 14, 2004 director of CIA George Tenet was awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom after failing to disrupt 9/11 terrorist plot and providing erroneous intelligence about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. After! Not for? ???!
  • Personal behavior of Jorge W. Bush at the day of September 11, 2001 during attack on America was never point of attention of the domesticated media. Self(!?) imposed censorship prevent any mentioning the fact that after been told that America is under attack his motive to stay in school for some time can be interpreted as attempt to use children as human shield. Later on he numerously named terrorists cowards. They are monsters and non humans, no doubts about that, but why cowards? Maybe he remembers his own feeling at that day and projects them on source of his shame?

  • The only, to my knowledge, person, Zacarias Moussaoui, convicted in USA court for terror attack at 9/11 has ultimate alibi, been that day at prison. At his court process the myth about famous call between Ted and Barbara Olsons was debunked by FBI. Later on conservative Ted Olson was leading lawyer to promote homosexual marriage. Other coincidence.

    These few examples show in totality that main stream press is not objective and not free. Its role is convincing public that authorities control well-being of society and suppresses any alternative common sense explanation in a noise of nonsense. Packing stupid ideas together with sensible ones, proclaiming all of them crazy altogether, feeding to public only official talking points as active explanation. These talking points usually sound like “mistakes were made”, “system is not perfect”, ‘leave it to professionals’, ”progress and improvement”.

    Idea of democracy presumes that we are the people know objective reality to make educated decisions. It could be best intentions to protect public from inconvenient information. For example, that the only possible solution to mediate effect of climate change is the regulation of the population. They are progressive thesis that renewable energy is the panacea, silver bullet. But they are omitting to mention that there is no free fertile ground left on the planet. Unlimited reproduction humans can lead to mass tragedy at best and extinction of human race at worst.

    When at the very start 2016 Presidential election cycle the commonly accepted scenario was dull repetition of Clinton – Bush competition. No matter who would be elected, Bush or Clinton, secrets will be protected. Both of them are vetted members of former Presidents club. Bush is son of one and brother of other President. Clinton is the spouse of other President. Both of them would keep closet with the skeletons closed from public eyes.

    The main theme of all presidencies was protecting secrets of predecessors. You could ask about Obama? Was he exception from the rule? Nope. The one of the very first actions of Barack Obama was visit to CIA headquarter and convincing interrogators and the authors of the memos to legit torture that they will not be prosecuted.

    The only chance for Book of Secrets to be published is election President outside of Spectre organization. To be perfectly honest there is no way to know for sure that anybody does not belong to secret society. We know that both Presidential contenders in 2004 were members of Skull and Bones secret society but press avoid pressing so minor detail as a sort of curiosity fan fact. We can only bet on self-made billionaire Trump or on the independent Senator Sanders to be outsiders of mafia. We can be wrong about them but they are only possible vehicles to overcome code of silence.

    The story-line of 2016 campaign can be interpreted as movements of disillusioned citizens to support lonely agent of truth – Donald Trump. Sanders is sort of independent revolutionary and some could hope against hope that he would reveal secrets as well. But Sanders is openly standing for welcoming illegal immigrants to be rightful members of society with full package of privileges of citizens. It is dis-qualifier to offer reward for crime.

    I can excuse Donald Trump for exaggeration, vulgar language, lacunae in some policy matters and insults of everybody who disrespect him. He is far from been perfect robot like politician. I would not trust to usual politician to keep eye on dog poop until leaving it for sanitary bag. Politician will take the poop, smear it all around road, call police blaming competitor.

    I feel that Donald Trump is not politician, have heart on right place, using words in straight meanings, he is for American citizens first and foremost, will not duck the fight with mafias of all forms. Until I feel that I will be for him. I am not sure although that establishment is not stronger than Trump and Book of Secrets will never see daylight. Maybe. Maybe not.

    Donald Trump is our only hope left to take power from Spectre back to We The People.

    Initially submitted at Mar. 22, 2016; 19:27

    It was the prophecy. Partially.

    Trump opened JFK files or at least said that he intend to do so. But main question - the documentary prove that Oswald was CIA agent left unmasked.

    Waste conspiracy of intelligent community and Obama administration that is one big Spectre was not fight back. Trump caved down to racist anti-Russia investigation.

    Not Hollywood Bond movie must end that super agent will incorporated into the ORGANIZATION and kissing ring of Bush. Sad.

    Dec. 3, 2017; 08:46 EST

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