Clinton’s campaign slogan – stronger together is shy translation of fascist strength through unity.

by Leonid Sakharov

Clinton is fascist. Her campaign slogan is fascist. Liberals are racists and media are paid servants for them.

There is no surprise that in hilarious Hillary Clinton campaign slogan “stronger together” is direct derivative from fascist: “strength through unity’. Is this a blunder and if so how such gaffe could happen?

It was unintentional reverence toward Mussolini, founder and ideologist of fascism, maybe. An article How 'Stronger Together' Became Clinton's Response To 'Make America Great Again' presents long and thoughtful process to find slogan adverse to Trump’s one. They was just too ignorant and arrogant to make a little efforts and research symbolism of other political movements. They think that liberal democrat can have nothing common with fascist. Liberal education is based on magic of emotional color of words. Fascism is bad. Unity is good. Fascism is about unity. What?!! Liberal brainwashed mind cannot bear the truth. For stupid liberal it is incompatible ‘crazy’ (favorite argument of liberals) combination of words.

“Stronger together” at first sign if taken out of context brings no specific ideology. It could be seen as diet team work when everything is awesome. Do compare with “from each according to ability, to each according to his needs”, communism slogan is in complete agreement with Clinton rhetoric - “live up God-given potential” = “from each according to ability” wealthy must pay fair share (to provide everybody what they want). It is communism in “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”.

> American political science is pragmatic cult of professionals concerned about one thing and one thing only - winning elections for clients – politicians and their donors. They consider ideology as a nuisance factor in developing a message to voters. Message must be as general as possible to avoid specific promises, contain only emotional warm words and be easy to remember. Slogan “Stronger together” looks good enough at first level of examination. But then questions are coming…

Together everybody? Really? At Democratic presidential debate Clinton named her enemies: “NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians. Probably the Republicans”. Is it all together? No way. It means: we together against them, stupid bigots, who don’t understand that we are stronger and still not submit to us.

Ideology in politics is always about power. One person of group fight to dictate will to rest of us. The essence of any ideology is thought construction supporting reason why we deserve better than they. King is directly inherits position from Good. President is representative of people. Dictator is father or mother of nation. All of them have power above us. It is ideology on theoretical level. In practice one leader can do nothing. He or she needs organization to mobilize social groups fighting to get privilege against others.

“Stronger together” in context “us against them” has classical fascist or mafia attribute. Leader, Hillary Clinton, that literally inherit position of leader from her husband has organization – Democratic party in her disposal with paramilitary wings like “Occupy Wall Street” and racist “Black lives matter”, she has support of big money of Wall Street. It is almost direct analog of Hitler with National Socialist German Workers' Party and paramilitary wings "Protection Squadron" and "Storm Division" he had support of big military industry.

One can expect outrage of liberals for such comparison. But my answer will be – blame yourself. If you don’t bother learn history you will jump into compost all together. Ideology matters. Explain yourself in one phrase if you can.

Initially submitted at Sep. 6, 2016; 14:54

Now they followed steps of Hitler and Mussolini in anti-Russia hysteria...

Dec. 4, 2017; 16:25 EST

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