Natural selection of moral values.

by Leonid Sakharov

Morality in society is changing together with objective situation in society.

Following to the concept of natural selection applying to the humanity one can state that moral principles of any existing society are not in antagonistic contradiction to its survival up to this point. A trivial criterion of good and evil is an existence of the object. Specifically to the moral values these that help an existing of society are good, these lead to destruction tendencies are bad. As simple as that. Boring. Exciting, as soon we will talk about any specific moral norm.

Family values. Historically emerging society must have as large population as possible to be competitive. Besides all other arguments waste horde of peoples was necessary to have powerful army to conquer and keep land with resources.

Up to very last historical times average female has to bring to life more the three kids just to keep population stable. The value of human live was very high. Not a life of human as an independent value but only life of a productive or potentially productive member of society. Innocent meant useful and nothing else. Obvious irony consists in the fact that groups are claiming immorality of aborts on the base of sacred meaning of life. And in the same time, the same parties are strong proponents of capital punishment and war. They have strong mental block to consider criminals and enemies to be human beings as they are. Especially contradictory this situation during the war between of nations with the same religion for some ridicules pretense and reason only to get resources. To kill enemy solder is noble act even if he or she is obeying member of other society. In opposition - to kill for money inside your own country is the sin. Why? Not because live is holy gift of God. Only reason to justify it is to help to your own folks. We against them, that is it folks. Nothing more and nothing less.

Most exiting situations occur when environment in which society acting is changing as a result of its own expansion in all directions reaching natural limits. Explosive growth of population cannot last forever. Let's will not speak about sophisticated topics as limited mineral reserves for industry and harvested land for food. Just a space on the surface of earth is numbered and there is no chance of expansion of humanity around of galaxy in any visible future. Really from ecological point of view the population of the planet is in 10 times large than sustainable level on the long run. And increasing fast, very fast. Nobody can predict when and how but dramatically decrease of population in historically instant period of time is inevitable.

To survive society must find the way of reversing reproductive pattern of human behavior. Instead of cheering up of big family, society must to find new models. Really nothing new are here - hedonism, sodomy, woman career priority, free love, drugs and euthanasia. Everything that now is considering a crime or at least a sin but will help to painless decrease a number of folks in new generations. Alternative looks much more tragically - war, epidemics, hunger, and complete lawlessness. If we will look at present situation on geopolitical map two continents, Europe and Africa, can demonstrate us extreme examples of choosing opposite ruts in solving the problem when it knocked the door.

It will be here very soon too. When you voting for republicans you voting for killing your grandson on war, for democrats - for dragging him till full impotence. Bad choice in both cases.

Initially submitted at Dec. 20, 2004; 19:27

After a little more than a decade this article obtains a statue of the PROPHECY.

Democrats pushed into:

Trump in old style is supplementing control on population growth by opposition to illegal immigration and family based immigration at all. Good. I will support him no matter what until he is holding this stand.

All these movements are good and rational.

The only crazy action of last years was welcoming mass migration from middle -East to Europe. Frau Merkel who invited million man to Germany is apparently had mental issue when did it. Since she had political troubles and very deserved.

Nov. 30, 2017; 10:26 EST

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