Salt movie. Crazy Russians versus retarded Americans.

by Leonid Sakharov

Review of Salt movie.

The salt of bull s…t. The movie Salt provides perfect argument for the case of psycho illness of conspiracy theoreticians. It could be compared with such shamefully hidden from public discussion in mainstream media examples as suicide of secretary of defense Forrestal with famous paranoid phrase “The Russians are coming!” that could be epigraph for the movie. Lately famous corrupt politician McCain took strong anti-Russian stand in behalf of his foreign affair adviser who lobbing for Georgian government: “Today, we are all Georgians” said this old maniac when situation already were took under control by ordinary Russian solders and all fight appears completely out of mind by all life loving Georgians.

One should dismiss that eclectic opus of nostalgia for noble and reliable enemy who will not fight with real weapons but will scare taxpayers to the edge of accepting official robbery by military-industrial-intelligence complex. The reason why we cannot completely ignore that absurd is the direct allusions of the plot in the movie with the real story of revealing the net of sleeping Russian espionage ring. The news hit mass media less than month before of theaters release of “Salt” movie and just in time of intense promotional campaign of trailers. Can anybody image better timing for rounding 10 years FBI operation? To make comparison even more similar the darling of tabloid press Russian Mata Hari, Ann Chapman, with long task to become Quinn of Great Britain is the direct prototype of Evelyn Salt in the movie. How convenient that Ann is pretty woman like Angelina Jolie.

Conspiracy theory is ridiculous when motivation for action of accused to be hidden villain is not human but abstract ideologue of simple like hummer bio-robot humanoid. Brainwashed American public could buy an image of crazy Russian with deep inside love to far away motherland, not recognizable by CIA polygraph, driven by the crazy Russian desire to destroy America like it gives them any good, but they are crazy(!), da-yes. Native Russians remember better. They recall buying Americans jeans in very peak of cold war spending several moth salaries – crazy indeed. They adore American music, classic literature, sci-fi and alive politics. America always was interesting and forbidden place. The image of USA from Russia was much more attractive than real one that disappoints some to be much similar to totalitarian and dishonest Soviet Union than Wild West from cowboy movies. But OK anyway. Better than any other county on this small and not ideal world. No sane Russian has any paranoiac wish to destroy America. To flee and to be free and rich, yes. America provided the dream that there is a chance even in this life to be happy somewhere someday overcoming something. Just a dream.

Sane conspiracy theory must provide rational motivations for actions. There is one with believable validation. The real crime in connection of revealing of Russian spies was a bribe by distributor of the movie “Salt”. Idiotic plot of movie should produce unanimously negative critics reaction and big lost in money. Big budget movie has to get at least comparable to 130 million in ticket sales. On the stake was tens of millions in red or black. The only chance to salvage a poor fate of this bull sh-t was to demonstrate that it is based on the real life intrigue. Yes, I suggest that the timing to pull the trigger to expose so named Russian spies was done as a result of direct of not direct kick back. I don’t know who gave and who received the bribe. The FBI could have tip from Russian Spy agency. It could be even analog of laid off situation for useless agents with collateral profit for Russian clandestine service. It could be some corrupt officer inside Americas intelligence community as well. I don’t know. What I am sure that such hypothesis is million times more likely to take place than events shown in any consecutive ten minutes of the movie “Salt” that can be appreciated only by genuine crazy Russians and clinically retarded Americans.

Initially submitted at Jul. 24, 2010; 01:59

It comes from bad to dangerous. Favorite Hollywood monsters was elaborated in multi season serial "Americanz" that start from more or less balanced and humane portraits of family illegal officers from Russia and end with gross naturalistic out of mind operations.

All these production create fundament for racist anti-Russia hysteria about meddling in 2016 elections. From one side they want that Russia ignore America's internal affairs but they proud to claim that new president is the leader whole "free" word. So their position - we will elect leader of whole word for you and you must sit quit and shut up. Nice.

Nov. 22, 2017; 11:04 EST

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