Walden Pond is for all seasons.

by Leonid Sakharov

Here are pictures of Walden Pond made by me at various years and seasons. One can see that it looks different year to year. Level of water is changing several feet during decade. About twenty years ago there was scene when completely covered by water meadows dried down so much that big tortilla had to escape into bid water. It surprised bunch of tourists.
That year water receded so great that main beach looks empty.
First colors of coming fall color trees.
There is small bay near place where Henry David Thoreau had his cabin.
Sunset at Walden Pond.
Early fall colors green of surrounding forest.
At quiet time water has no waves.
At windy weather Walden Pond looks like it is ocean, at least sea.
This is almost full of water Walden Pond. At some years there are practically no places like beach.
Clear water gives the pictures of shallow waters near some beaches. Not all of them has such slope.
Other view of pond when water level is high.
Small boats are allowed at Walden Pond and they coexist peacefully with swimmers.
How green forest around.
It is storm. Or something like it.
In the fall foliage all colors are around.
Most beaches of Walden Pond are visible across and can be reached swimming.
Fishing at Walden Pond sort of popular. Fishing from boat that need to be delivered at the roof of car (no place to left it) is normal although not everyday appearance.
When Thoreau woke up and went to pond for washing himself the view in front of his eyes was lake that.
If Thoreau years was during wet years he saw this picture.
In the peak of wet years there are practically no place that can be used as beach.
Other picture of high water time.
There are few nice but harp stone slopes directly to pond waterfront from path around.
Nice view at Thoreau beach.
The is path around Walden Pond.
Swimming is for all seasons.
At wet years there are no shores visible that changes landscape dramatically.
Lifeguards at Walden Pond are quite controversial characters. From one side they create atmosphere of safety for swimmers crossing pond back and force. Even more important they help to parents to be more relax about kids at main beach. But they are annoyingly loud asking everybody out of water for headcounter I guess. Small bay across of Walden Pond is happily free of lifeguards.
There are no shore walk around when pond is full of water.
Start of foliage.
At nice weather the Walden Pond is nice and peaceful.
Winter changes mood to gloomy.
Winter colors are not rich.
Snow covers slopes of Walden Pond around.
There is no wind and water surface is mirror like.
When there is wet years many trees are under water.
There is two mysteries of Walden Pond. One is why watter is so clean. Second why there are several underwater stone pyramids. One largest of them was even more mysteriously dismantled after I poster video about. Strange.
Rain is starting with big drops and bubbles.
Single drop looks weird.
The brush of reeds develops at shallow water of one bay like area.

Aug. 19, 2018; 11:19 EST

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