Sunset time at Spy Pond.

by Leonid Sakharov

Because park of Spy Pond, Arlington Massachusetts located at its east side downing sun has unobstructed view. That makes sunsets here diverse and often spectacular depend on weather conditions.
Ominous colors at this Spy Pond sunset.
Usual sunset at when good weather.
Sun is just going behind surrounding hills.
Sun is already down but sky is still light.
Sun is on the way out.
Twilight after sunset.
Winter sunset looks cold.
Winter sunset is sometime colorful too.
Violet colors during twilight are possible too.
Yellow and orange are all around sky this sunset.
This is surreal picture during such twilight at Spy Pond.
Spectacular sky colors around pond.
Sun path across pond before sunset.
There is blood spot like reflection from sky at Spy Pond. No spy was harmed during the shot.
Lot of red during this sunset.
Spy Pond name was transformed from mirror. Looking at the picture one can understand why.
Some pictures looks like a painter not nature made them.
At summer thick leaves cover prevent to sun go through but it is too power to stop completely.

May. 3, 2018; 15:00 EST

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