Flowers garden near Volyer Pavilion.

by Leonid Sakharov

Flowers garden near Volyer Pavilion.

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It is nice place near Pavlosk Palace filled with rose bushes. The Voleyer Pavilion had special memory in my mind as a symbol of bizarre life manifestation. The pavilion was part of czar life who was the noblest person in Russia. In 1980 I was scientist in Academy of Science and together with all other colleges was told to participate in voluntary help for agricultural enterprise located near Pavlovsk. No need to say that the job was most unintelligent and dirty.

At the end of working day our Laboratory staff was planned to do some birthday celebration for she-scientist associate just at the field picnic style. But the weather made a correction in form the rain that had started. It was drizzling but gave no enjoyment to be under open skies. We did walk to find some shelter and finally hit the pavilion. It was completely empty this Volyer Pavilion and by some reason there were tables inside. The place was perfect for the event. All situation was so surrealistic mixture of joy of life despite the weather challenge, bitter feeling of humiliation to be ordered making unqualified job like a slave for communist regime, elegiac compassion for our noble predecessors who cannot expect fall of grace for whole chars family

Mar. 17, 2020; 10:14 EST

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