Upper of Charles River, Massachusetts.

by Leonid Sakharov

Upper Charles River is the home of Harvard at left shore and Boston Universities at right one. There are patches for bikes and walkers at both sides of relatively wide and very slow river. Bucolic scenery at park like areas interchanges with urban highway parts. Boat sport clubs are common at various parts of river. There are several a rowing head race regattas each year near are usual happening.
Walking out dog and watching regatta at the bank of Charles River.
Regatta competition at Charles River.
Competing boats are far enough to enjoy sun and peace.
Trees are blossoming at spring.
First spring flowers at the bank of Charles River.
The view from Eliot bridge at upper Charles River.
Upper Charles River.
Bike and running path at Upper Charles River.
Ducks occupy shores of Charles River.
Boat club near Eliot Bridge at upper Charles River.
Boats are under footbridge across Charles River.
Harvard shore of upper Charles River is like a beach.
Training before sunset at Charles River gives surreal image.
Spring at upper Charles. Cherry tree are blossoming finally.
Footwalk bridge across upper Charles River.
Anderson Memorial Bridge to Harvard Square and campus.
Memorial Drive at opposite shore of Charles River near Harvard Campus.
Hyatt Regency Hotel makes skyline of Cambridge easy recognizable.
Boston view from under Boston University Bridge.
Massachusetts Bridge and Boston downtown behind.
Below Boston University Bridge there are structure painted with strange graffiti.
Storrow Drive exit near Charlesgate park need all space it can take covering bike path ahead.
Painter take Charles River as model near Boston University.
Shore at right bank of upper Charles River just before Boston has broader park like area here.
Anderson Memorial Bridge from Harvard campus side.
Gloomy view at fall at upper Charles River.
Lonely bench at the upper bank of upper Charles River at coming fall season.

Oct. 30, 2018; 18:31 EST

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