Monarch butterfly release at Fresh Pond, Cambridge MA.

by Leonid Sakharov

It was 5th time when Monarch butterfly cultivated at Fresh pond were released in nature. Crowd in several dozen habitants of environmental sensitive Cambridge of Great Commonweals of Massachusetts outnumber about two dozen Monarch butterflies. They were delivered in two cages with plates of watermelon (important practical info).One by one Monarchs were executed out with finger of state trooper. Strange somewhere else phase but not for revolutionary Massachusetts.
Big poster with Monarch butterfly release announcement at water clean station of Fresh Pond Cambridge, MA.
Poster about things to know about monarch butterfly
Crowd is gathering at point of butterfly release.
Cages arrive.
Butterflies live inside cage. Do they want out?
Cage opens. What next?
Butterflies hesitate to fly out.
One by one Monarchs pushed out.
No Monarchs stay a chance against Massachusetts trooper.
This Monarch is on the finger.
The second cage opened.
Other Monarch has farewell finger.
Rest of Monarch flock waits to be released.
It flies.
Last monarch is out.
The execution of Monarchs butterflies is over. Satisfied crowd dispersing.
Event is over.

Aug. 19, 2018; 20:22 EST

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