Bridgetown, Barbados.

by Leonid Sakharov

We were in Bridgetown, Barbados at January 23, 2017 during Breakaway trip from New York to Caribbean islands. The island of Barbados was most south point of that trip and that was noticeable at winter time. Bridgetown near port area looks like normal small urban city. The main attraction is Chamberlain Bridge across Constitution River with Independence Arch at one side. Near the town in minutes walk is Carlisle Bay beach that provides everything for scuba diving ships wrecks observation and sea turtle close encounters.
Barbados shore line North West to Bridgetown. $
Bridgetown port is industrial one. $
The road from port to the town of Bridgetown is Seafront Boulevard. $
At sewage point to the Ocean there is horde of crabs climbing the seafront wall. $
Port area near Bridgetown. $
Downtown of Bridgetown. $
Building in downtown of Bridgetown. $
National Heroes Square. $
Lord Nelson Statue in Bridgetown, Barbados. $
Chamberlain Bridge across Constitution River. $
Independence Arch near Chamberlain Bridge. $
Park like area near Independence Arch. $
Entrance into Carlisle Bay public beach. $
Carlisle Bay. $
Group of amateur scuba dives are instructed in Carlisle Bay. $
Carlisle beach is hot and lazy. $
Boats near shore at Carlisle beach. $
Ship wreck near shore at Carlisle beach. $
Long and zebra like fishes. $
Ship wrecks attract fish so it like swimming in soup. $
Big sea turtle is feed here to show scubadivers. $
In transparent waters of Barbados scubaduvers is like in zero gravitational environment. $
At the side of Carlisle Beach high end hotels and yacht clubs. $
Carlisle Bay from cruise ship. $

Jan. 4, 2019; 16:01 EST

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