Rotate, zoom, size, and deform image with LeoPicture

LeoPictire software application permits to modify digital photo image as whole. One main principle the user has to remember is to accept changes before initiating next operations.

Image can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise direction by given angle by clicking on corresponding buttons. Photo image will be enlarged to keep whole old picture inside.

Photo image can be mirrored by clicking on button "Mirror".

Size and zoom
Digital photo image can be scaled up or down from its original size in interval from 2% to 400%.

There are options:

Deform photo image
By clicking on the corresponding pictograms the image will deform correspondingly by the percentage step given by user. Any number of deformations in any order can be done before accepting the changes. By clicking on text "Restore" image will set to the original state.

Jun. 27, 2017; 10:28 EST

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