Area selection in image.

One of the main operation of image handling is a selection of the area(s) belonged to the object to perform modifications in.
Leo Picture software application offers following opportunities to select objects in digital photo image.

Area selection All digital photo image selection operations can de performed only with the active "Selection" tab in controls panel of the software application.

Just click in the object of digital photo area you want to select and software will mark out area around this point characterized by color, brightness in the deviations in given range from initial point. Borders of selected area will be marked with the red by default color.
If Ctrl key will be pressed previously selected areas will remain selected and new one will be merged to them. The Alt key will create opposite effect to extract newly selected area from previous area.

This operation principally can not produce 100% satisfactory results for any particular case.
The image recognition is part of artificial intellect problem and not yet solved for general case. LeoPicture software application permits to vary a selection criteria to get object in digital photo by brightness and color changes so as giving different weights to the deviation from initial point and from neighbor point (Local contrast).
LeoPicture software application concept is to supply helpful tools to user to do selection and final judgment of success.

As a rule if human eye can recognize area as obviously separated from its environment the result of implemented algorithm will be successful from very first attempt. Following are recommendations to reach satisfactory results in most troubling cases in order increasing of the difficulty:

Rectangle, Ellipse and Pen
Push down one of the buttons "Rectangle", "Ellipse" or "Pen" and select area of corresponding shape in the picture. Effects of Ctrl and Alt keys will be as described above.
With this option a very sophisticated borders can be created. To return to the auto-selection mode all buttons "Rectangle", "Ellipse" and "Pen" buttons must be not active.

Show selection
Permits to choose to highlight or not border sof selected areas. The option not to show selection could be valuable after the selection will be done not to distract attention from whole picture when modifications are making.

Include islands There is an option to incorporate internal spots (islands) into selected area or not.

Fill gaps
There are option to merge selection areas if its borders are closer then a given value.

Expand selection
Click on the "Expand" link will enlarge selected area by one pixel in all directions.

Shrink selection
Click on the "Shrink" link will diminish selected area by one pixel in all directions.
Invert selection
Click on the "Invert" link will invert election areas in picture.

Select all
Button "Select all" provides an opportunity to select whole picture.
Get selection as whole image will create new image on the base of selection and add it as one of the cadres in LeoPicture software application. The size of selected image in digital photo will be exact to fit all selected images and not selected areas will have white color.

Change color of borders selected area(s)
Click on the link will evoke a color dialog to chose new color to highlight borders of selected area.

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