Color editing and drawing operations in LeoPicture.

Selection of the color: Select there are following option to select active color for editing operation in LeoPicture software application:

Make black and white click on "grey" link to make selected area(s) black and white.

Make specific color click on "color" link to make selection area(s) painted with active color.

Fill will with color click on "fill" to fill selected area(s) of editing digital photo with active color with respect with position of "Transparency" control. Transperancy parameter permits to leave underling image more or less visiable.

Add color
click on "add" link will add active color to existing. Note that for reasonable effect added color better to be very light.

Pull out color
click on "pull" link will extract color. This operation can be very usefull for resporing aging photos. Many old photopictures became sort of yellow with time by.
If user scan it and try to edit the first oeration ti do is following. Find place on picture that originaly schould be most closest to white, select this color and pull it out.

Heal cracks
click on "heal" link will fill up selected area with colors graduate derived from colors of borders of selected region. It is helpful for removing cracks or traces of drops on the old photo. One of the clear application of this operation is to glue two photos creating panoramic view. It can be used also to erase unwanted objects like face on background.

Set text label
click on "Paste" link will set text label in the center of digital photo picture the text is movable inside the picture.
Clicks in the area of digital photo picture will stick label on it. To stop this operation mouse has to lease picture.

Paste image
operation has functionality of special brush. The pasted image is moving with cursor and sticking on it with a mouse click. Selected and copied small area in digital photo picture can be used to fill other areas in it to hide defected areas for example. The same image (small tree on background) can be pasted any number of times until cursor will leave picture.


Important to remain here not to forget accepting result of painting every time before initiation new operations, otherwise it will be lost.

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