Common image operations in LeoPicture.

Common operations:

LeoPicture software application permits to perform following common operations with the selected area(s) of the digital photo image ( or whole image as specific case):
Common operations

Changing position of the "Brightness" TrackBar from central (neutral) user can make image lighter or darker with maximum possible preserving colors.

Changing position of the "Contrast" TrackBar from central (neutral) user can increase ratio between lightest and darkest parts of digital photo image.
Changing position of the "Saturation" TrackBar from central (neutral) user can make digital photo picture more or less colorful.

Changing position of the "Sharpness" TrackBar from central (neutral) user can make borders between elements of image sharper or smoother.

Light - set all lightest points (lighter than given by user level) to white.
Dark - set all darkest points to black. Noise - eliminate spikes of colors in image.

Changing position of the "Scale" TrackBar from leftmost user can increase initial unit size of picture up from one pixel. By itself the effect of scaling can by used for censoring part of digital photo image.

The combination of any of the aforementioned elements can be performed simultaneously. The user has to accept all the changes before they take affect.

Standard operations: Fix red eyes:
Flash cameras sometimes creates unwelcome effects of eliminating retina and blood red color appearance of eyes. There is no universal algorithm to remove redness maintaining in the same time a harmony of the whole portrait. It´s more about art than science. The algorithm implemented in LeoPicture software application is quite competitive to say the least.
Sequence of operations is: 1) Select all red eyes on the picture with small ellipses. 2) Go to Menu/Tools/Remove red eyes. 3) Accept changes if like them.

If the changes are not good try working with color options of LeoPicture software application.
Options such as "pull" can remove the red color, "Color" or "fill" can replace with desired color.
try this algorithm is you want to enhance a document with text and line style charts.
this algorithm will modify a picture in a way to maximize the saturation of image.

Hide randomizing
the selected area will be mixed with randomly generated one.

Create report of digital photo image analysis this is a mostly scientific and educational tool for extracting maximum formal information from the color structure of image. The method requires presence a MS Word on your computer.

Go to Menu/Tools/Create report of image analysis LeoPicture software application will call MS Word and automatically create document like the one presented below.
The procedure of picture symmetry could be time consuming and obviously not informative if human eyes instant don´t catch a repeating pattern in the picture. To avoid wasting time LeoPicture will give a warning message with option not to perform this operation. Directly contact us to get consultation about image analysis and/or make customized procedure(s) incorporated into LeoPicture software application.

Example of report of image analysis:


Digital photo image analysis.
Patch of picture:
C:\LeoKrut\LeoPicture\LeoPicture\LeoPicture\bin\Debug\untitled.bmp Original image:

Example Image size: width = 166, height = 148 pixels Average color (RGB [0 -255]):
Red = 151 (125) [0-255] Green = 151 (125) [0-255] Blue = 255 (0) [255-255] Brightness = 186 (83) [85-255]
Symmetry revealing:

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