Data view user interface in LeoDataAnalysis.

Depend on combination of number parameters assigned as values and arguments in data series LeoDataAnalysis shows data in one of the available manners:

Arguments Values Series Available styles of data visualization
0 >=1 >=1 a) Distribution of data in form of histograms. b) Line with equal intervals between records.
0 2 >=1 a) 3D histogram. b) Color map (one per series)
1 >=1 >=1 a) X-Y chart data visualization with horizontal coordinate that is corresponded to the argument in data series and the vertical to values.
2 >=1 >=1 a) 3D data visualization in the prospect projection. b) Map style presentation when Z - axis is represented by the size of mark c) Color map (one per series and one value)
>=3 >=1 >=1 a) X-Y chart presenting a correlation between actual and calculated values for each record in series.

By default LeoDataAnalysis automatically chooses axes intervals on display to fit all  data points and fitting whole curves into the visualization area. To see or modify maximum and minimum values of Cartesian  coordinates for XY-chart or position and view direction of observation for 3D presentation go to "View" tab of Control panel. Depend on current style of data presentation one of two controls interfaces will appear:

1) X-Y chart: View panel
If "Autozoom"  is checked low and high borders are selected in a way
to fit all points into visual area and content of the controls have only
referral meaning. To enable editing visible area do uncheck 
control. Minimum and maximum values of the axes can be modified by different approaches:

In case when color map style of presentation is chosen, additional controls will appear to manage  setting colors represented maximum and minimum for z-axis, their values themselves, number color steps in their gradations and parameter to show:

2) 3D - view:

To change point of view of virtual observer for the case of data visualization in three dimensional space the following control panel with mnemonic picture that is demonstrated a principle of projection objects on virtual screen is displayed: View panel

It´s worth to point out that for sake of presenting meaningful pictures, the space is deforming in directions of all tree coordinates with the transformation that is equivalent to normalizing them to 0 - 1 minimum and maximum values. This normalization is affected picture presentation and also makes coordinates of virtual eye not literally accurate. This disadvantage is more then compensated with avoiding situations when too dis-balanced along different coordinates data sets have a spot like projection.

Using arrow buttons on the mnemonic picture of "View" control one can move point of observation all around data for most informative scrutiny. There is also switcher between styles of data presentations when alternatives are available for each of them.

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