Results user interface of LeoDataAnalysis.

Data presentation in visual form including a results of statistical analysis is showing in the chart area of window of LeoDataAnalysis software application and numerical results of statistical analysis of data are presented in the result panel. In summarizing form approximation formula(s) can be by choose of user to be displayed in the chart area too.

Use "Save" or "Save as" options in the main menu of software to save all situation altogether including data and statistical schemes in the NetCDF file format. NetCDF is a binary format for intersystem exchange of the scientific data. In the spite that files in NetCDF format can be edited with the help of outside programs we are not recommending to alter files created by LeoDataAnalysis.

Several options presented to export result data for further usage that can be performed with the help of "Results" tab of the control panel:

 Result control

A "Result" panel of LeoDataAnalysis software application has also a checkbox that offers a chose between providing a statistical analysis only for the visible data in the chart area or for all data set at all. This option could be useful specially in case when user could want to compare general and locals trends or for testing extrapolation abilities of curve fitting.

In addition the accuracy of results presentations can be chosen at will. The are two options: to set number of displayed meaningful digits in found results or to permit to application to do it automatically following rules. If the last displayed digit is belong the same decimal grade as the standard deviation for the number or the displayed number has to have sense at all.

Important to point out a one not very obvious distinction between rational presentation of statistical results in sense not displaying found coefficients and values with unsupported accuracy and ability for example to use found formulas for extrapolation and interpolation when the best idea is to use maximum available precision - just not not to be irritated that calculated curves lie far away from data. In LeoDataAnalysis the calculation of the displayed fitting curves are made with maximum available precision and because of it attempt to reproduce this curve on the base of presented formulas for some situations when formulas are not stables against small variations of coefficients meanings could lead to unfortunate output.

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