Data editing in LeoDataAnalysis.

LeoDataAnalysis permits seamlessly editing data like adding additional parameter, arithmetic progression or by formula, filter outside range and so on, often just by few mouse clicks.
LeoDataAnalysis permits to edit  data seamlessly, often just by few clicks.

Best way to think about data structure inside LeoDataAnalysis is consider them as several tables with different number of rows but equal number and functionality of columns. One column in one table presents one parameter. One table itself is represents a data series.
All corresponding parameters in different series play the same roles in statistical schemes. Other way of presenting parameters in one series is like this:

p1 = F1(p3,p4); p2=F2(p3,p4);  p5,p6 - out of game. p1 and p2 are Values here; p3 and p4 - Arguments; p5 and p6 - Inactive; F1 and F2 - same functions or way of presentation. Each Value by itself can be presented by color, shape and size of markers on the chart.

Most of data manipulations are begun or can be fully completed in the "Data" tab of the control panel:

Data tab of control panel

How to:

Rename parameter.
Click on the name of parameter. Type new and press "Enter".

Change status of the parameter..
Click on the cell with desirable status near the active (where the name of the parameter is).

Make all parameters inactive.
Press button "Make all inactive" in "Data" tab of controls panel. This option could be very helpful to save time in case of necessity to change status of many parameters with large number of records. Best strategy here in saving time is to avoid unnecessary calculations is at first make all parameters inactive. Then set status for all arguments and at very last to set values.

Edit presentation of value.
Check up a corresponding parameter in column "Selection". A group of controls permitting to modify shape, color and size of the markers of the value parameter will appear. Modify them as you want.

Delete parameter.
Check up a corresponding parameter in column "Selection". Press button "Delete" in "Data series" group of controls. If there are more then one series of data all corresponding parameters will be eliminated from every series.

Delete series.
Check up a corresponding series in column "Selection". Press button "Delete" in "Data series" group of controls.

Delete all data.
Press button "Delete all" in "Data series" group of controls.

Modify data of a parameter.
Check up a corresponding parameter in column "Selection". Press button "Modify" in "Data series" group of controls. The dialog with available options for modifications of parameter will appear:

Modifitation of data dialog

It gives opportunity to perform one of the standard action from built in operations:

Insert a parameter.
This operation can be performed only for first series or when no series open in the LeoDataAnalysis yet. Click in button "Insert" in "Data" tab of control panel.
The "Insert" dialog will appear.

Insert data dialog

 Choose or type  attributes of the parameter you want to insert such as its name, state (Value, Argument or Inactive). For very first parameter you can set a number of the the records.
There are following options to calculate a records o the parameter:

Click "Insert". The new parameters will be inserted. (If "Scores" scheme will be chosen additional actions will be needed to perform.

Edit records.
In "Data" tab of control panel click on the "Show data" button if  the spreadsheet like window is not shown yet it will appear like this:

Edit data dialog

Following operations with data are supported:

Tip: Any change in data control initiates a recalculation of the data presentation and statistical evaluation. For not too large number of the records it´s not a matter but for large it could be. To avoid this effect make all parameters inactive during editing of the data.

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