Our Universe is computer doing advance cellular automaton.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

The statement that out world is computer has numerous supporting arguments most of them based on similarity of behavior. Opposite statement, that our world is not computer cannot be supported with even one single evidence in science.
The world behaves as if it is very complex cellular automaton model. The main point here is clear understanding among scientists that every effect, phenomena, act of any object or systems can be numerical simulated with power enough computer and adequate sophisticated software.

Is congruence in manifestation of physical world and simulated it computer software can be considered the proof that they are essentially the same? Maybe not because somebody always can say that he is not convinced just being argumentative person. We will take the idea of identity of the physical reality and software program as working hypothesis and test its strength.

Building blocks both computer processor and physical reality have no direct similarity with perception of human of their output. Lets make a thought experiment. One sits in chair in a air-conditioned room with the window that can be transparent to show landscape outside or to be computer monitor displaying ultra high resolution virtual reality animation. The modern technology will be able to confuse anybody to the point of wild guessing is behind the window an ocean or its simulated image but in fact the room is in last resort shelter deep inside mountain. In accordance with Alan Turing criteria for achieving by computer the status of artificial intelligence we can conclude that virtual reality is the same as a physical reality if soon they cannot be distinct.

It is curious enough to detect here the fork on the road of information to the human brain for both cases from real ocean via the window or from computer processor and then to displayed image. Light waves from glass of window or computer display are identical. Fundamental particles inside atoms nuclei and electrons behave by the same laws in ocean and inside computer. Physical formulas for simulation of ocean behavior and formulas rule actual material ocean are as close as science can define these formulas. In principle they can be identical too. So only one difference is on the level of atom structure between ocean and implemented in silicon chip software model leaving aside that computer processor can be made at variety bases and schemes paradoxically including water. But information about ocean is the same in simulated reality and actual reality. So the difference is inconsequential.

The brain is natural computer. So if part of physical reality spontaneously (as science now explains an origin of animals brain) appears to be computer and also if no special changes in physical laws were made, if there are no recognizable borders between brain and surrounding nature the conclusion is that all physical reality behaves by the same rule as brains these are computers. Thus reality behaves as computer.

If we will say that physical reality is computer for simulation of system that follows law of physics it will be true but truism. But if we say that computer model can exact simulate physical laws one would be fascinated. Why? Result will be the same. Person without outside knowledge would be not able to distinct between physical reality and their simulation. How in principle we think that we know that reality around us is not computer simulation? We cannot be sure. There is no definitive prove and cannot be.

What is the definition of the computer? Computer is some machine that can produce identical results every time for identical conditions. Why in this definition the words: correct, mathematical and so on are omitted? Because there are so waste variety of computers by purpose and type of output that the only common feature for all of them is ability to make reproducible outputs. One can point out that random number generator can force computer to return unpredictable something. Yes, but it is not entire true. No random numbers generators are really random if not based on physical process based on quantum effects and even these ones are random only to the limit of our current understanding. So the main feature of computer is reproducibility of results. Exact this feature makes computers useful. What is the main condition for physical experiment in science? It is the same as for computers to be reproducible.

When physical experiment produces a result it is the same that computer in form of instrumentation for this physical experiment acts and produces result.

The physical experiment is the computer.

The physical reality is set of physical experiments.

Physical reality is mega computer.

Oct. 8, 2018; 10:23 EST

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