From uncertainty principle via concept of special sciences to multi-level architecture of our world virtual reality.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

Uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics is discussed from point of view software optimization of our world that is virtual reality as a tool for saving computational recourses and glue up scientific disciplines describing our world at different levels of detalization. From basic level that is atomic structure to lower one with incorporated into quantum mechanics uncertainty and to the higher with statistics of thermodynamic laws Architect went from integers based mathematics for distinct objects of atoms in molecule into formulas based ones for systems of uniformed objects.
The problem with modern science is that many its effects and concepts cannot be explained in terms everyday experience. Actually there are experiments in physics these been first time described to neophytes will trigger sincere and in good face reaction that it cannot be so. Professional scientists are trained to ignore visible contradictions with straight logic accepting the fact that objects on our level of perception behave in other manner compare to micro particles. Initially atomic theory was based on the idea of Democritus that if split object many times finally you will get basic atom of it that cannot be divided any more but will have all properties of the object. Idea is nice but proven to be not entirely true. Property of basic elements of reality is so differ from what we custom to that we even cannot compare them because there is no standard to compare with.

Let’s start from Heisenberg's uncertainty principle that is a basis of quantum mechanics. The uncertainty principle states that pair of complementary variables of object (particle) cannot be known with unlimited precision both in the same time. It introduces ones again concept of observer into description of the objective world.

There are two possibilities about uncertainty principle: either the world itself is constructed in a way that uncertainty feature imprinted in its mechanism as its integral attribute or the imprecision picture observers see in experiments reflects only on their ability to exam reality but underling mechanism of nature is indeed hard determined.

One can argue that there can be alternative possibility is true that combination of both uncertainty of world construction and plus uncertainty of experiment because detector (observer) is always interact with object it measures. One needs to catch fish to learn its size by ruler making the fish stressed and motionless. Nevertheless this idea changes nothing in principle for presented alternative because offers just modification of first possibility that world is constructed as floor in casino filled with gambling slot machines. It is the choice between determinism and happenstancism of our reality.

The word happenstancism should be antonym to determinism but does not belong to general vocabulary because nobody can really accept complete randomness of the world. Such fully random world is unimaginable to exist at all. It could be the pure ugly chaos but our world looks like nice tuned car, sort of. So we presume that determinism is the fact but not reliable for predictions. Sort of statement that everything had happened by the explicit reasons but future we can predict with only certain probability. Other words – past is fact, future is dark and darker the longer ahead.

The concept that reality itself contains uncertainty as integral part looks the most logical presumption. It is strange notion to connect behavior of the objective reality with presence of observer. What was before any intelligence life existed in Universe? No uncertainty principle at all?! Not too convincing to image that with random act of creation of creature that from one point is the part of the word but for instance it is can looks like to see it as observer, sort of bystander.

The idea that our world is the software, numerical simulation permits to explain uncertainty principles from point of view that the Architect of the reality had limited computing resources. There is the same reason we discussed as basic for incorporating the special relativity principle in a world.

Uncertainty principle can be the base for multilevel construction of the software numerically presented our world that is virtual reality. It was being continues philosophical problem about existence of special sciences. Can any scientific discipline behind physics of elementary particles to be considered independent branch of science producing its own laws these adequate described reality? Obviously any scientific law cannot be in contradiction with fundamental laws of physics. How we can construct reality that will have high level independent scientific laws these will in the same time in agreement with fundamental laws of behavior of smallest particles? One of the solutions is to make fundamental laws soft, producing not hard determined result but only probabilities. The smaller particle the larger windows of uncertainty.

From point of view of software programmer at the most important level of constructed system the mathematics of relations between objects should involve integer numbers as much as possible. It saves memory for description of the system and computation time to calculate by given rules transformation from one system construction to other in one time step. Other higher and lower levels of the constructed system would be foundation for this basic level or derivative from it.

It is interesting that our world as known from science is indeed constructed in a way that there is one level that can be mostly described in mathematics that use only integer numbers or rational fractions these are as good as integers. It is science disciplines describing atomic structure of crystals, simple inorganic and organic molecules, macro organic molecules including basic of biology and life as DNA molecules. For most cases the atomic structure of molecule can be presented as square matrix that contains integer numbers of chemical bonds binding two neighbor atoms in structure. In some important and not too exotic as for benzene molecule instead integer there could be rational fraction valence describing bonds.

One can point out at existence of hydrogen bonds as counterexample for the statement about applicability of integer mathematics for description of molecular structure. It is valid but debatable argument. Maybe hydrogen bond can be described as rational fraction number similar as bond in benzene can be presented as 3/2. Or hydrogen bonds belong to other, higher level of reality construction. Knowing science one can be sure that there is numerous effects belonged to waste space between atomic level dimensions of reality and that is at human perceptive. We can image that Architect constructed such complex system as our reality was not able to foresee every single curiosity that would come out from specific solution in its construction. Effects happen.

The all multiversity of our reality as we see it is coming from almost infinite variations of molecular structures. It includes life molecules these contain all genetic information about living beings. The Architect of our world used these bricks to get rich game field environment for players – living beings with soul. As soon the Architect would come with solution for base level – molecular structure It would face the task to support it with rules on the lower level. It must invent chemical bonds.

Quantum mechanics explains how chemical bonds work. There is completely other mathematics and even logic on the level molecular chemistry and its base that is quantum mechanics. Architect did not plan for effects of quantum mechanics to be ever used by players. It didn’t care too much about to paint them by fine brush making them hard to work with precision and even to be easy to calculate. As soon chemical bonds effect has implemented into the system the Architect finished this excise in emotional exhaustion and mask up the imperfection of the construction with uncertainty incorporated into structure of chemical bonds by implementing random numbers generator normalized by wave function. It was lame solution but good enough for long time until lately a concept of numerical simulation of reality became common approach. Now we realize that wave function is pure mathematics so maybe it is calculations behind the curtain? Yes.

At scientific disciplines of higher level, when objects are larger then molecules, the uncertainty principle used to explain a validity and applicability for statistical description of molecular systems. If any act of interaction between atoms is slightly uncertain statistics formulas can be used with full assurance instead pure event by event calculation.

So Architect construct out reality starting from the molecule structure level that is integer mathematics based simulation then expands it deeper and higher into formulas levels calculated with inherited uncertainty that permitted to operate with areas of large volumes saving computing resources.

Sep. 23, 2018; 16:04 EST

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