Special relativity is byproduct of the saving of computing resources in our virtual reality.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

The reason for presence of such phenomena as Special Relativity is discussed from point of view a choice Architect of software representing our Virtual Reality should make. The implementation of the concept of independent coordinate systems in Virtual Reality has to save computational resources by limiting number of observers with space bubbles around them needed for fine calculation of reality.
A discovery of Special relativity in physics was great surprise at time. With time fruits of technology progress based on new physics make irrelevant any philosophical objections based on everyday experience. Discussions about underlying mechanism and nature of nothing these could explain but not special relativity sort of calm down and moved from frontier of science into history of modern science. Occasional discussions of meaning Special relativity are sparkling from time to time when this counter-intuitive theory has found once again a confirmation in difficult to understand novel experiment.

Before Michelson–Morley experiment the picture of the world was relatively easy – like very big mechanical clock and humans with immortal souls inside it sort of belong to the clock but in the same time presenting something higher. Mathematics of analytical (Cartesian) geometry seems to apply to any physical theory. It was time when nothing directly contradicts to the notion that we are all equal in one uniform space. It was before Michelson–Morley experiment.

Michelson–Morley experiment attempts to find absolute velocity of Earths moving in space comparing light speed in perpendicular directions. The velocity had happened to be zero. It is obviously impossible – our planet rotates around its axis, moving around Sun, around center of Milky Way and together with our galaxy somewhere in Universe. Some rate of movement of interferometer ought to be detected. But it was not. It was so strange that prompts development of the theory of special relativity by Albert Einstein.

The broad accepted interpretation of Michelson–Morley experiment is that for any moving observer there is its own independent, invariant coordinate system with constant in any direction speed of light. Paraphrasing this statement any observer is as important as any other one. All observers have own perfectly valid view of world that is independent from any other one. Furthermore each observer has own local time pace and thus its own time. There is no such thing as objective truth. Any observer has its own view of the world that is differ from others and nevertheless perfectly correct.

The naive questing is what is observer here? The naïve but logical answer is everything, every point in space. It looks like there is infinite number of observers. We have no definite way to calculate number of points in space as soon we don’t know is space and time discrete or not. The good estimation of total numbers of distinct points can be named as observers are very big number. Is it formal infinity or not we cannot say with any kind of certainty. What we can say for sure is that the number is so big that it is difficult even to make any comparison with anything commonly known. Let’s call this number Big. It is much, much, much bigger than anything what we can compare with. And reality looks like works in a manner that any observer, any point in universe, any moment traces by Lorentz transformations every other points to be able correctly react in a case when they became neighbors.

Most startling effect arising from this model is time synchronization. If there are two neighbor observers at given moment of reality and then they travel all around by themselves later on meeting each other they will have both different personal time from one meeting till other. How it can be? Every observer synchronizes any moment their internal clock with all other observers. Number of such synchronizations is square of Big. Infinity multiplied by infinity. Very big number, Big*Big.

Numerical simulation of such reality will reach limits of computing power quite fast. Thousands observer points will be handled without too much problems at modern computers. For millions I doubt very much that even not ordinary computer will be adequate tool. For trillions even supercomputer will not be enough for sure. What about to simulate “simple” system of one mole of inert gas taking into consideration Lorentz transformations? We would have to assign to every of 6.022e23 atoms status of observer and at every time step to calculate from their prospective internal time and size of every atom that depend on their velocity (it will influence collusion frequency) for all other observers. I would not take such task. It dooms to fail. Plus it will produce nothing of interest. Nevertheless science declares that our reality constructed in this manner.

If reality is giant computer the software that embodies our reality must work. Otherwise our reality does not exist. Truism is it. But it is so. The software when every point is independent observer and every observer has to trace every other independent observer will stack under own complexity at the very first turn. Something is very wrong in the picture described above. Either Lorentz transformations are misconception or number of independent observers is limited. Lorentz transformation is well established fact proven in numerous experiments. Even if one can argue that our Earth is positioned in the most center of the Universe and it is completely motionless that can explain Michelson–Morley experiment there are numerous other evidences like behavior of particles in synchrotrons near light speed to be sure that Lorentz transformations are indeed fact of our reality. It means that number of observers is limited to only observers. What?!

What is Observer? Or more precise Who is Observer?!

If Observer is not every point in vacuum what it is? Maybe every elementary particle is independent observer? Maybe so but it contradicts to Observers effect. It must be sort of macro detector to influence interference of single electrons on itself. Just one atom will not do a trick. It means that behind observer must be intelligence to comprehend its experience.

In terms of Virtual Reality (or what is essentially the same Matrix in the same name movie like reality) observer is the player – person (not necessary human but also any subject or even object) with soul. Soul is the conscious located in upper reality connected with player, absorbing its experience and making decisions for this player. An analog to this picture is multiplayer computer first-person shooter games. Every player (soul) behind game space staring at the screen that projects what its avatar inside game sees. Before broad spread of computer games the puppet theater would be the best equivalent. The person relates to soul as puppet to actor.

It is would be clear for any software developer the reason why Architect of our World that is Virtual Reality introduces concept of Observer. It has limited computing resources as any software developer has. Architect has a choice to introduce the world where coordinates of every point are constant in time throughout all over our virtual reality universe that would be much easier to handle in elementary calculation without Lorentz transformations for every point at every uniformly equal “time” step. The quotes around word “time” here is attributed to the fact that in our world where Lorentz transformation are existed there is no such thing as universal absolute time for every point in existing realm. Why not to construct reality in Cartesian coordinates with uniform time for all points in space in exact manner as we observe surrounding in normal life? The reason could be limitation of computing resources, memory for instance.

The number of elementary, basic particles (atoms here) that needs for presentation of one bit of information in computer memory is many times per one bit. Currently it takes about million atoms to save one bit information in memory. Even if we will do most generous estimation for future technology it will take at least hundred atoms per bit to exact describe one point in empty space. We will need at least hundreds bits for one point, even without numerical indexing, we will need to characterize vectors of gravitational field and numerically characterize electrodynamics fields. Even if we ask ourselves to define this variables with precision only on one to thousand scale there will be needed several hundreds thousand atoms to define one point in space.

Thus naïve in Cartesian space presentation of our Universe would demand computer that at least many thousand time larger than our Universe itself. Maybe it is possible. We know nothing about how many computational resources Architect of our Virtual Reality could have in His disposal. What we can fantasize is that Creator of software representing our reality had limited calculation resources as anybody else. If so one of the tricks Architect can employ to save computation power is to limit number of independent observers and assigns to each of them own coordinate systems these glues by Lorentz transformation.

No matter how big or small number of Observers would be in play inside of Virtual Reality software, this number is incomparable lesser than practically cube of infinity points that should be needed for naïve Cartesian space game field. Architect can limit number of independent coordinate systems to number of Observers (we will discuss in other articles in more details who is Observers); to perform best detalization modeling only for reachable space around observer creating around him or her or it the bubble of fine defined reality; to track movements of Observers synchronizing them and associated bubbles around with Lorentz transformations; unite bubbles of reality to make play field identical for all Observers if they have happened to be in direct reach for each other.

There are also other tricks Architect of the software for our Virtual Reality can employ to save computing resources and which can explain strange modern physics. They will be discussed in separate articles.

Sep. 12, 2018; 15:47 EST

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