References about virtual reality

by Leonid Sakharov

The references to the concept of virtual reality.
He introduce an idea of dualism of nous and material world. It is the analogous of dualism of hardware and software of same sort.

His theory of Ideas is exact analogous of software that can operate on any hardware. Projection of Ideas at the wall of cave we live is essentially the same as image on the screen of computer.

Stanislaw Lem
In Summa Technologiae Stanislav Lem discussed possibility of creation virtual reality that cannot be in principle been distinct from real reality. The world of Phantomology according to Lem can be felt the same real for human as real word. But if so they are essentially the same? Aren't they?

The movie of siblings Wachowskis Matrix in arguable most prominent introducing of the idea of virtual reality. And in the same time it is intentionally or not a least outreaching. In Matrix there is initial material world of humans in which virtual reality was developed and most humans removed as dreaming batteries revolving to make fight to be even more miserable.

The Thirteenth Floor
Daniel F. Galouye with Counterfeit World that is base for The Thirteenth Floor movie came most deep into idea. The action is in tree realities two of them are virtual. Real reality is introduced as happy end. But is it real for sure? If could be a row of virtual realities like Russian dolls one in another why we must presume that any of them is initial or real for this matter?

Nick Bostrom
He is asking Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? And answering in sort of projecting on future what happens now. If in future people will be able to create virtual reality why not to do it? It could be fan. Why not really?

Elon Mask
If world of virtual realities is possible to construct that means infinite number of such realities can exist. We know that virtual reality can be done. So either we are the very first, basic, reality that later on will produce billons secondary virtual realities or we are living in such secondary virtual reality. Any arrogant person knows that he is most and only important being in whole realm. People with brain calculate probabilities. There is one to infinity chance that our word is not base one.

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