Quantum entanglement is the smoking gun evidence that our world is virtual reality.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

Quantum entanglement represents the clearest evidence for the conclusion that our world is constructed as object oriented software. It is unintended glitch in codes that happens due to focus on the saving computation resources by our world Architect. A system of entanglement particles are the single object in virtual reality software that instantly updated before been disassembled.
There is no possible way to prove that our world is virtual reality that it is a software simulation of existence instead to be spontaneous evolution of something that we name a mater. Impossibility to definitely resolve this alternative will be discussed in other article. Nevertheless should the task ahead us to present the file with most strong indirect evidences in science that construction of the world is done in a manner of software program the effect of quantum entanglement would be exhibit number one.

Quantum entanglement is experimentally observed effect of some particles in entanglement as result of some interaction been separated by distance nevertheless behave in a manner that they have information about each others. The effect creates an illusion of transmission of the information signal faster than light speed. The limitation of the interaction between matters with speed of light is the corner stone of modern physics. There is nothing criminal or even immoral in doubting this fundamental axiom of physics about limiting speed of mater with light speed. The very basic of science is testing anything and everything. Let’s exam what could be consequences of instant interactions faster than speed of light for foundation of physics.

If such super-fast interaction actually exists in material world there must be material particles with extraordinarily properties these can move virtually with infinite speed for once and don’t interact with normal matter except for exclusive purpose to puzzle physicists. Not to say that it is impossible because everything is. Actually the strongest doubt about any particular interpretation of quantum entanglement is the fact that there are many of them.

Virtual reality interpretation of quantum entanglement based on the idea that our reality is object oriented software. Modern physics operate with particles, systems of particles and fields these describe interactions between particles. Physics work with matter that objectively exists. If reality is software it works with information that is written on some material that is its carrier. The nature of carrier of information is irrelevant for the structure and logic of the software performance.

Object oriented software works with not particles or even not with just numbers. It works with objects. With some simplification the object is analogous of the class in C++ code language. The class has some properties and methods (functions) these rule how properties will be changed if such function is invoked because situation (event) demands it.

Our world software constructed in a manner that entanglement creates new object that contains more than one particle. This entanglement object has an update function that is invoked in event when at least one of the particles interacts with other objects. It looks logical but it is the design bug. Architect of our world software should invoke update method as soon distance between entanglement particles in 3D space would exceed near neighbor constant NN = c *t, where t is the length of one time step and c – speed of light. The value of time step is the minimum time interval that can be registered. Analogously in motion picture time between two cadres is about 0.04 second. Upper level of elementary time step can be estimated presuming that NN constant is no more than size of hydrogen atom = 10-10 m so t must be less than 3.10-19 s.

Instead checking distances between particles inside one entanglement object at every time step the Architect decided that it is unnecessary wasting computation resources and update states of these systems happens only when they are just before destruction after interaction with other systems. In fact the Architect has a point – if system not interacts with others what for to care about content this black box?! When entanglement object is destructed its sub-objects (particles) inside it are releasing to be independent, sort of. Everything is fine except the distance between sub-particles at the moment of final update of the entanglement object can be many times of NN constant creating impression of communication between material objects with instant speed over subspace. In fact the information was updated inside one object calculating the state of virtual reality software at next time step situation.

This specific solution was unintended glitch that can be discovered only at the very advanced stage of the game named civilization when nothing could be easy fixed. Really only few scientists actually understand that foundation of materialistic model of reality was shaken to the very ground. The Watcher of our game field has the task to contain consequences of such kind glitches. It looks like the Watcher has been decided up to now that the damage to the psycho of humanity and scientific community is not too much and can be contained and tolerated. Mostly because only limited number of players can recognize that this glitch is the ironclad proof that world is not material in traditional sense. Neophytes have been used to see modern physics as new kind of religion with official clergymen and numerous helpful toys produced. The wonders of science have emphasis on the word wonders for mass conscious. So science has one more strange phenomena is the public response - so what, whatever.

Meanwhile movies like “Matrix”, “Ready Player One”, “Tron”, “Avatar”; computer games of all sort in action to prepare new generations to accept the Revelation not as catastrophic end of the world but as next twist in the plot of human history.

Sep. 27, 2018; 08:57 EST

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