Who creates existence? Virtual reality is the answer.

by Leonid Sakharov

There are two answers to the question how our world had started. The religious one states that some supreme being, God made everything. Scientific position gives even less satisfactory response saying that is was just happy occasion of Big Bang, maybe there were infinity of such Big Bangs before ours produces intelligence life to be aware that there is something around, science adds. A concept of virtual reality playground can unite science and religion.
Religious answer about God opens vicious infinite line of follow up questions. Who created God? Who created Creator of God? Who made Creator of God Creator? It is vicious endless cycle of questions about who was the very first God. It is obviously cannot be resolved. As most of us have knowledge about grandparents but very vague information about life of far distant ancestors the same in infinite portrait gallery of Gods the very first image is so infinite far that never will be seen.

Scientific picture gives essentially the same answer if one renames Big Bang into Great Fluctuation (random deviation from average state) then will be no essential change in the story. Even if we accept the theory that Big Bang was spontaneous phase transition of vacuum sort of similar to crystallization of melt below melting point the question will remains – who creates the vacuum with such properties?

Finally if you would have a chance to advance interrogate of Science Guy and Religious Guru both of them would admit that they just don’t know Who or What creates existence.

As an ultimate question the problem about start of existence cannot be resolved. It is sad by itself but in the same time legitimates almost the same but much more specific question Who or What creates our Universe. Discussed above religious and scientific ideas are both equally supported one by science and other by faith. Interesting that both could be formally right. God could create the Big Bang with properties these later lead to Universe we have luck to live.

This both side of mouth answer can satisfy scientists much more than adepts of any given religion. Really, science gives up nothing. Existence of God who had only made an Universe and then did not interfere in its self organization demands no additional efforts. Just be ready to say Hello God and continue examination of everything that moves or lies within reach.

Adepts of religious vintage point would very soon discover that pittance like acceptance by science of possibility that God organizes Big Bang gives them less than nothing. Religious have any kind of usefulness for any church clergy only by interpreting words of God to congregation. Specifically it is about asking to sacrifice for them in the Name Of God. But if God only kick start existence and then doing no fine tuning only observing or even neglecting His creation in this case religion cannot ask for anything.

There is one variant when clerics and scientists would unite in quest for the existence Origin. It is if we accept as possibility that our reality is the playground for virtual reality software game. This will not answer the ultimate question about how the world of developers and players in our game appears. We already show that the answer to the ultimate question is unreachable as the end of number series. What we could try with or without hope to succeed is to expand a horizon of comprehension as if to light up the tunnel of time slightly brighter in the moment of our presence understanding futility see its exit and enter ever.

Virtual reality is postulated here as analog of the role computer game. The word “analog” here is excessive protection against challenge like how do you know? I don’t know of course. How can I know? Nobody can. Even if anybody will see burning bush that at perfect, much better than mine, English explains Origin of the world and what is the purpose of life how can we be sure that it is not delusion? There is no way to distinct between delusion and reality in most cases without fatal incidents.

So the hypothesis that our reality is the game field cannot be proven or disproven. But it can be valuable instrument for resolving conflict between science and religion. How this unification of science and religions can work?

The premise is like this. In upper to our existence there are numerous intelligence beings exist in society where the only problem is to waste time in being entertained. They play games. One type of games is role playing in civilization. Creator of our game field reality used one of many templates developed for this purpose. The one starts with Big Bang. The billions years before first human being birth, Adams, were run out in simulation with in fast speed. Than the story you read in Bible starts.

The important to say that this synopsis does not contradict to any physical law or even to principle of natural selection. The virtual reality is constructed exact in the manner to obey to all physical laws. Laws must be obeyed always, all the time except moments when administrators of the game with highest level of mainframe access would be forced to make corrections to protect game from self-destruction. Religion calls such interference miracle; science calls them coincident or unproven myth or conspiracy theory.

What here for science? The new paradigm that every physical effect has exact implementation in software algorithm that needs to be replicated. What here for religion? The new story that is in lock steps with modern habits of new generations who plays computer games.

What here for me? Really only one thing – the philological protection against mortal feart of death as for all of us. Traditional religion is too obsolete, science is cruel and immoral. It is nice to invent some noble vision of reality with moral and other helpful perks and without conflict with science. Why not. really?

Oct. 10, 2018; 10:44 EST

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