Basic bricks of our reality are abstract objects in array instead material particles in vacuum.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

The introduction in object oriented approach in description of physics is offered. The idea is that vacuum and gravitational; electromagnetic fields are extra entities in physics. Presented object oriented approach postulates existence of array of object these behave according functions these are laws of physics.
When learning physics in high school and later in university the process of absorbing waste amount of facts and most time consuming methods to solve specific problems takes all energy and almost none spared for childish curiosity. The amount of new information is so enormous that simple naïve questions are missing in action. Modern physics since quantum mechanics adopts the motto: “shut up and calculate”. Divorce between philosophy and physics is not visible for anyone as soon there was no such thing. It was bloody murder. Physics killed philosophy and buried the body in dust library shelves.

What is proof of the truth? How one can be convinced that physics gives right answers about electricity for example? The person can switch on light in home every time he wants. Before physics discover laws of electricity he cannot, after can. Numerous helpful toys used by millions customers are ultimate proof that physics produces right answers. The problem is that the more products come from physics the less clear the answers for questions starting with words “What is …?”.

What is the matter? Most useless and in the same time the only definition in agreement with modern science is that matter is everything around and inside us. If one limited as was before modern times the definition of matter to area in space that has weight he will omit photons as massless particles. So the matter is everything now.

What is particle? Particle is small object. That is it. Nice.

What is the wave? It is oscillations of mater (?) or something medium that also can be vacuum for photons these are electromagnetic waves. Medium is matter because everything is, but without mass. Sort of nothing with properties.

What is the vacuum? Sort of nothing but filled up with waves of different sort and also virtual particles up to the most of its neck. Virtual particles are by the way sort of exist by no quite always looking outside their rabbit hole. Joke.

Are you confused? I was until lately enlightenment that concept of objects oriented software is exact instrument for describing phenomena of physics.

Let’s illustrate object oriented approach for describing simple example of several electrons and protons in vacuum at any arbitrary distances in between but located far enough from each others not to form atoms. In canonical description given in physics these particles create all around each of them an electromagnetic field that exists in any point of space. The vectors of this field can be calculated for positions of each of these particles and corresponding forces will define their farther trajectories. In object oriented approach each object (electron or proton) participates in calculation of accelerating vectors of the other objects according laws of electromagnetism. The results of calculations for both methods will be identical because exact the same formulas will be applied. The only and principal difference will be the absence of the electromagnetic field in object oriented approach. Vacuum and fields in it do not exist. (Remember: there is no spoon in Matrix).

There is no electromagnetic field. It is just abstraction used to illustrate strange phenomena of electricity in related to human experience terms. But what about photons? Photons are vibrations of electromagnetic field so it must be real. Right? Not necessary. Photons have dual nature (all other particles in physics too). Until they are on their own all what can be known about them that with given probabilities they can be located in practically in any point of space. Formulas to calculate these probabilities constructed as if photons are wave of electromagnetic field. When photon is interact with other particle this wave instantly implodes in the point of interaction. Strange isn’t it?

I object oriented approach there is no implosion of the electromagnetic wave into one localized point. The definition of photon here is an object that behaves according formulas describing vibrations of electromagnetic field. The difference between waves in existing electromagnetic field and formulas of waves in electromagnetic field is the key for resolution of paradox dualistics wave-particle behavior of the photon. It is the objects with properties of particle and formulas of behavior of wave. Why? Software developer of virtual reality that is our world knows better. Shut up and calculate

So what the point? If all formulas remain the same, results of calculation are identical as well what the excuse to brake Occam's razor rule and introducing extra entity in theory? Really if you think it is quite opposite. In object oriented approach the extra entities are taking out. There are no vacuum, no gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak fields. There are only objects these behave according to rules of physics we know from experiments. These rules are essentially analogs of functions in software. This software is our reality. Virtual reality.

Oct. 26, 2018; 10:07 EST

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