Matrix and Thirteen Floor movies. What right what wrong there.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

Analysis of the ideas in two iconic movies about virtual reality: “Matrix” and “The Thirteenth Floor”.
Blockbuster movies spread ideas as nothing else. The hypothesis that one can actually live in world that is illusion, projection of abstract calculations projected inside his brain was outlined much earlier of “Matrix” and “The Thirteenth Floor” releases both in 1999. These movies brought awareness of the weird idea of virtual reality into broad audience for what their creators deserve indisputable credit. Every time when some specific description of the virtual reality in these movies will be characterized as nonsense the criticism is no way directed toward authors. They probably understand all logical deficient in stories better than we but laws of creation art product demand not logic but right emotional response to be extracted from viewer.

In “Matrix” humanity at some point in future will destroy ecology of Earth to the point that only giant computer left to exist. Energy for this computer is produced by numerous biological batteries with human bodies as elements. To support psycho of these human batteries computer creates for them virtual reality world called “Matrix”. Small rebellious group of humans live in underground refuge and want to survive as free persons at first and maybe free all others (it is not quite clear from movie). Obvious that construction is complete rubbish.

A top food chain creature as human doesn’t good choice for bio-battery. Bacteria would be much better if there is any necessity to take electricity from bio material. Degrading human person to battery in “Matrix” movie meant to offend viewer only. There is no sense for supercomputer to maintain giant farms of people with only goal producing electricity. Solar panels at the orbit would be the solution incomparable more effective in reality but there would be no plot for movie.

Life inside “Matrix” virtual reality is obviously better compare cave wretched existence biological population rebellious humans. Privilege position inside Matrix is efficient bribe to betray the team at least for one character. Is ugly truth more valuable compare to illusion of comfort? It depends on how good illusion is, isn’t it? Do you want to know that according to physics you are collection of mindless particles these move by strange laws of quantum mechanics you don’t even be educated about and plus randomly as flighty fog drops? I don’t think so. You love to hear that you were born for some noble happiness and course that will be achieved without real pain.

The revolution to be free from illusion of virtual reality is against human nature. It was a bow to politically correctness of liberal progressive cons. After almost two decades passed after Matrix release there is no social movements these have any noticeable tracking against computer games simulating reality. In the contrary there are even sport events when professional players compete in virtual word and public pay to see. It is escape from tragic reality as any performance show that in some sense is version of virtual reality.

There is theory that events in story of “Matrix” movie related to biological humans has only version of matrix for comforting special rebellious human batteries. There were no free humans there. Just variations of the same dream of freedom. Nobody left their cell in incubators of fetuses. This theory is much more realistic compare to actual sort of optimistic final of movie.

Depiction of live in virtual reality is why movie “Matrix” is breakthrough in philosophy. It is complex numerical simulation that cannot be distinct from physical reality by avatars living in virtual reality. Or they live motionless in feeding soup as bio-batteries? Or their material soul is real and motionless but virtual active avatars are actors in apparent physical world? Obviously there cannot be inside answer what is really real. There must be some magical peel to swallow in dream to wake up in ugly situation that is real reality or maybe not but dream about dream. Who can know?

In “Thirteen Floor” the playground is like “Russian” doll. People from real, physical world developed virtual realities to entertain themselves. In one of the virtual worlds the secondary virtual reality was developed. Intelligent virtual entity was able to travel and finally settle in higher order reality. Mystery plot in the movie is sort of fun but irrelevant for our reasoning so will be omitted here.

First thought after movie is highest reality in movie indeed physical reality? If the world has no computers as ours lately was it is either physical reality or lowest level virtual theme park. Very soon when virtual world in our reality will be developed at the level of perception shown in these movies: “Matrix” and “Thirteen Floor” the question how do we know that visiting virtual reality game we haven’t accommodated guests from higher reality? We don’t and we cannot know.

Oct. 28, 2018; 19:47 EST

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