Meaning of Human Life in Virtual reality is to be host for soul.

by Leonid Sakharov

The question about meaning of human life has two opposite answers offered by science and religion. Science is saying that life is random act without any special purpose. Religion offers stories about Supreme Being, God, who has the plan that is holy mystery. The hypothesis about our reality that it is virtual game playground of souls permits to discuss meaning of life in specific and rational way. Human is the host for the soul and ought to entertain it for whole life span.
There are most personal questions for any human being:
These have definite answers in science:

If you don’t like scientific answers about purpose of life just stop asking. Or you can put science books at shelve for Sunday morning and go to one of the numerous churches teaching variety stories with vague elastic messages. Just pick one of the religious answers and forget and/or ignore that these answers these invoke thousand more questions left aside as exoteric mystery. You can eat all fruits of science like computer, internet and smart phones, you can believe in science of global warming, you can argue about validity of statistics of popular opinion pools, you can cite scientific results when they are interesting anecdotes and don’t touch moral problems. You can believe (!?! science is exact opposite to the faith) in science but completely reject honest scientific answers about meaning of your life – that there is none: life is completely senseless.

Here is not critics neither science nor religion. Here is only recognition that there are no GOOD (pleasant and in the same time based on facts) answer for ultimate questions of existence. Science provides dry, indifferent response – there are no experiments to make any conclusions about higher purpose of life – it is only random act of our strange Universe. Religion tells story that is too small compare enormity of Universe we are observing. Is there any common ground for both Religion and Science? Yes there is the hypothesis that our world is one of the numerous game virtual reality fields.

The hypothesis is that our world is computer game for habitant of higher world. Why higher? It is obvious relation between toy and player. Player is always superior to puppet. It is exact analogy to the Matrix movie world except in movie biological humans are needed only for emotionally affecting spectators. Art form explores conflict and painful memories of past to tickle feelings. There is no rationale to presume that the only possible pair of host in form of human being and its player at higher world is possible. In Matrix movie that pair is software program and real human as player. Other possibility is that players of higher world are software and software of our world act as their host. There could be infinite number of Russian Dolls existences in which the inhabitants play in lower ones and all of them are software.

Sometime in not too far future technology will rich the point when artificial reality game will be unrecognizable for the player from real one. To say that short game dive into other reality is analogous to whole life of human is prove to be light minded cavalier.

In practically commonly understandable religious terminology human in our virtual reality has soul that is the player of higher virtual world. How technically this symbiosis could be constructed? What we really know about our soul if anything? What we know about ourselves for sure? Do we sure that our memory about our life is the facts? All these schizophrenic questions with weird absence of any answers except you must be crazy just to ask them.

There are list of more or less established truth about relation human and his soul. We know nothing for real in scientific sense of prove but what I and some others think there are right statements:
- Soul and conscience are two sides of the same coin if not identical.
- Soul is the storage of the long memory. Child before certain age that is end of infantile amnesia has no soul.
- Human soul temporary disassociated with body during sleep time communicating with highest world. Some of such experiences of free soul can sneak into our conscious as memory of dreams.
- Death is the final separation of the body and soul. The departing soul and body can happen even before complete decay of biological construction in form of senior dementia. The meaning of the phrase “he went out” is associated with the situation when vibrant soul abandoned the body far before its physical death. Joe Biden is the apparent example.
- There is no direct influence of the soul on human’s actions. The soul is the primary source of emotions like happiness or at opposite side of spectra can create depression.

These assumptions bring the picture of the world with at least two levels these one of them populated by souls at the upper level and human bodies at our, lower one. Upper level has advanced technological capabilities compare to ours. Souls are not necessary pure bodiless spiritual creatures. In first person type virtual game the avatar can be any living creature including mystical one. Host, soul, at upper world can be human alike or look like elephant, dolphin or demon. Elephant and dolphin are the least probable options here. Intelligent life form is associated with handicraft skills. Intelligent creature in upper word should have hands with fingers most possible, brain for sure, legs, wings or snake body to move. Their most simple solution is to create humans by their own image but esthetically improved a little by removing tail, horns and sixths fingers at limbs.

The person of upper world, soul in our terminology, is immortal by our standard. It has tons of time to live through and no need taking care of daily bread. It is boring existence if one here can put himself at such position. As we know the favorite way to kill time is entertainment in general and games in particular. Creatures of upper world have opportunity to participate in virtual reality games one of them is our Universe. The theme park named Earth with holographic alike star sky sphere around is available to play in.

There are no identical humans. Even genetically identical twins have different treatments from the very start. The same not all souls are equal. There are diversity of souls by wealth, intelligence and experience. The same tickets to our Earth life game have different values and prices.

If there are price in upper world there must be money there. It looks like contradiction to have money in society with abundance of physical goods. Beside material merchandise these are plenty pure virtual ones: e-books, software, music, variety of services from psychoanalysis to massage. In the world where bread is free there will be needs anyway. And these will be money to buy satisfaction of pleasure. Sex? Yep. This is too.

If you like theater depend on size your income check there are more than few choices to participate in the spectacle: to buy: cheap ticket at balcony, budget seat at parterre or even orchestra seat. You can participate as stage-hand, prompter or even extra in the spectacle. You can even buy in a leading part in any play no matter how small you talent is – financial lost can be included in an admission price. One can even buy whole theatre building and whole enterprise itself and to pay to folks to attend your show. The larger valet the more options to entertain yourself no matter how good or bad you are. Instead to solicit prostitution that is illegal very wealthy playboy can produce xxx-movie with him as a star that is perfectly OK with law. He can even do not distribute this movie for privacy sake. Money solves all problems except these that can be solved with only very big money.

Virtual theme park “Earth” offers multiple opportunities for souls to take part in the action. One can be born, live a peaceful loving family life, grows old, get sick and die without any extraordinary deviations from ordinary fate. Such life is analogous to the ticket to rock show at the crowded stadium. It has few fun moments by itself but it is better to get bottle of bear in addition.

A soul can even earn higher world currency by performing unpopular parts in our theme park like to be victim of crime, war or natural disaster or just live as slave, nothing terrible but no glory as well. This earnings could be accumulated and sometime later spend for reincarnating in nice happy life for exchange. After multiple appearances as a slave some soul could chose to spend earned for suffering to be born in family of the plantation owners for example.

Souls with extraordinary mental abilities can be personally invited in theme park like ours to make it more attractive for ordinary souls to visit. We know their names as great scientists, writers, inventors, prophets, actors. Other name for such souls is celebrity, that is literal description of the role. Celebrity souls could negotiate not only payment after host human body death but also physical attractiveness, vitality and longevity during performance as human. There are obvious limitations like the fact that nobody in human body shell can have every single wish fulfilled. Human body constructed in a way that happiness minutes are short and life is routine workshop and dull repetition of learned tricks. Artificial attempts to cheat this fundamental rule of life by stimulators like alcohol or drugs are accompanied with effect of shortening life span.

Cumulative ratio between serendipity and misfortune for the whole life can be predicted for the any given baby with very good precision absent to especially bad luck. This ratio is exact the key point of negotiation for soul as price of admission. The more happiness is expected for human body as the surface of Earth compare to suffering for illness or violent acts the higher price of incarnation. Extreme points of zero satisfaction of the life or pure uninterrupted happiness apparently are not possible. Nobody can be in the state of permanent euphoria for whatever measurable period of time. At the other side no one soul can only experience suffering in the body of human host taking to the account childhood amnesia effect. Souls will not chose the baby just before painful death.
So free soul of higher world after previous journey in our or one of the numerous other virtual theme parks are in the process of shopping the new life adventure. It has some amount of points earned or saved after previous incarnations to spend or be paid for new one. Looking at theme park Earth as one of the option it can choose from numerous babies to be associated by mental bond when living their life with full experience till death freed them apart. As responsible buyer soul compares his budget with multiple babies each of them has projection of fate ahead.

Even our limited level of knowledge and predictive abilities we can predict with good chance to be right how happy will be life of any given baby. If it is healthy, became sexually attractive, learn to speak and walk early, been born in loving family without pressing financial problems, belong to ruling nationality in country with stable social construction and absent of active volcano near by then with good chance this child will have happy but ordinary life. But it will be really happy life nevertheless. Soul of upper world would need to pay a lot to get incarnated in baby with such promising future. But nobody guarantee anything for sure, maybe, one can think. Game is always gamble and incarnation choice should be as well.

Is it possible for very rich soul to buy incarnation into invincible, impregnable and luckiest beyond all odds baby? It is imaginable in principle although too costly to be realized even at heaven. To make anybody special the themes park Earth has to have ability to be restarted existence from any moment in time until specific random but favorite chain of events would bring desirable for special person outcome. It is parallel to the idea in the movie Groundhog Day when individual was charged with task making happy dinner in the small town having infinite number of tries. Here the task to avoid any harm for special soul inside human body by testing any point of history fork to avoid tragic danger apparent by law of big numbers of attempts until one will make it. The main of mine doubts about such scenario is the question what to do if there are more than one such person at the Earth? Ok it is durable if they are not fighting each other. If they are antagonistic personalities McCain must die.

One other possibility is for soul to trade one part of life to be happy in expense of the other. If person does participate in the war and suffer tremendously then there could be some period of rewarding life after. There could be also opposite trade off like to be young conqueror like Alexander the Great but to die far before biological time.

If you carefully follow uo the logic of the text above there should be clear feeling that this picture is almost identical to religious teaching. The actual difference is that in a religion there is specific story about creator, afterlife existence in heaven as reward or in hell as punishment. In religion you will never learn direct statement about the plan for you personally or for humanity in general. The answer is that God works in mysterious way. Sure tt is in virtual reality hypothesis scheme too. But here we have rationally possible answer. If we are toys then the meaning of the life is to be good host toy to please our soul that will score its experience in our theme park named Earth and will make it popular enough to attract other souls that it is the only way to prolong its existence.

By playing well individual biography each and every of us can keep existence of our game field for souls to choose as attractive. Show must go on or lights would turn off.

Mar. 29, 2019; 12:39 EST

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