Software architecture of the virtual reality we live.

by Dr. Leonid Sakharov

The main principles of the architecture of software representing the virtual reality world we live in are presented.
This is pure speculation to limited ability of single human being to get into Creator mind. Any specific solutions described here even in most broad terms cannot be considered as blueprint. Author is software developer including simulation of crystal growth but never worked in area virtual reality games. So if professional in that area would want to comment or criticize he is very welcomed. The aim of the content below is to show that such software is not only possible in principle but also durable even at near future level of informatics.

Object oriented software language like C++ is used for program that in fact is our reality.

The object is described as area in three dimensional space limited with surface. Properties of object interior and its surface are connected but not identical. Objects can be collection of other objects. Methods (functions) of the object calculate change of the object for any time step depend on its surrounding and internal state. Depend on distance from other objects and, even more important, being in close proximity from special object called observer functions with different of meticulousness are evoked for update the status of the object.

The common for all objects methods are create, update and destroy. Creation of the new object is result of combination of two or more existing objects into one. Destruction of the object produces two or more other separate objects. Update of the object status is calculation of new values of its properties. Updates have been happening with regularity defined by either internal clock of the object or by signal from outside event like interaction with other objects.

Objects of highest level are not part of any other object. Location, speeds of their translational and rotational motions are updated with individual frequencies to secure obedience to laws of mechanics with precision in range defined by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Internal update of each object has several grades of scrupulousness:

There are following main types of highest level objects: simple (stone), complex (car), primitive alive (tree or insect), intelligence alive (human, dolphin), player (intelligent alive with soul). In some sense only last one has fundamental difference from all others. The intelligence object with soul otherwise called player, person, observer. He operates in two virtual realities in the same time. The body of the player is object in our virtual reality. The soul is inhabitant of higher level of virtual reality that hosted our one. A relation of the soul and body is exact analogous to relation between player of computer game and its avatar. The update of person conditions goes with regularity. Objects in direct influence or could be observed by persons are updates far more frequently compare to objects out of game.

The most fundamental principles of the architecture of the reality are:
Our virtual reality is here to keep our place popular and populated with paying players. The end of any virtual reality comes when resources to support its existence are less than income from admission ticket players pay to get in. Virtual realities compete for participated souls. The role of administrative office is to secure that show will go on. Nuclear war obviously devastates the virtual reality so drastically that no one soul would want to spend a second there after farewell firework. It will be the end of whole reality. Not just for our planet but also for our entire visible universe dims lights of sky planetarium. But other game places would wait our souls.

The role of our virtual reality is the same as the reason of existence one of the enormous integer in a series of natural numbers. It needs to keep whole construction of mathematics intact. Our virtual reality is one numerous similar theme parks to waste eternity time for inhabitants of array of higher worlds.

Oct. 23, 2018; 10:17 EST

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