General formula of terror.

by Leonid Sakharov

Formula that gives estimation of level of the terror in society is presented on the base of the premise that not accommodated in productive life part of young peoples would find themselves in illegal occupations.

Let's at first to perform some definitions:

Nall - number peoples in population;
Nw - number of workers necessary to cower all materials needs for whole population;
Nall = kw*Nw
kw - productivity coefficient measuring how many persons including himself can feed one worker.
ks - coefficient that determined how many peoples need to serve one worker to make him to feel nice:
Ns = ks*Nw

Number of unused part of population defined then by formula:

Ne = Nall - Nw - Ns = Nall - Nw - ks *Nw = Nall*(1 - 1/kw - ks/kw)

Number of terrorists is determined in this case by general formula:
Nt = kt*Ne
where kt - coefficient answering the question what part of kicked out from productive life plebs will opt a crime as a political statement.

Those coefficients depend on technology level and culture traditions of any given civilization.
A final formula of percent of terrorists in society has this form:

Pterror =100* (kt/kw)*(kw -ks - 1)

In the spite of its triviality the formula offers not obvious conclusion:

The more productive enterprises became the more terrorists the society can produce. Just because young productive males are laid off without hope to find any descent job. If they aren't needed for sex, for art, for barber. They can do hard work or nothing or fight. But machines perform all hard job instead them. There is no niche for them as attendants. They will have no other chooses except committing crime or offering service as a policemen to fight crime. Same of them can chose terror.

Strong jump in productivity is very destabilizing factor for society. The situation can be solved with one of two options or its combination. The declaration of war on terror with mobilization absorption of extra workers or with artificial limitation of productivity by law that will set less hours in working week without diminishing compensation. It can be 6 hours working day instead usual 8.

Do you any allusion with present situation? I have.

Submitted at Nov. 18, 2004; 13:10

The article became even more actual years later. Leftists movements like "Occupy everything", Antifa or "black lives matter" clear demonstrates that active young folks would rather create revolution than quietly looking at "Secret life of super rich" and how to became one. They will not and know that

Dec. 5, 2017; 11:17 EST

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