Curious and suspicious case of West Virginia of epidemic without COVID19.

by Leonid Sakharov

West Virginia leads all others affected by death epidemic states by a week without practically no COVID19 cases. Curious, very strange. Remarkable.What if the power plant in rich coal West Virginia and maybe near other epicenters of epidemic was modified for better cleaning technology but instead as byproduct started to emit in atmosphere bad nanoparticle staff? Article was revised 14 May 2020.
There are different methods to recognize spread of dangerous disease in society. The broad embraced by hysteric terror media like CNN in case of COVID19 logic is to check sick people for the presence of the coronavirus and count them. It takes as an indisputable fact that the novel virus is the course of epidemic and there is no mater for doubt it or else total reputation loss. Coronavirus is new religion of liberal left. They believe that science is religion of convenience. One can state any idea as scientific fact and prosecute anybody voices disagreement. Instead of God they claim experts consensus.

Other manner of looking on facts is to analyze reliable data. Result of test for coronavirus by itself gives little information about what could happen with person imposed. He or she would be maybe mortally sick, maybe no reaction at all symptom free contingent. Just dangerous host of virus. Terrifying creature like Russian speaking English. There are most banal correlation from all possible ones between outcome of coronavirus infection and what characteristics of the infected person. The healthier and younger patients are the better of outcome prediction. So coronavirus affect population exact as natural mortality. Maybe normal mortality is now renamed to coronavirus? Just asking.

Other question to everybody. Do you understand science behind coronavirus testing? I am PhD in Chemistry have very vague idea. It should take years for me to figure out in details how such tests work. For majority people with normal high school education there is no way to learn about how genetic markers works, what sensitivity of the methods and independently verify reports. They must believe. You must. No freedom to doubt.
Following is correction made at May 14, 2020. Data of CDC statistics based on death certificates was useless artifacts. For most resent weeks for some states including West Virginia chart count was corrected on some weight factors of underreporting. The factors had happen wrong and statistics made epidemic was presented. Sorry for been so naive and still believing to official data. You can safely disregard rest of article as based on junk data of CDC. Although I am even more skeptical about any information about so named COVID19 virus epidemic.
There is untouched original part of article nevertheless as a warning not to relay on official statictics even it looks reasonable prudent.

There is prudent way nevertheless. (Not)

There are hard, understandable and verifiable data to rely on. Statistics of deaths, official one, on the base of the death certificates can give indisputable information about abnormality in life and death issues in society. If death count statistically significant exceeds average level it means a new mortal factor has appeared.

Interestingly enough such data are publicly available at National Center for Health Statistics Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 ready to be analyzed. Thanks guys!

Let’s go just to my findings, shall we?

  1. Only following states and metropolises in USA demonstrate statistically indisputable (more than 25%) exceed death rate at least for one week in period from Mar. 21, 2020 till Apr. 25, 2020 when epidemic of so named COVID19 is widely assumed as the fact. These states are: Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming. From these affected states only New Jersey, New York, New York City, Virginia and West Virginia demonstrated more than 100% excess of average mortality level with New York City shows staggering 525% of normal mortality level for the week ending Apr.11. There is no doubt that in these states something bad going on.
  2. All other states in USA are more or less normal. If criteria for epidemic is excess of death rate above normal there are no such thing in most parts of America.
  3. West Virginia is the especially curious case. The West Virginia was the very first state experienced the excess of death count (small one, but recognizable) in a week ending Feb.22, 2020. West Virginia in the same time has practically no reported cases involved COVID19. There are only 15 death certificates with COVID19 as the reason of death there to the moment of writing. The trend chart of number of weekly exceed deaths is practically the same form as for New York City as is seen at the figure.

    I am repeating one more to emphasize as strong as I can, West Virginia leads all others affected by death epidemic states by a week without practically no COVID19 cases. Curious, very strange. Remarkable.
  4. Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, New York City, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia all of them are located northern to West Virginia under wind direction of jet stream atmosphere. Interesting too? Isn’t it?
What if we mis-recognized the enemy and death brings not coronavirus but some chemical of other pathogenic or toxic element escaped in atmosphere somewhere in or near West Virginia and by wind spreading to northeast in jet stream direction?

There is pure guess work now about possible nature of this X-factor:

Is it worth to investigate? I think the answer is yes.

May. 7, 2020; 10:14 EST

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