Globohomo, the next turn of evolution. Part. 2

by Leonid Sakharov

Who would be the first human with all features of globohomo. What position should he takes now? He cannot be just regular billionaire.

A creation of the Club of Rome that produces in 1972 the report "The Limits to Growth" can mark first clear glance on the place of humanity in universe as microscopic creatures spreading on the surface of small planet up to maximum capacity of it. Founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei, was not the first globohomo, as soon he is dead but globohomo should be an immortal specie, but he can be called as a prophet in some way.

An attempt of identification of living among us globohomos could be logically performed by formulation its distinctive features. Let’s describe a clear case of person who definitely can be called globohomo:
He or she should be filthy rich, at least hundred millions in cash. Forbs list of billionaires can help us to estimate number of such peoples, it is about ten thousand, in ten times more than billionaires, another way to present such number is to say that one from hundred thousand in general population could be globohomo by wealth, approximately the same ratio between number of congressmen and crowd of voters. Really the situation is much more difficult since the wealth reported in Forbs list is often not a cash ready to be spent at will, uncontrollable and at any moment. What if Bill Gates will need to sell 10 billions worth of his Microsoft shares to get cash for some secret pleasure. Good luck in it. At first it is about 300 times of daily trade volume on NYSE. To do it without catastrophic deprecation of price he will need to spread the operation along ten years at least. Other way around a common sense tells as that formal estimation of wealth for head of cocaine mafia or director of black government covered research program could not put them in the list of billionaires but they may manage much higher material recourses than Warren Buffet. Such mental exercises will not change estimation of number of super wealthy humans who potentially could metamorphose into globohomo. Just to be cushion not to religiously stare into official list of wealthiest.

Potential globohomo should be not only creative enough to think about issues described here but also to have strong sociopathic personality in combination with much above average appreciation of science merged with fountain of vitality. One from twenty on this level, who knows… Only one name instantly comes to mind, R. Branson it is. But what we really know about these selected, no more than they want to show us. In any case if to filter only Branson like sort of persons the possible poll of suspects will shrink from ten thousand to about several hundred.

Globohomo is immortal, above the law and can survive most natural or all social cataclysms. Its immortality comes from achievements in transplantation medicine, human cloning, regeneration of organs, stem cell research, manipulations with internal body clock responsible for aging, genetic modifications, direct communications their brain with computers so on. Some of these researches are still a science fiction, about others public have no idea, others are criminal. Steve Jobs is alive and well in situation when pour man will be dead for years already. Do you know how? I don’t but suspect that he had best medicine money can buy, that's why.

Clear path to individual immortality is available for decades. One can produce his own clones and use their bodies as a source for perfect replacements for his one damaged by incident or aging. Drink and change liver from time to time. It is illegal for general public. Here we are coming to necessity for globohomo to be above human law; globohomo is above morality by definition.

If you steal pathetic thousand dollars from bank forging a check, years in jail are all but guarantee. When bankers fraud all human population of earth they have a bonus. Because they bought politicians or have information to blackmail them or hire hitmen to tread and harm loved ones or unlash attack of mass media dogs on too independent of them - any methods will be good to keep politicians performing meaningless magical rituals.

Back off the curtain private army like Blackstone are forming and trained in real war; Area 51 is not exist officially; nobody cares about who forged “Niger yellowcake” but made big ado about that she-agent has husband and recommended him to do good job - then to do an ado about fuss; war in Iraq when professional and battle tested enemy army did not fight back but private armies were trained; governor of New York aka Sheriff of Wall Street is removed from office among leaks of prostitute ring investigation, that produce nothing by itself but conveniently months before Big Crash followed by Big Bang Steal. Pelosi’s daughter made documentary about presidential campaign of W; and we must never forget about Silverstein. Am I mumbling? Hell, yes! What your can say definitive about that shameless cast of imitators far away from needs of plebes and dancing under fife slaves of globohomos ? Rhetoric question. Nothing safely except just expression general and personal feeling of disgust and wishes to through on them half of big fat dinner. Only imagination, of course. Hyperbolized metamorphose of exaggeration it is.

Previously the situation of isolated each from others globohomos was discussed, maybe with some hints that they could manipulate political system. What if they actually organized in the global tribe already? Collective power of organization like Union of Vampires multiplies in thousands times an ability of political influence in direction of their common interests these are really nonexclusive to each other, everybody has a village to feed on.

Could events on the planet Earth after end of The Cold War be interpreted as a rise of tribe of new species, globohomos? Let’s try.

Second part of 1980th. Two superpower blocks headed by socialistic Soviet Union and free market United States of America are just after several incidents these could result in mutually distraction after holocaust of exchange with thermonuclear strikes bringing to the final end to all life on the planet. Many knowledgeable people from on both sides of ideological front enjoyed life of luxury at state residences or private mansions. A quality of service for those on the top of social pyramid in both social formation far exceeds wildest dreams of nation leaders in past centuries. Technology of home comfort promised more and more toys to play with. Life was too good to straggle to death for abstract ideas of schizophrenic philosophers with suspicious origin.

A possibility of full scale nuclear war, global fire of cities and forests around, atmosphere polluted to the level of blocking most of sunlight for months and catastrophic consequential nuclear winter for years, all of these terrified them to the point of awaking from therapeutically philandering to the search of a resolution world problem. Obvious solution was that one of the enemies must give up and join other. As soon a personal ideology of leaders was the same namely mob mentality they easy found common language.

In spite that socialistic system was much more progressive in social sense (surprise, surprise), it had implemented free for all health care, advanced education that was not just free but students were paid for good job, full employment and general population moved fast toward to higher level of life. But real socialism had fatal flaws. Leaders in Soviet Union had no power aside their position in government. A resignation meant for any of them such diminishing in social status that was equivalence to instant bankruptcy of billionaire in capitalistic society. Socialist leaders suffered even more unpleasant limitations not be able directly leave their fortunate to children. Some dynasties in area of theater or science existed but political and industrial power was open to everybody capable from all straits of the population. And socialistic elite decided to convert political power into monetary equivalent.

The series of meetings of Gorbachev with Margaret Tether and George H. Bush, George Soros and representatives of very upper players in politics, intelligence communities and finance resulted to ‘new mentality’ on the global stage and informal union for promoting new world order on the base presumption of universality of the assumption of positive motivation of ownership. The idea that if you own something you care about it. When everybody can own what he wants the premise may work, even if everybody has the dream to be owner let not himself but his kids or their kids someday maybe. Until there are unlimited recourses to give everybody it could work. Nobody thought then about limitations. The noble goal, as they understand it, was to establish a frame for survival of humanity. As an universal political model was chosen representative democracy in proven premise that bribery of hundreds professional politicians is much cheaper than directly dealing with millions contradictory demands of ordinary members of plebes.

Globe was divided on territories of primary influence by two major parameters: geographical location and dominate language. Variations of political systems between areas of responsibilities were permitted until principle of respect and protection of personal property is strictly followed. United States and Great England got North America and two protectorates: South America and Middle East with right of general influence and mess all around; Germany and France led Europe, Russia and China asked to stay out of troubles and incorporate themselves into ownership society, other regions considered not too important for special attention that time.
A period up to millennium anniversary was a time of establishing the new world order and followed up to the present moment by soul search inside established new race of superrich barons accompanied with merging some of them into a tribe of new species, globohomos.

As one can expect most dramatic events had happened in socialistic Soviet Union that was in need to transform base principles of whole society. Plot of Gorbachev who led rouge elements of secret police, propaganda department of Communist Party together with authorities of organized crime destabilized political system up to complete disintegration. Unlimited injection of cash into economics via breaking barriers between two type moneys: cash and virtual credit used only for internal accounting purposes inside one existing corporation, government, result into deficit of all products including food and then after deregulation of prices to hyperinflation. Productive part of population was shoulder away from followed privatization of state property by keeping salaries not delayed for months when administration of enterprises got lion chunk of shares for free. Everybody got a paper, voucher that at face value represent his share of all socialistic empire, presenting in food its value was a week of life, equivalent in dollars – tears. Chechen Republic at the beginning of social counterrevolution was used for destabilization of Communists ruling then war on terror served for destruction attention from financial pyramids run by every crock with government papers schemes as most shameless ones.

A default of Russia government securities, sellout of every valuable inheritance of Soviet Union from scientists emigrated in mass to isotopes of rare metals, indiscriminate explosions of apartment building and targeted shooting of too independent democratic politicians of new wave, new Chechen War, all that jazz ,climaxed in a New Year coup when former head of secret policy sat in chair of President of Russia by blessing of self resigned drunken Yeltsin. Next decade after millennium celebration Russia got kickback in form of high price of oil and other commodities and behaved inside limitations of mystery Russian Soul. We can say with some confidence that Gorbachev, Putin, Luzkhov and as well new Russian billionaires from Forbes list belonged to globohomo tribe. The actual number of globohomos of Russian origin must be higher but imposable to estimate exactly due to shyness those of them with criminal past. We never will be sure also that official billionaire in Russia is not a shill.

Europe was able to appease Balkan region after long civil war, clean out rebellion people princess who treated to expose internal affairs inside monarchies constitutes large and most powerful part of upper elite. General population there are prepared to retire comfortably early. It is nice place for globohomos to gather for discussing a future in Davos and French Revere and other resort areas enjoying all fruits of life these are legal including drugs and prostitution. Europe is the first region on Globe been able to stop growth of human population just by changing culture motivation into quest of momentary pleasures instead of building old fashion families. Quite possible Europe globohomos seriously decided to avoid genocide humans permitting them to commit sort of hedonistic self euthanasia during life of several shrinking in numbers generations of narcotics and sex addicts. Good for them. Comparably.

Discipline inhabitant of Communist Imperial China with enthusiasm embraced itself into new campaign promoted by wise leaders. They were said to accommodate most polluted part of industrial production of the word in exchange to be included into the club. Wise leaders took the offer they can not refuse and people of China works as usual that means a lot. Globohomos of China are not plan to stay it. Actually the industrial regions of China will be areas of most terrible devastation after economic collapse of human civilization.


Initially submitted at Mar. 30, 2010; 16:31

Dec. 8, 2017; 15:52 EST

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