Globohomo, the next turn of evolution. Part.1

by Leonid Sakharov

Human as species must to evolve to continue to exist. Next step will be globohomo who is completely protected from any thread that environment of our planet could challenge him.

Some of us with thin skin and excess of general education compare to financial security for some time feels that an image of world presented in mass media can be classified as surrealistic movie on the base of screenplay produced by special needs writer with only moral message that every good deed will be awarded by middle finger with sardonic laugh of killer on the grave of victim.

There are some examples:

One can be confused by direction of society evolution. Obvious signs of regress may appear to optimistic sheep to be curious blip on strait line of development prosperous for all society of equal right proud myriad Persons expanding along infinite Universe and Beyond. Obama closed even Moon. Remember? Our small planet is the only place to exist for whole humanity and it can feed much less of us than you think, even much less than earth population is now. Skeptical? You have plenty of food in refrigerator and your only New Year resolution is to eat less and lose waist ponds? Just a wait. Not one year, maybe longer than one decade. I don’t know exactly how long. What I know that if all written human history is about two thousand years only several percents are left after exponent curve of expansion hit the ceiling of limited space of the globe two decades ago until after consuming all oil, minerals and forests will look around left dessert covered by obese Consumers. Then they die.

Details of development of the doom day is not the main subject of the concern for the average person like who can do nothing to prevent or dodge it. We can be afraid of nuclear war but decision to kill us or not belongs to presidents. If these persons will go crazy that is it. Just a risk of fatal incident we must live with. Powerful few can create shelters for themselves and family but for most of us it is way too expensive purchase. For any kind of potential danger there could be preventive measures to avoid fatal circumstances. Some of them could cost more than all resources of planet like giant outburst of Sun or supernova nearby. Nobody can buy insurance against such unfortunate occasion. But there are many other dangers these could be avoided just by investment into the ticket on a Noah's Ark.

Food shortage due to growth of population and land degradation could be dodged by owning a farm. The size of the lot is necessary to feed on person is quite difficult to calculate as soon nobody can predict fertility in future where oil is gone and chemicals are not available to improve outcome. Just for estimation we can jump from current situation when in Europe about one acre of cropland feed OK one person. So let say if you own farm house situated on several acres it will help to make over crisis when most of urban population will starve to death. Cost of survival is depend on region and for example for metropolis like Boston suburbs is in range from half of million by most optimistic glance. If future catastrophe is just about food the price of survival are available for big crowd of upper middle class whose of them who would care – just big house with big yard, nothing extraordinary.

The scenario described above could be defined as catastrophe with some scratch of the meaning the word. Is it real catastrophe that during life of several generations the number of peoples living on earth will shrink in order of ten or more times? It is matter of sensitivity of jury. So let’s mark scenario above as mildest evolution to life on the base only renewable recourses. Any cataclysm like global warming or cooling, human caused or not, big volcano eruption, major earthquake in densely populate area, hit of big meteorite, nuclear or bio terror attack, social unrest of unemployed, war for the very last drop of oil, any of such events alone or in combination will rise threshold of necessary wealth for individual or group to live over dark period.

Let ask ourselves what could be rational movement of any sane human being with really big resources in form of money, power or better both? What will be your reaction if you win trillion dollars in lottery (no such jackpot exists but what if?). You will spend as crazy on luxury goods and service for some time up to the limit of your health. After finally you will regain ability to think critically (maybe not you but some of us should be able to) what your pandering will be about? When and if the person with such enormous power controlled by him alone starts to think about himself not as a part of humanity but as a new specie that is the next step of evolution we can name him globohomo instead homo sapient. The critical distinction from just intellect which separates humans from animals the new special feature is ability to handle resources these can protect him from most imaginable misfortune occasions fatal for most of us, mortals. This creature will be master of Globes, globohomo. It will still vulnerable to cosmic threads but on the Earth nothing and nobody can challenge it.

Initially submitted at Mar. 30, 2010; 16:31

Dec. 8, 2017; 15:46 EST

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