Globohomo, the next turn of evolution. Part. 3

by Leonid Sakharov

One of the probable roads to new globohomo is via personal immortality and invention of Universal Production and Service Unit.

United States of America with extreme egocentric population of immigrants presents most delicate society to manipulate with. The matter complicates by selection of American Dream as a winner slogan for universal exemplary social model. If you are winner you have to presume that you are in no need to change anything. And initial intention was to relax and enjoy the unique statue of the metropolis for global empire. Quite short time was needed to recognize that new technological revolution mostly based on computerization of all aspects of society from industry to entertainment gives no guarantee that industrial typhoon of today will stay hi-tech mogul of tomorrow. Jump of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google) and others to the top in the billionaire list from practically nowhere was scary. It means that in environment of free society and unleashed technological progress anybody with good enough idea can became the same influential as old money dynasties. As bad it could be in form an emotional rejection of unpolished parvenus in exclusive high society the much stronger motivation to actions was a danger of elevation to the top of society a too powerful to handle anti-establishment person like tyrants of Cuba, Fidel Castro, or Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Memory of bloody wars when hereditary aristocracy tried to contain Napoleon and later Hitler was vivid enough to sacrifice same letters of free market fair game rules. In the second part of 90th old money  decided to close most of doors from middle class atop of social pyramid.

Politically assault on American Dream was tricky, almost unmanageable task. After two Clinton presidential terms accompanied with economical prosperity to convince electorate to switch a vote to the weird, poor educated son of Bush and commit to 180 degrees reversal in direction of country in normal circumstances could be unimaginable. But progress in marketing, public opinion research, and numerical simulation of all possible paths permits by choosing the one of those apparently accidental variants, that one that lead to desirable for manipulator result. The maneuver was successfully made by combination of redirection of capital and surgical clandestine operations.

The in economy plug was pulled at first on high-tech. Crash of NASDAQ market brought mass unemployment in area of intellectual technology removing necessity to cradle international talents inside USA. The same intellectual product that one genius can generate in months group of solid professionals can be in making and properly documenting for years. There is no real reason to hurry up isn’t it? At least in area of common used goods. Has outsourcing intellectual jobs from USA economically sufficient rationale or not, it devastated ingenious part of middle class and safely put it out of the big game.

A sophisticated on the level of chess grand-master combination of lawsuits, allegations, investigations and orthodox moral imperfections of leader of democratic party and what is much more relevant intellectual and optimistic president Clinton put him in the carefully build trap of lie under oath. In spite of personal political survival the reputation of Democratic Party was damaged to the point of vulnerability. A giant push of mass media, same help of brother Bush in Florida catapulted son of Bush into White House to the position of almost uncontrollable Power. Almost is not good enough. Commander in chief at war time is absolute ruler answering only to his CIA Father and his accomplishes. The sneak attack under no flag at Sep. 11, 2001 was used to declare War on Terror against group of former CIA protege and to invading two counties: Afghanistan and Iraq. An elimination of Saddam Hussein, who was strong renegade competitor on the Global Scene against just rich men without sovereign status, was important byproduct of whole operation.

Thanks to intentional ambiguity of term War on Terror any uncontrollable and advanced research could be labeled as dangerous especially if the invention can be put in hands of bogey terror men. So potentially dangerous science and technology should be classified and governmental controlled, preferably all serious science and technology altogether. At least all nuclear, toxic and explosive chemistry, advanced materials (just in case), anything with potential military or criminal applications. Practically everything interesting. Only for citizens educated in domestic universities. All others eggheads can be free like snivel in a fly.

Other challenge for Rulers of the World, globohomos, has being masking from public scrutiny the obviously dangerous imbalance in economy trends. Natural resources shrink, productivity and population growths ergo unemployment must rise steady and uncontrollable. It is not observed in reality because extra industrial labor is incorporating into business of producing service. Service that instead of answering to essential needs of people invents artificial problems just keep population busy. Not just sell and buy goods but do it conveniently, in credit. No money, no problem. Buy now, pay later. Looks like a nice idea - instead of waiting years, saving money, young family can buy home or car now paying off for later on with interest, rest of life. Home came much sooner but in several times more expensive comparable to the system if all sales are only in cash. To provide credit bank workers have to process papers, agents to verify income, analysts calculate risks – all industry doing do-do-do blah-blah-blah instead of producing these goods in larger amounts to make them available for consumers sooner . But these bankers are employed. They are in business.

The same story is with the health care. Not just healing people for money. It is too expensive for seek ones. So let’s spread cost for everybody via taxes. Too simple as well, socialism like. Let's do the throat surgeon not intrusively via ass hole to all stupid assholes, that is the solution of Obamacare. Thanks a lot for being forced to buy a paper named insurance to create parasitic industry of health insurance.
Insurance is always more expensive than paying by cash because these businessmen in insurance industry got their salaries and bonuses and help to heal nothing. They do not help to treat you. They could work as cleaners and nurses in hospitals but instead they vampire your money. But they are in business too. The purpose for insurance business is to hide real unemployment.

The problem is that accountant and bureaucrat jobs can be computerized quite easy. No way how much outsourcing of IT had slowed down a catastrophic growth of productivity in documents handling the big eruption of clerks from offices to the streets is the only "how soon" question. The same is true with retail workers, they are in no need in mass in small stores as before. Do you see automatic cashier lines? Just a wait, Mr. Higgins, just a wait.

The direction of economic development looks like as hopeless dead end if we stupidly presume that economics is for human society. It is not. The service economy that we, humans, participating in is a runway train whose crash can be triggered by globohomos tribe at any moment at will. Why not now? Why they did not use a crash of inflated mortgage debt pyramid for Armageddon like wipe-out of human civilization? We are still have some value until globohomos will be able to replace human servants by robots or subhuman slaves, until they could be independent from infrastructure of human civilization.

When a new dominant specie replaces previous champion there could be variety of relationships between them afterward from complete annihilation till domestication as a reliable friend of family like a dog. One condition for species on the top of food chain is mandatory they must be self-sufficient. For globohomo it means the ability to sustain all industrial technology without participation of humans. Important to understand that the volume of production is not important here, the critical point is the ability to produce energy, steel, cars, boats, food essentially without human workers or with so limited number of them that they can be counted as respectable members of new tribe.

The point of no return for humanity will be development and accepted as standard equipment for mobile airborne division USA Army an Universal Production and Service Unit (UPSU). It is mobile, relatively compact workshop that can be deployed in any point on the Earth and after short period of adaptation to the local sources of renewable energy, minerals and human trash is able to produce in full autonomy by request any item from millions products registered in barcode system including reproduction of UPSU itself. It will also able to serve as diagnostic doctor, surgeon, fabricate any drug; it will be also local defense system from attack of hungry crowd. The first reaction of any engineer reading this specification will be – impossible; second – technically maybe, but the cost issue kills the project on the very first meeting; third – is it Pentagon contract?, Thanks God, let’s start from energy sources – solar, wind, accumulators, sort of easy; mechanical workshop – no problems at all there are plenty just to chose from; small metallurgical plant… electrochemistry, centrifuge separation? Maybe… maybe not… maybe not only… Crazy but challenging.

Engineers shall overcome someday all technical obstacles, they always do. For cost of pair of jeans manufactured by Universal Production and Service Unit one could buy all stock of cloths in current economy if count all investments for development of UPSU. But as soon UPSU already exists the price of anything produced by it for owner will be just free. Paradox.

With development of UPSU a mission of humanity on the Earth will be completed. As soon every globohomo will have in possession the Universal Production and Service Unit situated on the waste chunk of land protected from invasion of hungry crowd by war robots the new race of homo will be independent from collapse of old civilization of hordes of irresponsible consumers.

All trends are intact for now and will reach synchronized the break point at the time zero. Government programs of development of alternative energy and smart grid, unman weapon systems, mass funding of medical researches, solder of future project with pretense of improving mobility and autonomy of expedition forces will lead to development of Universal Production and Service Unit and longevity for selected in about two decades by most skeptical estimations.

All financial markets are transformed into perpetuum money pump socking capital from stupid public into creators of price charts. In the contrary to naive premise any market can be unpredictable random and reliable profitable for power players in the same time. If super-rich can by committing unlimited resources manipulate a price he could next chart movement randomly but he and only he will know it in advance. A crowd of individual investors on the long run will lose on transaction cost for every single trade. Few handful globohomos will concentrate capital in form of land for their sanctuary, they will buy and set there Universal Production and Service Units and will not interfere with the logical development of next due financially-industrial crisis waiting self-destruction of human society.

After it the wishes circles of laid offs, delinquencies, deflation, laid offs repeated on and on whole economics will be braked up the unrecoverable state.

Then humanity will die, long live to globohomo.

Initially submitted at Mar. 30, 2010; 16:31

Dec. 8, 2017; 16:03 EST

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