The center. Screenplay about eternal life by cloning and head transpantation.

by Leonid Sakharov

The story of my screenplay idea about eternal life for rich and power by cloning himself and transplanting head.
If someone would clone yourself, grow up the clone till adulthood with fully formed adult body and then transplant his brain (with head or separately) he or she would have young body. If to repeat this procedure every ten or so years the body would be always younger than 35. Will it secure everlasting life or nobody can know until try. But legal and moral barriers are enormous almost as high as scientific problems to overcome. The price of success in priceless nevertheless to image that attempt would be made. It is the basic synopsis.

There is also story about script itself. The first time I came to the procedure practically at one after reports of successful cloning. I don’t remember exact where I first hear about cloning of animals. Maybe it was one of the several popular scientific journals I was reading regularly, maybe from television where science was heavy popularized. It was definitely earlier than report about Dolly (sheep) born in 1996. Maybe 1987 when in USSR the first cloned mice stimulated discussing was trigger for my idea. I do remember that up to very long after 2000th the technical possibility of cloning human being was taken very skeptical by experts. I was sure that it is only matter of time and efforts.

Anyway I did entertain the idea at family gatherings explaining how easy to live forever if to have enough money. Nobody in my family or in close circle had so many money, not even close (understatement it is). Than come catastrophe of country I lived. USSR was no more, salary was delayed inflation galloped. Every opportunity to get dollars as only valuable money had to be explored. I did read an advertisement about competition for ideas for movie script all citizens of Russia could participate in. I wrote, typewrited and sent The center the story about young surgeon who did transplanting of heads of monkeys in secret research laboratory, figured out the goal of his work to transplant head to clone of human and escape attempt to be eliminated as unwanted witness became manager of the whole project. Romantic and tragic sideline in story for fun present too. It was sometime in between 1992-1995. Most probable in 1993 I think.

The competition of scripts ended without any mention of my work. Some woman author was a winner with script for movie like “Terminal Velocity” (my bet it was one). Just my guess based on vague recollection of one newspaper article.

Anyway then in 2000 “The 6th Day” movie was based on the plot around the idea of legality of cloning. It was not exact duplicate of my idea and especially very small resemblance with lines of plot and main character. I decided to ignore.

Later on after 9/11 catastrophe in USA where I relocated in 1995 my scientific carrier fell in trap of age, end of civil material science, being foreigner to get job with security clearance. My software development business never attracts real money. I did try to revitalize this script to sell idea for movie. I translated the Russian version into English and publish at my website, then publish link at newsgroup devoted to script writers. Feedback was promising. The main technical response was that format for screenplays in USA are not as I saw in USSR. Secondly one person wrote that it is masterpiece and all authors there should learn the real lesson how to write brave. One response was from woman from Texas who start later long conversation via e-mails.

She was sort of teacher for screenwriters. She advised me at first to take my script from public access because it will be stolen. Good advice I think now. Then there was rather long discussion about science foundation of the cloning and could clone grown faster than normal baby to make the story more dynamic. Finally she offered to write full scale 100 pages script together and sent her version of first scene when principal character spoke with one-night girl (later on she will be leading woman). Her version contained a phase like “I think to deal with stallion but met pony” something in this style. It is more than vulgar for me and I dump her.

In several years after I did by occasion saw the movie “The Island” significantly later 2005 when it was released. The story there was if not exact copy but all key ideas was extraordinary similar to my script. The name:– my “The Center” versus “The Island”. The Island is the center for life repository of clones used for organs of rich peoples. Exact as in my plot. The leading characters are young energetic couple in instant love escape and fight back. At the end the center is overcame. In my version main character became manager. In politically correct Hollywood clones escaped to freedom – rubbish.

In some time I got phone call from somebody I got impression from legal firm. She asked me about my script and would I consider it serious work. I did not connect that with possibility to sue producers of “The Island” for copyright infringement. And I was modest.

Now I am writing about virtual reality and in need to talk about ways to reach eternal life. So I need to refer to this idea as well. So I publish these documents.


Nov. 6, 2018; 18:14 EST

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