Under a curtain there are only two conflicting ideologies.

by Leonid Sakharov

There are only two conflicting ideologies. One to keep power second to get power.

Ideology is a moral excuse to do what you want. What anybody wants? To have power to do whatever he wants. All ideologies is about struggle for power between… This is the answer. What groups of peoples are in fight for power and why?

Let's image a society when there are no aging, no kids, where nobody is changing forever. And plus no free space to expand. Absolute stable situation in sense of human material. In such kind of society all fights for the positions in hierarchy of power already have finished and confirmed. There will be only one ideology - the power is from God and everything is fair because everybody is on his adequate place according his mental and muscle abilities.

But in real world the situation is never stable completely. One generation has gone. Other is come. Son inherits property of farther but not always his intellectual abilities. Any new generation is a mixture of rich and able, rich and disable, poor and able, poor and retarded. Plus a lot of in between. Who must to struggle? Obvious - poor and able with rich and disable. There is an eternal, most popular story in literature and history - a career of young ambitious man. Napoleon, Hitler, Caesar, James Bond, Superman, Raskolnicov, Lenin, Stalin.

All real conflicts are raised when newborn human talents are suppressed too long without any hope. Slavery is a pure example of the victory of stupid sons. The society can be conserved in stable situation with comfortable transition of power from patents to children in situation of steady technology. As soon a call for professionals to handle research and development overcomes a reservoir of born rich the society is facing a revolution situation.

All ideologies are invented only to serve one of two ideas. First is that power is given by God and ought to be secure transferred from further to son. Other concept is a fair competition, equal opportunities. This conflict can be dressed in different clothes but under curtain it remains the same. Slaves against masters; fascists against rebels; republican versus democrats; nobles - communists; communist bonzes repressing intelligent dissidents.

The irony of this battle that it will never end. The winner takes it all including the ideology of loser.

Initially submitted at Nov. 16, 2004; 12:13

It was true then in 2004. It is the fact now. The largest twist in this game to know what is in your interests. The grave of history is full of victors. They won was executed by people or just by age.

Dec. 4, 2017; 16:07 EST

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