Demystifying “Republican cabal”

by Leonid Sakharov

The article about mafia like republicans cabal of neocons.

After stealing Election 2000 right wing mafia got country. It was optimistically joyfulness population out there. We have no inclination to kill anyone. We’d rather have fun about stupid “That my bush”. They need dark fear mood. They produce it by 9/11 attack, Iraq war, torture, lawlessness, aggressive stupidity.

All totalitarian regimes have the same aesthetics of military like government with not civil person in a head but Führer und Reichskanzler like Hitler or Commander in Chief like Bush. Everybody has to feel naked and constantly watched by Big Brother, who is meanwhile very busy stealing your future (money too of course).

In fact this fear is unwarranted. They cannot kill all of us at once. They need slave to indulge their sick fantasies. Solders and cops are part of us. They will revolt to criminal orders against their own close people. Their strength is our fear. Our fear is only source of their power. Nothing else.

Right wing conspirators are pathetic midgets by their own. They are small, sick, untalented but rich to buy some second hand journalists along with cable channels.

The very first step to get free from fascists is to make them to lose the gravitas. They are pathetic losers. Opinion of mister Fuckyourselfcheieyi has enormous negative value. Listen him and do opposite that is my best advise.

Mar 16, 2009 is historic date of beginning of the end of the big fear and start of sardonic laugh. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs label Darth Vader of Bush Empire as part of Republican Cabal. It was fun. But no more than just episode. What did it erroneous sing was the follow up question of so named free press so named journalist who attack the tone of answer. Slave love his porridge and chains. His is ready fight for his cruel and indifferent master. So sad picture it is.

Initially submitted at Mar. 17, 2009; 13:27

It was time just after Obama became a President. Bush family looked like completely out of political scene... Not so fast they tried to sell Jeb.

Too many people who followed politics and tried to make sense about understand that most of active politicians a drones of out off scene players. Bushes. I suspect the real player was Barbara. He was career brain strategist for CIA as naturally born reader. She was always in sort of shadow and considering not too bright males in family obvious success of their carriers ought to be attribute to somebody. Barbara is the most likely person.

Is republican cabal dead for now. Maybe, maybe not. Trump did nothing of substance to purge swamp in spite that cabal obviously hostile to him... Maybe cabal is too strong even for President to fight with. Looks like so. For now.

Dec. 2, 2017; 21:20 EST

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