Romney democrat votes for him over Obama at SuperTuesday primaries in Massachusetts.

by Leonid Sakharov

During SuperTuesday I did vote, write in, for republican Mitt Romney. No reason now to support democrats.

I am democrat. I admire Bill Clinton and shame for George Bush was my President.

I agree with democrats with social issues because I believe that most treat to civilization presents explosive growth of population. Democrats are embracing abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, college education, environmental protection over business expansion and more tolerant to ideas of legalization of drugs and prostitution. All these positions are the best and most diet way to limit family size and hit a brake on the road to the demographic disaster. Zero growth in Europe provides a definite prove that it is possible.

I am deeply disappointed in Barack Obama as President.

He did nothing to help me although many were benefited from his numerous stimulation programs these added to my share of country debt without giving me anything. It is a version of taxation without representation, isn’t it? Why he ignored my situation? He is in his rights but my right is not being happy with him.

Obama insulted my feeling of fairness. The tipping point was his statement that “Cambridge police acted 'stupidly'”. I live in nearby city and have first hand knowledge about good manner of Cambridge police.
But I am law obeying citizen unlike Obama who received 17 parking tickets in Cambridge between 1988 and 1991, according to the city's Traffic, Parking & Transportation Department No intelligent man will accuse others in stupidity if motivated by banal revenge.

I feel that my respect to Nobel Price award was stolen by Obama who should return it after his very first order to strike having reasonable expectations that innocent civilians will be killed. Maybe such strikes are necessary. I have no way to be sure. But killing peoples is not advance peace cause. It is not joke before Obama: “innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, NOT NOW ALREADY”.
It is now. Thanks Obama for waving neocons flag. Thanks a lot.

I will even not to start with healthcare law I cannot read and understand, with no investigations of 911 cover up, economic policy that result in endless torture instead of fast and effective operation, with aesthetics of progressive propaganda in prime-time MSNBC that vividly remains worst totalitarian speeches of notorious dictators barking distortion of truth on the edge of hysteric.

I feed up. There are few options to choose from to be our next President.
For me the best is Mitt Romney. Why? I think that he is smart, intellectual, decisive, flexible, independent and life loving person who wants best to his family and does not divides himself from his country. I cannot say the same about any of his counterparts including Obama who did not demonstrated ability to act on his own. I don’t trust Obama.

I am registered democrat in Massachusetts and I write in my bulletin name of Mitt Romney instead of uncontested Obama.

Initially submitted at Mar. 6, 2012; 16:00

It was sort of long time ago. I have no idea what I would do now. In 2016 I did the same for Trump. Democrats are racists. There is nothing what I could say positive about them. Party is ideologically complete bankrupt. The only reason for them to exist is pushing bare socialists like Sanders from political field. With trash candidate like Hillary Clinton even this simple purpose can be botched.

I am still registered democrat. Just lazy.

Dec. 2, 2017; 20:39 EST

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