Raymond Lotta or why stupid idiots ought to be out of religion and politics.

by Leonid Sakharov

An reflection at a speech of Raymond Lotta in Harvard.

This day in April was marked for me of emotional reminiscent of other life in politically active environment of at first socialistic and then boiling out Russia at the fall of twenties century. At morning Tea Party express gather big crowd on Boston Common to see Sarah Palin via cameras with high zoom. The evening meeting was the nice cure against any nostalgia that could be buried in depths of my mystery Russian soul I have to deal to the end of my existence, then we will finally separated, I hope.

Harvard University campus is one of my favorite destinations for promenade. It is relatively close proximity to Arlington, has nice architecture these is comparable with superb buildings of Saint Petersburg, Russia where I was born. Harvard is nice place with intellectual aura difficult to find anywhere else in USA. What makes Harvard even more attractive is the fact that periodically one can meet here historical figures like Gorbachev. One should just read posters on the wall… sometimes of restroom cabin as it was for Raymond Lotta, who promised to tell me truth about Communism. His lecture’s title “Everything You’ve Been Told About Communism is WRONG. Capitalism is a Failure Revolution is the Solution”. Being dropping shit and in lyrical mood I was lured into the adventure. I, like all soviet people, was brainwashed about Communism most of my conscious life… And now there is newsflash – all was wrong. I suspected something, actually almost everything what communist party activists told me was lie. It is irony, joke, the disclaimer for stupid idiots who don’t understand humor.

Anyway. Raymond Lotta has maneuvers of referent in nanochurch. He ranted duty story about how bad live of some on earth and so the meaning of life victims of hypertrophic curiosity of attending this happening is to be converted into communist course and donate him some cash. Is it taxable income? That is the question for IRS. I am personally shows middle finger instead of dropping bill into basket.

Intellectually the oversized lecture had almost nothing interesting. Looks like Mr. Lotta is Mao fan, most possible on the base of his timeline of end for socialism in Soviet Union as end of Stalin reign, he considered only totalitarian, monarchy like socialism as real one. Hilarious. The main attraction of such events is a question-answer part. It was spoiled completely by style of Mr. Lotta to talk minutes without caring to check reaction of audience. This is a distinction between intellectual person and player in form of human. Intellectual reacts on remarks and can barb back; he can take critical look at his own concepts… Mr, Lotta like all religious peoples obviously believe in his theories to be the final truth that needs to be explained to all neophytes. The discussion in his presentation was taking question and explain how his position is not internally contradictory and how it could be if he can speak staring into sealing ten minutes on one breath.

The problem what social formation is the best coming to the scientific criteria for the word “best”. The best to whom, by what characteristic or combination of characteristics? Was real situation in late Soviet Union with health care were everybody had free access to general care but standard dentist filling was done without Novocain in torture like style, was such snapshot of condition of society a proof for any position pro or con? No. It is much, much more nuanced than this.

The main paradox for natural transition of capitalism into socialism is a theorem like set of facts. By definition most capable members of capitalistic of society achieve a success. They are rewarded generously by society in monetary form that permits them to live in comfort and luxury. As soon these people are indeed elite, moving force of society, no changes in normal circumstanced can be done without their active participation. An elite had no interest in changes, it lives OK. Ergo socialist revolution impossible without been imposed outside like it was during World War 1 by Germans on Russians on form of their spy Lenin. Only real turmoil of whole country can radically transform all ranks, priorities, dreams.

No catastrophe no socialism, thanks to Big Bang. Except religion sect like movement prowling on natural need of young dreamers to find answers in noise of official propaganda. Unfortunately answers they could get from Mr. Lotta are stream of undisciplined delusions inspired by anecdotes and legends about one in a row of cruel experiments of history upon suffered enough already Russian people.

Initially submitted at Apr. 15, 2010; 14:57

Now just after 100 years of Russian revolution of 1917 the truth not only coming out but it is adopting into common knowledge of everyday person. The truth is the revolution is not a toy. It is very dangerous tool of history for changing social building. Sometime revolution unavoidable when upper class elite is so corrupt and stupid that cannot transform itself.

The fate of most revolutionaries is tragic as a rule. Leader of angry crowd should to that most his followers will end dead instead off in better life.

Now when "democratic socialism" of Bernie Sanders is in mainstream of American politics one should ask himself is social inequality so unbearably unfair that instead of enjoying relatively comfort life he will burn flame of revolution only to create new privilege class of revolutionary bonzes and nothing for himself. Why? Because person in crowd is one from many. He is mediocre and will be will below average no matter what social system. And if civil war person from angry crowd is the first candidate for mass grave. Is it worth it? I don't think so.

Dec. 6, 2017; 13:57 EST

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