Obama: rainman or imposter.

by Leonid Sakharov

Deep disappointment in Obama presidency is described in details. The question is why? Why so change and hope were transformed into disgust? Because he was and is not person but part of swamp.
The Question.

The question is why? Why outcome of more than two years of leadership of President Obama is nothing but bitter disappointment?

I am going to skip spelling all things these turn from bad to worse under Barak Obama’s rein because from my prospective it is everything. Even claimed made from presidential reelection headquarter achievements sound for me like Orwellian nightmare. For example a claim that promoting of homosexual life style is good for country is sort of absurd like kings of biblical Sodom and Gomorrah bragging about happiness for all. Just ask yourself can society of homosexuals only, who refuse to give life to new generations, lasts for centuries? Answer is big fat No. It means that such policy is antisocial by definition because it pushing a nation to suicide. Do not claim credit for it, mister Obama. There is nothing to brag about insisting to openly speak about perverted sex in army. Previous policy "don’t ask don’t tell” was at least not promiscuous. Army is most unfortunate but necessary evil institute and there is no good in transforming it into special needs bordello.

The most disturbing thing about politics coming from current Leader of the Great Nation, United States of America, is that his proposed solutions to solve formulated by him problems are mistaken. Any of the problems tackled by Obama has variety approaches to tackle. As it is for everything solving one problem creates collateral consequences some of them worse then problem in question. But at least it is intellectual honest to say: I want to change a society in such way and price for this will be such. Obama talking about issues to "tackle” not to solve. He was talking about too high cost of healthcare only for bragging later on that everybody by law should have health insurance (it is historical achievement, of course, but cost is visible bankruptcy of whole budget much sooner than before Obama’s intervention.

More often than not correct solutions of real problems are politically unorthodox and out of mainstream of focus mass media narrow obsession by artificial controversies but they are exist. Instead of solving problems Obama tried to suppress symptoms by throwing money into flame of immediate claims of most suffered states of society to hash their cry of unexpected pain in hope that after time they will use to new sad reality and do not disturb his elegant reading from teleprompter the hollow script about how issues on duty at hands could be resolved if nobody cares for their own interests but submit themselves to compromise in name only but actually it is the sacrifice well-being of successful members of society to carrot Obama’s electorate. Finally he talks only to draw difference with conservative opponents who are "against” prosperity for all. In reality even if Obama actually doesn’t understand that equal distribution of all money in country will result only in strange situation when all luxury mansions except presidential residence in will be wistfully vacant waiting criminal counterrevolution to be occupied by gang leaders as new masters of life.

There are some problems country need to deal with and what Talker-in-chief mambo jumbo about instead.

Financial crisis.

There were no valuable alternative but to pump money into insolvent banking system in some form after financial crisis in the fall of 2008. Some money must be printed and redistributed by government to avoid complete implosion of whole system by weight of artificial debts with imaginary collateral invented by diabolic masterminds of Wall Street gangsters with Madoff face. The only moral way to deal with this globally massive financial crime was for governments to guarantee all bank deposits up to 10 million dollars size and to permit bankruptcy of any financial institute who could be happen to be insolvent. Responsible part of population would lose nothing if such policy had enacted and all bad professionals would be severe spanked by invisible hand of free market. Bad players should be punished and good rewarded aren’t they?

Obama obviously argues that by rescuing financial losers everybody will be rewarded by keeping prices of homes damn high. Literally. His main goal was to prevent a fall of real estate values. In his logic artificial high price of homes creates wealth. Home is home. Its value is in comfort and shelter that home provides to family. Monetary value of home is irrelevant for well-being of population if there are enough of good places to live in. Any artificial manipulation of house affordability only creates additional instability in economy.

Fair price of house that given family could afford can be calculated by very simple formula assuming that along historical evolution of political economy there was established that given family can pay back mortgage that is about one third of that family stable income. Bush administration started boom in house prices by supporting artificial low mortgage rate for several years in attempt to stimulate economy after NASDAQ crush. Artificially inflated in two and more times price of houses could not be sustained and fell hard but not to initial level and more or less fair level of late 1990th. Income of population stayed stagnant from that level. One could think wrongly or not that there is more space for real estate prices to fall till reaching naturally stable level, especially considering large new built inventory constructed during housing boom. Only free market can give by definition a correct pricing mechanism but Obama felt a rage to salvage losers who he feel association with. He took nation credit card and put on it eight thousand dollars given to any person to be lured into to buy first time an arguably overpriced house. Everybody will waste money – buyer will have too expensive home, we the people will have more debts.

Instead right policy of guarantee only bank deposits and permits free market sort out winners and losers Obama rewarded greedy Wall Street criminals. Thanks a lot, Seller in Chief for creation "Tea Party” that is a reaction on fountain of moral hazard emitting by political establishment.

Full employment.

Obama’s solution for absent of demand at labor market was to borrow other big bazooka of green paper in electronic equivalent and distribute pork it to crowd of his groupie by pretense that they will spend this money stimulating consumerism. He is calling that act as investment to win a future without specifying whose future will be won, not mine obviously. Then President intentionally or by professorial habit to ignore complications forgot about phenomenon of extra labor force. If productivity overpasses demand of goods in material equivalent there will be part of population that is out of economy. Amount of money in economy became irrelevant for unemployment factor. Printing money in such situation will only pump prices and even more suppress demand, salaries and increasing unemployment.

There are two policy moves these could directly create a necessitate in additional labor force. First is nationalistic one. USA can create incentives to hire Americans instead of foreigners making outsourcing positions in India, China and other lower wages countries unprofitable. It can be accomplished by imposing outsourcing tax on any company that is permitted to do business in USA for any worker with address out of USA national border on such level that will make his or her salary plus this tax larger than salary of American worker with comparable set of skills. Tariffs on import goods will help of course as well in such world war for economic prosperity.

Second approach is universal for any postindustrial country. It is about legislatively regulate a working time. If normal working day will be set 6 hours instead 8 as it is now that will practically mean that all overtime hours should be paid twice and triples of ordinary rate employers will not be able to produce the same amount of goods with existing working force for the same money. They will be in desperate need to employ more peoples. What society needs, isn’t it? Population will be healthier also working fewer hours and having additional time for self improvement. They will even have time to read clever books, maybe. Why nobody from political class never even mention this solution? I believe that the real reason that they are evils; vampires wanted our blood to feed on, that’s way.


Just a mess. Simple and logical solution is to live by means. An now after coming Slogan of democrats "Pay as you go” soon became obsolete after they won place at Washington feeder. Their accusations of republicans in culture of corruption were shameless weapon on the quest to money printing machine. Last modification of money press is so convenient for parasites. No need to actually create paper money. No limitations to have gold reserves. Just type in computer any numerical letter with any number of zeros and put in any account of any bank you could want. Laws? What laws?! Lawmakers feel power to change them by majority vote and robo-signing by Obama in Sneeze. He demonstrates no respect to numbers, as if math people are a race of slaves for superior biological species of community organizers. Obama arrogantly invited Congressman Rayn to lecture him about principals of budged for imaginary castle surrounded by dollar leaf trees. The only relentless tune about budget coming from Obama’s month related to budget is to tax reach more. Rich folks have no need to be afraid of him. He is talking talk already several years about it. Old and not funny joke. He cannot do that by himself. Plus it will solve nothing. It can even make deficit worse because creation of wrong impression of appearance additional money to steal and for over paying for votes in form of not funding empty promises to of same segment of population chosen as a tipping point in election battle of democratic and republican polls masters and strategists.


Before offering any big reform of such big importance for society subject as healthcare reform the leader must answer several fundamental questions. Is the best of possible medical treatment a human right that is universal and equal for everybody regardless of social statue? If yes, healthcare should be free, delivered by demand, financing by whole population via tax collection; the same as military, law enforcement, education up to college level. In slang of politicians it is Single-payer health care. Such system exists in several countries right now. There is nothing wrong about it except maybe it creates fewer opportunities to trick and steal. And waiting lines for available doctor.

Second fundamental question is can society permit to rich person to buy additional medical treatment? Essentially can millionaire to cut line by paining extra, be first on surgery table and saved from severe illness but poorer ordinary taxpayer should wait long maybe died before his turn finally came? For education the answer is yes. There is parallel to public schools system of private ones. Riches are paying twice – taxes for public education and for elite education of their children. If you against human nature considering self-interest stimulus to act as immoral, good luck to try to play God. In any case even socialistic Soviet Union had parallel to free medicine paid dentist and cosmetic medicine clinics.

The system in USA is based on initial answer big "No” about universal right for healthcare for all and convulsive shame driven reactions like equal assess to emergency medical service. Periodically politicians invoke sad optics of needles waste of human lives of those who cannot afford to pay doctor for treatment of chronic illness until they developed into terminal stage. Chaotically built illogical system of private insurances was completely ineffective before Obama’s touch. After his unwelcome intervention healthcare system in USA is hopeless to survive in present form as whale thrown by ocean wave on the sand beach will soon die by his own weight. Medicare and Medicaid doom to bankrupt budget. Notion that everybody must to buy health insurance from private business company equal to government taxation with the disadvantage of additional spending to provide profit to insurance industry; total waste of money and efforts for society.

Obama just after election had political capital to tackle one big issue implementing any solution at his will. He had congress in back pocket for the year. He could implement free healthcare Great Britain style and conservators may cry bloody wolf as loud as their deep trout could allow. He could... He said that we together with him as a leader can. Instead he added fifth leg to lame dog. Not wise, Sir. Not wise… Big disappointment it is.

Law enforcement and foreign policy.

Naïve expectations of peace loving people of whole planet toward replacing criminal in White House by Barack Hussein Obama Junior were so high and assured that he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 for "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples” just after half year as Commander in Chief. How our "hero” responded? He came with broad interpretation of "just war” including in excuse of killing proclaimed enemies (they are humans too, you know) by all means, that is definition of "war”, "if, whenever possible, civilians are spared from violence”. Seriously?! After aggression against Libya triggered by treat made by Kaddafi to butcher population of rebellion city his own country there is practical implementation of this theoretical passage.

Obama is ready to kill some people to prevent them killing other. He thinks that he can acts as ultimate moral authority deciding who will live and who will die. Why because he can be above the Law. Imperial presidency it is. Obama murdered Osama because Osama was not able to do otherwise. Is it moral superiority? Chorus TV anchors label "crazy” everybody who dares to express doubts in official version of 911 military coup. They do not even stop to proclaim "truth” a dirty word. Lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is unbeatable prove that US government is able to intentionally or not mislead his own citizens. Absence of any legal procedures against accused terrorists of 911 and their conspirators is the prove for usurpation of power by executive branch with Obama in lead (Zacarias Moussaoui trail during Bush times is especial shame precedent: he, ZM, was in jail at Sep.11, 2001 – best of all possible alibis; confessed to everything he ask to, his life was speared from execution by jury and he withdraw a confession; the mess that almost self censored by now by free to lie mainstream press).

Dostoevsky questioned prosperity of whole world if it reached by disregarding a one tier of one child. NATO airstrike murders three grandsons of Qaddafi who were under the age of 12. Are you still proud of your Nobel Prize lecture? Is it "just” war, or just the war crime?

Really there are no apparent difference between actual foreign policy of any previous modern day president and Obama. Today aliens like Russia during WWII will be instantly proclaim enemy #1. Saddam Hussein was supported against Iran then murdered by personal vendetta. Arab presidents named important ally then abandoned as soon in trouble with implementation of democracy. Obama is no worse and no better then any other nobody playing human lives on the computer screens like a game. You don’t care that by your order American solders killing peoples. In my name too? No, Sir, you are murderer on your own.

Social issues.

Democrats love to mumble about gay and lesbians that they are homosexual because they are homosexual and can be proud to be.

Illegal immigrants treated as criminals what they are, but Obama feels for them and wants more for slave like jobs on farm plantations (maybe not, I had never heard anything definitive about topic from him except lying words "comprehensive” and insulting "plan to became citizens”).

Manipulation with meaning of word "marriage” is just trick for naked goal to bribe votes of small group of people having strong financial interest to file tax return marking "married filling jointly” that will diminish tax collection, you schizophrenics naming yourself "progressives”.

Legalize better marijuana and cocaine, pals. It will solve education problem – no idiots will stay in schools but sober child will have perfectly financed by dope tax teachers.

Two wild guesses.

Can anybody distinguish deeds of Obama from what in the same circumstanced would Bush do? The only difference that I can came with is correct pronunciation of word "nuclear”. But it is not significant for now as soon Obama doesn’t use this word any more. Nuclear energy policy of USA now in a limbo after Japan disaster with nuclear power plant nuclear disarmament process far behind of curtains; Obama is not educated enough in science to know that thermonuclear energy is the only final alternative for humanity to replace oil and coal so he cut funding in research and development. His only trump is beaten. Obama is Bush now. What is wrong with Obama or us or democracy, maybe?

I will "put on the table” two conspiracy theories these meant to create watercolor painting meant to feed an imagination giving hints to direction of the road to dig to approach the ultimate answer of observed universe "what is wrong with Obama?”:


Obama has common autism like almost unrecognizable mind disorder. Let’s call it "stupid professor syndrome”. Specific diagnostic obviously is responsibility of White Sweet Home doctor. Symptoms of such mental defect are commonly recognized by any bright scholar. It is about systematic approach to understanding word. Karl Linnaeus was founder of biological classification. Big scientist, hard worker and historical figure indeed he was. But Darwin with his one idea, just one simple but universal principle of natural selection is and will be forever a Genius . Obama is not Darwin, he could be maybe closer to Linnaeus if devoted whole himself to academic life… And comparison with Linnaeus is unwarranted advance compliment to Obama who realistically could maybe serve as lecture about classification in some province University terrorizing at exam students who understand that specific information that can be found in books is not important to be remembered by heart, basis principles must.

If we are suffered by autistic president at power it could explain complete absence of any attempt to offer a fresh new approach to solve problems of country. Obama has no creative abilities. Most possible he disgust creative peoples around these remaining him about his deficiency. In transitional time when human society must move quickly from previous stable model to next one leader must be creative. Obama can’t.

Only affirmative action human… Hopeless.


Barack Hussein Obama II is undercover agent of "waste right wing conspiracy”, association of parasites on the body of human race. Members of WRWC (waste right wing conspiracy) produces nothing that have any material or intellectual value but with help of archaic parts of fabric of society they own or control large chunk of resources. They are landlords, investors, pimps, drug dealers and corrupt policemen, terrorists and intelligence community, oil industry, Fox-news Corporation and professional lefties, community organizers, trial lawyers ,military-industrial complex and Bush family and organized churches of all kind. The list is not full with disclaimer that not all trail lawyers belong to WRWC, as well not all solders really benefit from to be part of this unholy class of society.

As any subject with recognition of self-interests formal or not formal friendships have instinct of self-preservation. After end of cold war intelligence community together with military industrial complex were on the brink to be extra without big boggy man, USSR. They find new evil – elusive terrorist and declare war on terror that demands more resources then any real war, totalitarian police state costs a lot.

Health insurance industry is obvious parasites. Taxes for free health care for all are much cheaper then healthcare for all plus cost of healthcare industry. With the same or even better outcome. But parasites fought back. Looking forward to democratic wave elections after Bush nightmare they were in panic foreseeing attempt to implement single payer solution that put all of them from business. They must to secure their interests. The best way is to have wise man as Oval Office of White House. Hillary Clinton was unacceptable for them alternative. Her husband demonstrated independence, uncontrollable individuality, self-respect and absence of skeletons in wardrobe (Monica Lewinsky is pretty much alive). She was too risky to put in position of the head of executive brunch that accompanied with so unprecedented protection that such strong personality as Hillary Clinton can be true independent.

John Edwards with his message about two Americas represents most open and real threat for parasitic class. They attacked him from two directions: "Hunter operation” aimed to discredit his image as good family man; plus inventing and promoting Obama as most left candidate.

Nobody outside of moving with golf tournaments WRWC headquarter can know what exact are compromising materials are been using to blackmail Obama. It could be the prove that he was born outside USA and his legal status is illegal immigrant who should be deported to Kania; maybe he was recruited by CIA in Occidental College that secure his transfer to Hayward and all other career movements; maybe his connections with convicted prisoner Tony Rezko or/and with William Ayers , former Weather Underground leader, were much more close than paid by parasitic class media permitted you to know but compromising documents are save in to big to fail vault and Obama knows it; maybe something else completely trivial sort of sex outside family. It doesn't matter what kind of leverage right wing conspirators have on him. Important is that he behaves exactly like there is something.

What Is to Be Done?

Chernyshevsky wrote the novel with title "What is to be done” while in behind ten feet stone walls in Tsar prison. The history gives us definite answer – not too much. We as nonconformist part of society can express our concerns or be silent in fear to be smeared by prostitutes in mass media paid by parasitic class.

Obama is acting against interest of healthy part of society. It is objective fact. We could waste precious time of our life arguing what is the real reason for his reactionary actions mental handicap or participation in sinister plot. But it is a scholastic and stupid excise proper maybe to old hardball farther. Instead we need to come to undisputed conclusion - Obama must go away the sooner the better – and move on.

More possible than not we will have far from exiting alternative to choose president from at 2012. It will be current Obama and candidate from republican party. Our goal is to support most electable person from alternative to Obama pack. Who is Mitt Romney. We need to recognize that shiny bright objects like Bahman, Gingrich or Trump are created as decoys to discredit whole idea of opposition to Obama.

Romney can be elected in 2012 that is to be done.

Initially submitted at Aug. 21, 2011; 13:33

Critics of Obama as a face of progressives was completely correct. It was so obvious that Obama succeed to discredit liberals so complete that even complete outsider of political mafia was elected President to clean the mess. Unfortunately swamp is so deep and bubbly that nobody and nothing can overcome plutocracy.

Dec. 2, 2017; 10:10 EST

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