Just humans, what they want you to think.

by Leonid Sakharov

Directed by representative of Hollywood liberal’s district, George Clooney, movie "The Ides of March” sends simple message namely politicians and people around them are just humans. Quite boring plot is inspired by numerous occasions of indecent sexual actions by prominent members of political class. There are very easy importunate analogies with what actually happened in John Edwards’s infidelity up to the pregnancy of groupie during 2008 presidential campaign case and Bill Clinton’s close encounters of the third kind with intern in White House. At some point between bed and suicide scenes it’s even look like as an artistic reenactment of love triangle between Edwards, Hunt and Andrew Young. But reality reveals too much truth about hidden world of career politicians to be chosen to bring simple message aimed for sanitation of ordinary stupid voter brains.

In some way only teachable ingredient of the movie are the scenes when George Clooney acted as ideal liberal candidate. Nice argumentation about barbarism of capital punishment that is absolute contradictory to the thesis of sanctity of life, good spin about redistribution of wealth by government in favor of rich who is mafia. Some fan ideas about public service at 18 that could be counted as college tuition. A nostalgic reminiscent about long memory Soviet Union it is. Mister Clooney is able to demonstrate that attractive and sexual male can sell anything including socialism with its terrible attributes including free healthcare, not just free but state supported college education with stipend, free public service by government demand, and humiliation of free shelves of department stores.

There is one methodological technique to analyze underling intentions of speaker. You should find important omissions. In the movie there is no representative of big capital. All actions are in between narrow circle of politicians, wannabes and their kids who are so social active that screwing each other at any occasion. On the important but not really dramatic background some questions of life and dead of humanity are played as solitaire to get winning electoral map. Let’s ask what Jesus would do on the place of Oracle of Omaha? He could implant in this party his own apostles. Then he could create some intrigues with these actors these completely controlled by him. If stakes are so high as trillions of dollar to be confiscated from financial mafia, no one should be surprised that sexual scandal de jour will be with John Edwards but not with Barack Obama.

For careful observer of mainstream media the real evidence of existence of behind curtain invincible forces should be events at CNN at first hours of broken Edwards’s scandal of out of marriage affair. Regular CNN anchors were replaced by executing team especially in advance prepared to eliminate him from any chance to influence political life any more ever. Short after that Wall Street asked and with proficient support of Obama got trillions to survive big theft and continue pumping money from pockets of ordinary idiots. These idiots voted for Obama enthusiastically.

There was no hint about such things in the liberal movie. Why not? The answer they want you to come to is that Clooney has no clue. Has he? My guess he has but he is just a human.

Submitted at Oct. 10, 2011; 23:14

Behind the cartoon intrigues... With election of Trump and phony investigation of how racists democrats are with even not realizing that combination of words "Russia investigation" is pure indictment in bigotry that could be good for dinosaur not self-proclaimed liberals.

Politicians play dirty games. Democracy becomes dirty word.

Dec. 4, 2017; 11:23 EST

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